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CGI-Lite-3.01.tar.gz and CGI-Lite-3.02.tar.gz

About: CGI-Lite is a Perl module to decode form and query information, including file uploads, as well as cookies in a very simple manner.

MANIFEST  (CGI-Lite-3.01):MANIFEST  (CGI-Lite-3.02)
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LICENSE Licence details LICENSE Licence details
Makefile.PL Makefile Generator Makefile.PL Makefile Generator
README Readme File README Readme File
t/basic.t t/basic.t
t/cookie.t t/cookie.t
t/forms.t t/forms.t
t/good_upload.txt t/good_upload.txt
t/large_file_upload.txt t/large_file_upload.txt
t/mime_upload.txt t/mime_upload.txt
t/post_stdin.txt t/post_stdin.txt
t/post_text.txt t/post_text.txt
t/upload_no_files.txt t/upload_no_files.txt
t/upload_no_headers.txt t/upload_no_headers.txt
t/upload_no_trailing_files.txt t/upload_no_trailing_files.txt
t/uploads.t t/uploads.t
TODO Future work? TODO Future work?
xt/release/kwalitee.t xt/release/kwalitee.t
xt/release/vars.t xt/release/vars.t
META.yml Module YAML meta-data (added by MakeMak er) META.yml Module YAML meta-data (added by MakeMak er)
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