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/windows/misc/dos: (26 Feb 17:50, 227185 Bytes) *NEW*
XZ Utils is free general-purpose data compression software with high compression ratio (successor to LZMA Utils). The DOS version of XZ Utils includes only the xz command line tool and some documentation. (28 Dec 08:14, 6690722 Bytes)
FreeBasic is a 32-bit BASIC compiler, with the syntax compatible with MS-QuickBASIC, that adds some new features. Binaries including libraries, headers, etc. (without docs and sources). (9 Sep 21:33, 162643 Bytes)
dos2unix is a DOS/MAC to UNIX text file format converter. DOS 16 bit version. (9 Sep 21:33, 1980211 Bytes)
dos2unix is a DOS/MAC to UNIX text file format converter. DOS 32 bit protected mode version (with Native Language Support. (9 Sep 21:33, 539235 Bytes)
dos2unix is a DOS/MAC to UNIX text file format converter. DOS 32 bit protected mode version. (9 Sep 21:33, 531320 Bytes)
dos2unix is a DOS/MAC to UNIX text file format converter. Source code, DOS text. Including doc files. (11 Jul 2014, 1007624 Bytes)
HWiNFO a hardware detection and system information tool for DOS. (15 Aug 2010, 999544 Bytes)
Vi IMproved editor (vi clone) - binaries for MS-DOS 32 bit protected mode (28 Dec 2007, 447373 Bytes)
a text editor similar to Unix "vi", with extended capabilities in many areas, including: multi-file editing and viewing, mouse support, infinite undo, additional operators, rectangular operations. (12 May 2007, 292765 Bytes)
Vi IMproved editor (vi clone) - binaries for MS-DOS 16 bit real mode (27 Apr 2006, 2176280 Bytes)
LTOOLS (Linux Tools) are a set of command line tools for reading and writing Linux ReiserFS, ext2, and ext3 filesystems from DOS, Windows, Solaris, or Linux. (30 Jan 2006, 1196349 Bytes)
THE Hessling Editor (VM/CMS XEDIT clone) - 32-bit Win95/NT executable (uses any available Rexx interpreter other than uni-REXX) (30 Jan 2006, 897622 Bytes)
THE Hessling Editor (VM/CMS XEDIT clone) - source code
_DIR: ghost (13 Nov 2005, directory)
ghostscript/ghostview software
elvis-2.2_0-msdos.tar.gz (21 Oct 2003, 1003844 Bytes)
a clone of the ex/vi text editor (many new features, including multiple edit buffers, multiple windows, multiple user interfaces, variety of display modes, including syntax coloring and HTML, online help, network support, built-in calculator) (3 Feb 2003, 1194445 Bytes)
EMS MySQL Manager for Windows User's Guide (PDF) (20 Dec 2002, 471449 Bytes)
GNUplot for DOS (16-bit DOS version, compiled with BC3.1, no GIF and PNG support) (1 Oct 2002, 579633 Bytes)
Some essential methods of engineering mathematics (15 Aug 2002, 350732 Bytes)
THE Hessling Editor - Documentation
_DIR: X11 (24 Nov 2001, directory)
X11 Server
vuepro77.exe (8 Oct 2001, 714675 Bytes)
VuePrint Pro - image viewer (32-bit) (18 Sep 2001, 169086 Bytes)
Test of TFT-displays for defective pixels and dots
yw16.exe (20 Nov 2000, 1013728 Bytes)
Yeah Write - a new word processor for Windows 3.1
vueslide.exe (26 Sep 2000, 540672 Bytes)
VueSlide - Slides Show for Windows (20 Aug 2000, 47328 Bytes)
Read/Write Macintosh disks on PCs under DOS & WIN (demo release - DOS version) (10 Jul 2000, 437117 Bytes)
TMi0SDGL: x86 CPU/FPU detection (6 Jun 2000, 896502 Bytes)
FasType is a full-featured Windows typing tutorial (3D keyboard image, animations, TrueType fonts) (10 Mar 2000, 109090 Bytes)
V.Buerg's classic ASCII/binary directory/file viewer and browser
wdvw9716.exe (9 Nov 1999, 2321131 Bytes)
Microsoft's Viewer for Microsoft Word 97 documents (Windows 16-bit Operating Systems) (18 Aug 1999, 14112 Bytes)
Unpacks tar-files (from unix) in DOS mode

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