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xapian/queryparser.h File Reference

parsing a user query string to build a Xapian::Query object More...


class  Xapian::Stopper
 Base class for stop-word decision functor. More...
class  Xapian::SimpleStopper
 Simple implementation of Stopper class - this will suit most users. More...
struct  Xapian::ValueRangeProcessor
 Base class for value range processors. More...
class  Xapian::StringValueRangeProcessor
 Handle a string range. More...
class  Xapian::DateValueRangeProcessor
 Handle a date range. More...
class  Xapian::NumberValueRangeProcessor
 Handle a number range. More...
struct  Xapian::FieldProcessor
 Base class for field processors. More...
class  Xapian::QueryParser
 Build a Xapian::Query object from a user query string. More...


namespace  Xapian

The Xapian namespace contains public interfaces for the Xapian library.


std::string Xapian::sortable_serialise (double value)
 Convert a floating point number to a string, preserving sort order.
double Xapian::sortable_unserialise (const std::string &value)
 Convert a string encoded using sortable_serialise back to a floating point number.

Detailed Description

parsing a user query string to build a Xapian::Query object

Documentation for Xapian (version 1.3.1).
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