The "Fossies" Software Archive

... Fresh Open Source Software mainly for Internet, Engineering and Science ...

This specialized software archive isn't designed to be a "complete" software archive like some other services but is just a collection of individually selected and hopefully useful software sources. Amongst other great features it allows to browse and search through the archive members in order to study both documentation and sources. This may avoid unnecessary file transfers and installation effort and may let you detect some otherwise undetected software treasures. As a probably worldwide uniquely feature Fossies provides additionally graph-visualized doxygen generated source code documentation for most software packages. The main focus of this archive is on internet applications and solutions for research, engineering and scientific workers. Have fun in browsing through our software archive!

Linux Windows Flowering FOSS tree Pkgs Diffs Dox
FOSS tree: Special features of the Fossies software archive FOSS tree (upper left branch): Linux package of the hour FOSS tree (lower left branch): Windows package of the hour

Some of the Linux collections above are fairly large so you may view for a start only the newest 50 archives (use "index_n.html" instead of "index.html"). Put your mouse on such a collection link, wait two seconds and click within the appearing popup-window on the desired link. To see Fossies "package of the hour" move the mouse over the FOSS tree near the Linux or the Windows area.

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