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About: Firebird is a relational database offering many ANSI SQL standard features.

make.shared.variables  (Firebird-  (Firebird-
# Helper functions # Helper functions
doObjects= $(patsubst %.y,%.o,$(patsubst %.epp,%.o,$(patsubst %.c,%.o,$(1:.cpp=. o)))) doObjects= $(patsubst %.y,%.o,$(patsubst %.epp,%.o,$(patsubst %.c,%.o,$(1:.cpp=. o))))
makeObjects= $(addprefix $(OBJ)/$(1)/,$(call doObjects,$2)) makeObjects= $(addprefix $(OBJ)/$(patsubst ../%,%,$(1))/,$(call doObjects,$2))
dirFiles= $(notdir $(wildcard ../src/$(1)/*.cpp)) $(notdir $(wildcard ../src/$(1 )/*.c)) \ dirFiles= $(notdir $(wildcard ../src/$(1)/*.cpp)) $(notdir $(wildcard ../src/$(1 )/*.c)) \
$(notdir $(wildcard ../src/$(1)/*.epp)) $(notdir $(wildcard ../ src/$(1)/*.y)) $(notdir $(wildcard ../src/$(1)/*.epp)) $(notdir $(wildcard ../ src/$(1)/*.y))
dirInPath= $(call makeObjects,$(1),$(call dirFiles,$(1))) dirInPath= $(call makeObjects,$(1),$(call dirFiles,$(1)))
dirMaster= $(call dirInPath,$(1)) dirMaster= $(call dirInPath,$(1))
dirOs= $(call dirInPath,$(1)/$(PLATFORM_PATH)) dirOs= $(call dirInPath,$(1)/$(PLATFORM_PATH))
ifneq ($(strip $(PLATFORM_FALLBACK)),) ifneq ($(strip $(PLATFORM_FALLBACK)),)
dirBackList= $(filter-out $(call dirFiles,$(1)/$(PLATFORM_PATH)),$(call dirFiles ,$(1)/$(PLATFORM_FALLBACK))) dirBackList= $(filter-out $(call dirFiles,$(1)/$(PLATFORM_PATH)),$(call dirFiles ,$(1)/$(PLATFORM_FALLBACK)))
dirFallBack= $(call makeObjects,$(1)/$(PLATFORM_FALLBACK),$(call dirBackList,$(1 ))) dirFallBack= $(call makeObjects,$(1)/$(PLATFORM_FALLBACK),$(call dirBackList,$(1 )))
else else
skipping to change at line 30 skipping to change at line 30
# Collect all object files here # Collect all object files here
AllObjects= AllObjects=
# Common files # Common files
CO1:= $(call dirObjects,common) CO1:= $(call dirObjects,common)
CO2:= $(call dirObjects,common/classes) CO2:= $(call dirObjects,common/classes)
CO3:= $(call dirObjects,common/config) CO3:= $(call dirObjects,common/config)
#CO4:= $(call dirObjects,common/exceptions) #CO4:= $(call dirObjects,common/exceptions)
#CO5:= $(call dirObjects,common/sync) #CO5:= $(call dirObjects,common/sync)
Common_Objects:= $(CO1) $(CO2) $(CO3) CO5:= $(call dirObjects,common/sha2)
Common_Objects:= $(CO1) $(CO2) $(CO3) $(CO5)
# $(CO4) $(CO5) # $(CO4) $(CO5)
AllObjects += $(Common_Objects) AllObjects += $(Common_Objects)
# gpre # gpre
GPRE_Common_Objects:= $(call dirObjects,gpre) $(call makeObjects,gpre/languages, @GPRE_LANGUAGE_MODULES@) GPRE_Common_Objects:= $(call dirObjects,gpre) $(call makeObjects,gpre/languages, @GPRE_LANGUAGE_MODULES@)
GPRE_std:= $(call dirObjects,gpre/std) GPRE_std:= $(call dirObjects,gpre/std)
GPRE_Objects:= $(GPRE_Common_Objects) $(GPRE_std) GPRE_Objects:= $(GPRE_Common_Objects) $(GPRE_std)
GPRE_boot:= $(call dirObjects,gpre/boot) $(call makeObjects,yvalve,gds.cpp) GPRE_boot:= $(call dirObjects,gpre/boot) $(call makeObjects,yvalve,gds.cpp)
GPRE_Boot_Objects:= $(GPRE_Common_Objects) $(GPRE_boot) GPRE_Boot_Objects:= $(GPRE_Common_Objects) $(GPRE_boot)
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