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Source code changes of the file "src/jrd/sort.h" between
Firebird- and Firebird-

About: Firebird is a relational database offering many ANSI SQL standard features.

sort.h  (Firebird-  (Firebird-
skipping to change at line 243 skipping to change at line 243
private: private:
void allocateBuffer(MemoryPool&); void allocateBuffer(MemoryPool&);
void releaseBuffer(); void releaseBuffer();
void diddleKey(UCHAR*, bool); void diddleKey(UCHAR*, bool);
sort_record* getMerge(merge_control*); sort_record* getMerge(merge_control*);
ULONG allocate(ULONG, ULONG, bool); ULONG allocate(ULONG, ULONG, bool);
void init(); void init();
void mergeRuns(USHORT); void mergeRuns(USHORT);
ULONG order(); ULONG order();
void orderAndSave(); void orderAndSave(Jrd::thread_db*);
void putRun(); void putRun(Jrd::thread_db*);
void sort(); void sortBuffer(Jrd::thread_db*);
void sortRunsBySeek(int); void sortRunsBySeek(int);
#ifdef DEV_BUILD #ifdef DEV_BUILD
void checkFile(const run_control*); void checkFile(const run_control*);
#endif #endif
static void quick(SLONG, SORTP**, ULONG); static void quick(SLONG, SORTP**, ULONG);
Database* m_dbb; / / Database Database* m_dbb; / / Database
SortOwner* m_owner; / / Sort owner SortOwner* m_owner; / / Sort owner
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3 lines changed or deleted 3 lines changed or added

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