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Source code changes of the file "MANIFEST" between
DBI-1.642.tar.gz and DBI-1.643.tar.gz

About: DBI - The Perl Database Interface (requires one or more "driver" modules DBD::* to talk to databases).

skipping to change at line 92 skipping to change at line 92
t/07kids.t t/07kids.t
t/08keeperr.t t/08keeperr.t
t/09trace.t t/09trace.t
t/10examp.t t/10examp.t
t/11fetch.t t/11fetch.t
t/12quote.t t/12quote.t
t/13taint.t t/13taint.t
t/14utf8.t t/14utf8.t
t/15array.t t/15array.t
t/16destroy.t t/16destroy.t
t/19fhtrace.t t/19fhtrace.t
t/20meta.t t/20meta.t
t/30subclass.t t/30subclass.t
t/31methcache.t Test caching of inner methods t/31methcache.t Test caching of inner methods
t/35thrclone.t t/35thrclone.t
t/40profile.t t/40profile.t
t/41prof_dump.t t/41prof_dump.t
t/42prof_data.t t/42prof_data.t
t/43prof_env.t t/43prof_env.t
t/48dbi_dbd_sqlengine.t Tests for DBI::DBD::SqlEngine t/48dbi_dbd_sqlengine.t Tests for DBI::DBD::SqlEngine
 End of changes. 1 change blocks. 
0 lines changed or deleted 1 lines changed or added

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