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nanohttp - minimal HTTP implementation

minimal HTTP implementation allowing to fetch resources like external subset.

Author(s): Daniel Veillard


int	xmlNanoHTTPRead			(void * ctx, 
void * dest,
int len); int xmlNanoHTTPSave (void * ctxt,
const char * filename); const char * xmlNanoHTTPRedir (void * ctx); const char * xmlNanoHTTPAuthHeader (void * ctx); int xmlNanoHTTPFetch (const char * URL,
const char * filename,
char ** contentType); int xmlNanoHTTPContentLength (void * ctx); const char * xmlNanoHTTPMimeType (void * ctx); void xmlNanoHTTPClose (void * ctx); void xmlNanoHTTPCleanup (void); void * xmlNanoHTTPMethod (const char * URL,
const char * method,
const char * input,
char ** contentType,
const char * headers,
int ilen); void xmlNanoHTTPInit (void); void * xmlNanoHTTPOpen (const char * URL,
char ** contentType); void * xmlNanoHTTPOpenRedir (const char * URL,
char ** contentType,
char ** redir); void * xmlNanoHTTPMethodRedir (const char * URL,
const char * method,
const char * input,
char ** contentType,
char ** redir,
const char * headers,
int ilen); void xmlNanoHTTPScanProxy (const char * URL); const char * xmlNanoHTTPEncoding (void * ctx); int xmlNanoHTTPReturnCode (void * ctx);