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About: HTTP-DAV (PerlDAV) is a Perl library for modifying content on Web servers using the WebDAV protocol.

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Revision history for HTTP::DAV Revision history for HTTP::DAV
=end text =end text
=head2 v0.49 (released 2018/11/28):
=over 4
=item * B<bug fixes>
Fixed perl shebang line in C<dave> script, for ExtUtils::MakeMaker to correctly
replace it. Closes C<RT#127819>.
Fixed C<propfind> response handling to also consider successful an HTTP 207
status code. Closes C<RT#127591>.
Fixed C<clone()> method to properly respect the class name. Closes C<RT#123528>.
Thanks to Ricardo Signes for the patch.
=item * B<documentation fixes>
Fixed various pod issues raised by Debian contributor C<fsfs@debian.org>.
Closes C<RT#119878>.
=head2 v0.48 (released 2015/03/26): =head2 v0.48 (released 2015/03/26):
=over 4 =over 4
=item * B<bug fixes> =item * B<bug fixes>
C<RT#103126>, fixed faulty code to add trailing slash to URLs. C<RT#103126>, fixed faulty code to add trailing slash to URLs.
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