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XSitecopy - a frontend for sitecopy under X11. Written using GNOME.


© 2000. Lee Mallabone. lee0@callnetuk.com

Distributed under the GNU General public license. See the file

COPYING for more information.



XSitecopy is a GNOME-based tool for maintaining remote websites. It detects additions, changes, deletion, movement and renames on the local site. It does this without requiring a connection to the remote site.

The application can then commit all updates to an FTP or WebDAV server in one session. Sitecopy is a command-line tool that carries out the above - Xsitecopy is the graphical version that provides some extra features as well, such as easy creation of site definitions, at-a-glance tree view of file/directory statuses, and on-the-fly editing of site definitions.


The version numbers are important; there is a bug with gtk+ versions earlier than 1.2.7 that affects multi-threaded apps.

The GnomeDruid was only introduced in version 1.0.14 of the gnome libraries.


./configure –enable-gnomefe make make install


To run, either type ‘xsitecopy’ in an xterm, or choose xsitecopy from the GNOME panel menu, under Internet. NB:- See the release notes if you’ve never used (x)sitecopy before.

If you’re not sure whether you should be using this program or not, or what the core of it actually does, check the README file that comes with the distribution - it should answer most of your questions as to whether you should be using (x)sitecopy or not.

A quick-start guide to XSitecopy

The main window is divided up as follows: At the top is the menu. At the moment, all you can do from the menu is exactly the same as from the toolbar. You can use the buttons in this bar to perform operations on your website(s). It can also be used to create & delete sites, as well as get further help.

The main area below the toolbar is split into 2. On the left is a tree view. This shows the title of each site as an entry in the tree. If you expand these items, the files that are related to the selected site will be shown. Clicking on a file brings up information about that file in the right side of the window.

If you click on a site, the details and attributes of that site will be displayed in the right hand area.

See the docs from the help menu for more information.

Hacking on Xsitecopy

First things first… The code to Xsitecopy is not amazingly elegant. It was (is) the first big C program I actually wrote. Quite a lot of it has been rewritten since its original incarnation, but there are still far too many global variables and bits of cruft hanging around.

If you’re looking for more elegant code, try gnocvs.sourceforge.net which is a work-in-progress CVS front end. It’s been designed from the ground-up to be asynchronous and run many many cvs operations at once. I like the code in that significantly more than my xsitecopy code. :)

If you do manage to decipher the Xsitecopy source code (some people have!;) then please do feel free to send patches, either to the sitecopy mailing list, (sitecopy@lyra.org) or to me personally (lee0@callnetuk.com).

A brief guide to the source in the gnome/ directory is given below.

changes.c - Handles events for editing site details. changes.h - Header file_widgets.c - Displays file information when a file is clicked. file_widgets.h - Header gcommon.c - Implements common functions found in src/frontend.h gcommon.h - Header init.c - Creates the main user interface & about box. Will parse preferences some time soon, too. init.h - Header main.c - Creates the threads & semaphores, initialises gnome. minilist.c - Creates the widgets, and handles events for, site excludes, ASCII files, and `ignores'. minilist.h - Header misc.c - Backs up info files and/or the rcfile. Loads and saves the rcfile. Also has error dialog functions - creates the opening “your rcfile is screwed” dialog, as well as the dialog for errors with an upload. Creates an animation for use in the various transfer dialogs. misc.h - Header new_site.c - Code to create and handle events for the site creation druid. new_site.h - Header operations.c - thread code for uploading files. Contains wrappers for catching up and initialising a site as well as deleting sites. operations.h - Header resynch.c - Thread code for fetching a file list. resynch.h - Header site_widgets.c - Creates the user interface for editing sites. site_widgets.h - Header tree.c - Builds the main GtkCTree based on the site & file info of all_sites. tree.h - Header

XSitecopy is in development. I am by no means claiming it as crash-proof. If it does crash while you are using it then, please please please email me (address above), describing as much of what led to the crash as possible, and if you can include a backtrace or patch, that’s even better.