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asSVMRegisters Struct Reference

A struct with registers from the VM sent to a JIT compiled function. More...

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Public Attributes

 Points to the current bytecode instruction.
 Function stack frame. This doesn't change during the function execution.
 Top of the stack (grows downward).
void ** globalVarPointers
 Array of global variable pointers. This doesn't change during the function execution.
asQWORD valueRegister
 Temporary register for primitives and unmanaged references.
void * objectRegister
 Temporary register for managed object references/handles.
 Type of the object held in the object register.
bool doProcessSuspend
 Set to true if the SUSPEND instruction should be processed. Do not update this value.

Detailed Description

The JIT compiled function will receive a pointer to this structure when called. It is the responsibility of the JIT compiled function to make sure these values are updated correctly before control is returned to the VM.

See also:
JIT compilation

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