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About: CGI-Lite is a Perl module to decode form and query information, including file uploads, as well as cookies in a very simple manner.

CHANGES  (CGI-Lite-3.01):CHANGES  (CGI-Lite-3.02)
No changes from v3.01_02
* v3.01_02 - 8th May 2018
BUG FIX: Uploads on MSWin32 were not correctly converted if the first
character of a buffer was LF. Changed regex to negative lookarounds.
* v3.01_01 - 4th May 2018
BUG FIX: Uploads could fail if n * buffer_size fell inside the boundary
marker. Thanks pru-mike (PR 1). (possibly fixes issue 116670)
BUG FIX: Changing the boundary marker for second and subsequent uploads
causes errors. Thanks pru-mike (PR 1). (issue 125130)
Test suite enhanced: now with Test::Vars (0.12) and fix of tmp filename
race condition.
* v3.01 - 10th December 2015 * v3.01 - 10th December 2015
No changes from v3.00_02 No changes from v3.00_02
* v3.00_02 - 27th November 2015 * v3.00_02 - 27th November 2015
Dual subs/methods have improved detection of how they have been called. Dual subs/methods have improved detection of how they have been called.
Misc small documentation improvements. Misc small documentation improvements.
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