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Member "dirlist-2.9/dirlist_html/badtemplate1.html" of archive dirlist-2.9.tar.gz:

<!-- This is a "bad template" and can be used on systems where
     users are automatically given a simple web presence.
     HTML files that have lines that start with the lines
     in a bad template are processed as if they didn't exist
     in the first place.  If users on your system are not
     automatically given web directories, bad templates are
     not needed.  Note that this particular bad template will
     not work unless if users' HTML files also have _this_
     comment in them.
     You can have as many bad templates as you need as long
     as the numbering is sequential and uninterrupted.  The
     bad template checker stops when it cannot open the next
     sequential bad template.
     It's best to start with a user's default HTML file and
     chop off the line before any customized data such as a
     user's name begins, as below: -->

<title>Home Page of 
This is the home page of 
My E-Mail address is