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Once installed, you should find a shortcut to XSitecopy in the Internet section of your gnome system menu. If you are not running GNOME as your desktop environment, simply type xsitecopy into an xterm.


If you've never used sitecopy before, you should take a look at the README file that comes with the sitecopy distribution. When you run xsitecopy for the first time, it will set up 2 things in your home directory; a configuration file where your site definitions are stored ($HOME/.sitecopyrc), and a storage directory where it will place configuration files to keep track of the files you add, change, move or delete on the local copies of your websites. ($HOME/.sitecopy/) To create sites, click New site . A Gnome Druid will appear to guide you through the creation process. You must type a name for the site, along with server details and local & remote directory names. All other options may be left at their default values, or configured to your personal taste.