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markup ...

Command-line Option



MSGPGEND defines the ending markup of each message page.

Default Setting


Resource Variables

$ATTACHMENTURL$ Base URL to attachments
$BUTTON$ Button markup linking to a message.
$DATE$ The date of the message.
$DDMMYYYY$ Message date in dd/mm/yyyy format.
$DOCURL$ URL to documentation.
$ENV$ Value of an environment variable.
$FROM$ The complete text in the From: field of the message.
$FROMADDR$ The e-mail address in the From: field of the message.
$FROMADDRDOMAIN$ The e-mail address domain of the From: field of the message.
$FROMADDRNAME$ The e-mail address "username" (or local-part) of the From: field of the message.
$FROMNAME$ The human name of the person in the From: field of the message. If no human name is found, the username specified in the e-mail address is used.
$GMTDATE$ Current GMT date.
$ICON$ The content-type sensitive icon.
$ICONURL$ URL to the content-type sensitive icon.
$IDXFNAME$ Filename of main index page.
$IDXLABEL$ Label for main index page.
$IDXPREFIX$ Prefix of filenames of main index pages.
$IDXSIZE$ Max number of messages that may be listed in index page.
$IDXTITLE$ The title of the main index page.
$LINK$ Link markup linking to a message.
$LOCALDATE$ Current local date.
$MMDDYYYY$ Message date in mm/dd/yyyy format.
$MSG$ Filename of message.
$MSGGMTDATE$ GMT date of current message.
$MSGHFIELD$ Message header field
$MSGID$ The message-id of the message.
$MSGLOCALDATE$ Local date of current message.
$MSGNUM$ The message number assigned to the message by MHonArc (includes leading zeros).
$MSGPREFIX$ Filename prefix for message files.
$MSGTORDNUM$ The ordinal message number of the current discussion thread.
$NOTE$ Message annotation.
$NUMFOLUP$ Number of explicit follow-ups to the message.
$NUMOFMSG$ Number of messages in the archive.
$NUMOFPAGES$ Number of index pages.
$ORDNUM$ The current listing number of the message.
$OUTDIR$ Pathname of archive.
$PROG$ Program name
$SUBJECT$ The subject text of the message, and if no arguments, wrapped in an anchor element that hyperlinks to the message.
$SUBJECTNA$ The subject text of the message without the anchor element.
$TIDXFNAME$ Filename of thread index page.
$TIDXLABEL$ Label for thread index page.
$TIDXPREFIX$ Prefix of filenames of thread index pages.
$TIDXTITLE$ Title of thread index.
$TLEVEL$ Numeric level of message in thread, starting with 0.
$TSLICE$ A slice of the thread listing relative to the current message. Size of slice determined by the TSLICE resource.
$VERSION$ Program version.
$YYYYMMDD$ Message date in yyyy/mm/dd format.





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