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Source code changes of the file "mode/shell/test.js" between
CodeMirror-5.58.2.tar.gz and CodeMirror-5.58.3.tar.gz

About: CodeMirror is a text editor implemented in JavaScript for the browser and specialized for editing code.

test.js  (CodeMirror-5.58.2):test.js  (CodeMirror-5.58.3)
skipping to change at line 68 skipping to change at line 68
MT("doubleParens", MT("doubleParens",
"foo [quote $((bar))]") "foo [quote $((bar))]")
MT("nested braces", MT("nested braces",
"[builtin echo] [def ${A[${B}]]}]") "[builtin echo] [def ${A[${B}]]}]")
MT("strings in parens", MT("strings in parens",
"[def FOO][operator =]([quote $(<][string \"][def $MYDIR][string \"][quote /myfile grep ][string 'hello$'][quote )])") "[def FOO][operator =]([quote $(<][string \"][def $MYDIR][string \"][quote /myfile grep ][string 'hello$'][quote )])")
MT ("string ending in dollar", MT("string ending in dollar",
'[def a][operator =][string "xyz$"]; [def b][operator =][string "y"]') '[def a][operator =][string "xyz$"]; [def b][operator =][string "y"]')
MT ("quote ending in dollar", MT("quote ending in dollar",
"[quote $(echo a$)]") "[quote $(echo a$)]")
"[builtin cat] [string-2 <<- end]",
"[string-2 content one]",
"[string-2 content two end]",
"[string-2 end]",
"[builtin echo]")
})(); })();
 End of changes. 2 change blocks. 
4 lines changed or deleted 11 lines changed or added

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