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Source code changes of the file "package.json" between
CodeMirror-5.62.1.tar.gz and CodeMirror-5.62.2.tar.gz

About: CodeMirror is a text editor implemented in JavaScript for the browser and specialized for editing code.

package.json  (CodeMirror-5.62.1):package.json  (CodeMirror-5.62.2)
{ {
"name": "codemirror", "name": "codemirror",
"version": "5.62.1", "version": "5.62.2",
"main": "lib/codemirror.js", "main": "lib/codemirror.js",
"style": "lib/codemirror.css", "style": "lib/codemirror.css",
"author": { "author": {
"name": "Marijn Haverbeke", "name": "Marijn Haverbeke",
"email": "marijnh@gmail.com", "email": "marijnh@gmail.com",
"url": "http://marijnhaverbeke.nl" "url": "http://marijnhaverbeke.nl"
}, },
"description": "Full-featured in-browser code editor", "description": "Full-featured in-browser code editor",
"license": "MIT", "license": "MIT",
"directories": { "directories": {
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1 lines changed or deleted 1 lines changed or added

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