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A site can be initialised, caught-up, updated, a listing can be fetched, or it can be resynchronized, with the remote site.

Initialise site

This will make xsitecopy think that there are no files on the remote site. This should be used to upload new files, or if you decide to change remote servers.

Catchup site

This will force xsitecopy to assume that the remote site is identical to your local copy. Useful for starting new sites that are already online, or if you accidentally initialise a site.

Fetch site listing

This will make xsitecopy connect to the remote site and attempt to determine what files are there. This is useful if your configuration files have become corrupted, and your local-remote sites are in an inconsistent state. It is also required if you wish to perform a resynchronization on your local site.

Resynchronize site

Expected by 0.11.0.

Update site

This will produce a dialog box. Once you are ready to connect to the remote site, hit Begin and xsitecopy will attempt to make a connection. Once one has been established, the operations required to synchronize the remote site with the local one will be committed. Progress indicators display the percentage completed of each operation.

Update ALL sites

This will perform the above updates, for every site that requires one. Expected by 0.13.0.