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/* HTTP/1.1 methods Copyright © 1999-2008, Joe Orton joe@manyfish.co.uk

This library is free software; you can redistribute it and/or modify it under the terms of the GNU Library General Public License as published by the Free Software Foundation; either version 2 of the License, or (at your option) any later version.

This library is distributed in the hope that it will be useful, but WITHOUT ANY WARRANTY; without even the implied warranty of MERCHANTABILITY or FITNESS FOR A PARTICULAR PURPOSE. See the GNU Library General Public License for more details.

You should have received a copy of the GNU Library General Public License along with this library; if not, write to the Free Software Foundation, Inc., 59 Temple Place - Suite 330, Boston, MA 02111-1307, USA


ifndef NE_BASIC_H

define NE_BASIC_H

include <sys/types.h> / for time_t /

include “ne_request.h”


/ Perform a GET request on resource at ‘path’, writing the entity * body which is returned to ‘fd’. / int ne_get(ne_session sess, const char path, int fd);

/ Perform a PUT request on resource at ‘path’, reading the entity * body to submit from ‘fd’. / int ne_put(ne_session sess, const char path, int fd);

define NE_DEPTH_ZERO (0)

define NE_DEPTH_ONE (1)


/ For ne_copy and ne_move: * * If a resource exists at “dest” and overwrite is zero, the operation * will fail; if overwrite is non-zero, any existing resource will * be over-written. /

/ Copy resource from ‘src to 'dest’ paths. If ‘src’ identifies a * collection resource, depth may be NE_DEPTH_ZERO to request that the * collection and its properties are to be copied, or * NE_DEPTH_INFINITE to request that the collection and its contents * are to be copied. / int ne_copy(ne_session sess, int overwrite, int depth, const char src, const char *dest);

/ Move resource from ‘src’ to dest ‘path’. / int ne_move(ne_session sess, int overwrite, const char src, const char *dest);

/ Delete resource at ‘path’. / int ne_delete(ne_session sess, const char path); / Create a collection at ‘path’, which MUST have a trailing slash. / int ne_mkcol(ne_session sess, const char path);

/ Adds a Depth: header to a request / void ne_add_depth_header(ne_request *req, int depth);

/ Retrieve modification time of resource at location ‘path’, using * the HEAD method, placing parsed time in modtime. modtime is set * to -1 if no Last-Modified response header was given, or the date * given could not be parsed. / int ne_getmodtime(ne_session sess, const char path, time_t *modtime);

typedef struct { const char type, subtype; const char charset; char value; } ne_content_type;

/ Retrieve the content-type of the response; returns zero if response * had valid content-type, in which case all fields in ctype are set * (and never NULL); the caller must free(ctype->value) after use. * Returns non-zero on error, in which case ctype is not altered. / int ne_get_content_type(ne_request req, ne_content_type ctype);

/ DEPRECATED: Server capabilities. / typedef struct { unsigned int dav_class1; / True if Class 1 WebDAV server / unsigned int dav_class2; / True if Class 2 WebDAV server / unsigned int dav_executable; / True if supports the ‘executable’ * property a. la. mod_dav / } ne_server_capabilities;

/ DEPRECATED: Determines server capabilities (using OPTIONS). / int ne_options(ne_session sess, const char path, ne_server_capabilities *caps);

define NE_CAP_DAV_CLASS1 (0x0001) / Class 1 WebDAV (RFC 2518) /

define NE_CAP_DAV_CLASS2 (0x0002) / Class 2 WebDAV (RFC 2518) /

define NE_CAP_DAV_CLASS3 (0x0004) / Class 3 WebDAV (RFC 4918) /

define NE_CAP_MODDAV_EXEC (0x0008) / mod_dav “executable” property /

define NE_CAP_DAV_ACL (0x0010) / WebDAV ACL (RFC 3744) /

define NE_CAP_VER_CONTROL (0x0020) / DeltaV version-control /

define NE_CAP_CO_IN_PLACE (0x0040) / DeltaV checkout-in-place /

define NE_CAP_VER_HISTORY (0x0080) / DeltaV version-history /

define NE_CAP_WORKSPACE (0x0100) / DeltaV workspace /

define NE_CAP_UPDATE (0x0200) / DeltaV update /

define NE_CAP_LABEL (0x0400) / DeltaV label /

define NE_CAP_WORK_RESOURCE (0x0800) / DeltaV working-resouce /

define NE_CAP_MERGE (0x1000) / DeltaV merge /

define NE_CAP_BASELINE (0x2000) / DeltaV baseline /

define NE_CAP_ACTIVITY (0x4000) / DeltaV activity /

define NE_CAP_VC_COLLECTION (0x8000) / DeltaV version-controlled-collection /

/ Determines resource capailities, using an OPTIONS request. On * return, caps is set to a bit-mask of the above NE_CAP_ constants * describing the advertised resource capabilities. / int ne_options2(ne_session sess, const char path, unsigned int *caps);

/ Defines a range of bytes, starting at ‘start’ and ending * at ‘end’. ‘total’ is the number of bytes in the range. / typedef struct { ne_off_t start, end, total; } ne_content_range;

/ Partial GET. range->start must be >= 0. range->total is ignored. * * If range->end is -1, then the rest of the resource from start is * requested, and range->total and end are filled in on success. * * Otherwise, bytes from range->start to range->end are requested. * * This will write to the CURRENT position of f; so if you want * to do a resume download, use: * struct ne_content_range range; * range.start = resume_from; * range.end = range.start + 999; (= 1000 bytes) * fseek(myfile, resume_from, SEEK_SET); * ne_get_range(sess, path, &range, myfile); / int ne_get_range(ne_session sess, const char path, ne_content_range *range, int fd);

/ Post using buffer as request-body: stream response into f / int ne_post(ne_session sess, const char path, int fd, const char *buffer);


endif / NE_BASIC_H /