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About the "Fossies" archive


The "Fossies" software archive is probably the first web-based software archive on the world (founded in 1994 under the previous name "Fresh") and hopefully still one of the leading non-commercial FOSS platforms.

Originally developed especially for users of the DLR (the German Aerospace Center) it became later a general "semi-official" service of the T-Systems SfR and is since 2011 maintained privately on an honorary basis.

So enjoy the charm of the web design of the last century combined with the freshest special browsing features of today and detect the powerful Free Open Source Software (FOSS) treasures within this archive that are collected mainly with the focus on Internet, Engineering and Science applications ... we named that gems just "Fossies" ;-)


It's be in the nature of research that often very specialized solutions are required. But it's be also in the nature of research that many basic activities are common: data analysis, visualization, publication, communication and also everyday works like intelligent extracting and conversion of information or just comfortable maintenance and monitoring of workstations or servers. In that fields closed commercial software and FOSS software compete and complement each other. For many of the described tasks researchers and scientists can find excellent solutions within FREeware, SHareware (=Fresh) open source software packages.

You may see also the terms

and inform you about the different available licenses e.g. via

A detailed list with further information about Open Source Software can be found e.g. in the How-To-Contribute-To-Open-Source guide.


Here are some of the special features that the "Fossies" software archive offers you: The term "Fresh" (derived from "FREeware SHareware") is also regarded as a kind of mission so different own control techniques were developed to "guarantee" that users will find always the freshest software releases within the "Fossies" archive.

Terms of Use

Last but not least: Please use the "Fossies" server in a fair manner. All individual manual accesses are of course allowed and e.g. mirroring the doxygen documentation of one or more FOSS projects is also permitted. Search engines that make their results publicly available are welcome.

But to ensure the best possible server performance and bandwidth for "normal" users, mirroring and regular automated accesses are generally prohibited. Simultaneous multiple downloads of the same file, e.g. by download managers, are also undesirable.

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