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Building Merge7zInstaller

Needed binaries/sources:

Before compiling:

  1. Install/unzip UPX so that executable is in $PATH$ (or alter Merge7zInstaller project's post-build setting so it finds UPX).
  2. Copy existing 7-zip 3.13 install directory structure to ../../../7z313bin, relative to location of Merge7zInstaller.dsp. For example if Merge7zInstaller.dsp resides in C:\cvshome1\WinMerge\Merge7zInstaller, then 7-Zip 3.13 has to be installed to C:\7z313bin.


  1. Compile Merge7z*.DLLs for all 7-zip versions mentioned (ANSI and UNICODE!) This creates DLL files to /Build/MergeRelease and /Build/MergeUnicodeRelease.
  2. Compile Merge7zInstaller project.


After successful compile, Merge7zInstaller.exe is created in Merge7zInstaller/Release or Merge7zInstaller/Debug.


There is separate files category for Merge7zInstaller. The release filename should be Merge7zInstallerXXXX-YYY-ZZZ.exe, where XXXX denotes the Merge7z DllBuild number as shown in Merge7zInstaller's window title, and YYY-ZZZ denote the range of 7-Zip versions supported.

Example: Merge7zInstaller0010-311-415.exe is expected to offer support for 7-Zip versions 3.11 through 4.15, based on Merge7z DllBuild 0010.