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Outside of Scilab Enterprises, many people contributed to Scilab. We are very grateful for all the work and the time they all spend to make Scilab a better software.

And many others…

            ORIGIN OF CODE

The contribution of many people is acknowledged (the following list
is not exhaustive!).

calelm: low level routines (INRIA).

control: LINPACK + EISPACK + INRIA routines. dsubsp and exchnqz: Paul van Dooren. rpoly: copyrighted by the ACM (alg. 493), which grants general permission to distribute provided the copies are not made for direct commercial advantage. lybsc, lydsr, lybad,sydsr and sybad are adapted from SLICE (M. Denham). sszer: Emami-naeini, A. and van Dooren, P. (Automatica paper). syhsc: G.Golub, S.Nash, C.van Loan, Stanford University. rilac, ricd: A. Laub. dexpm1, pade, dclmat, coef, cerr, wexpm1, wpade, wclmat: J. Roche. polmc: adapted from P.Hr. Petkov, Sofia, Bulgaria. bdiag: adapted from Bavely and Stewart. ereduc,fstair: T. Beelen, P. Van Dooren.

default: Scilab routines (INRIA/ENPC) for the user.

dcd: Library of Fortran Routines for Cumulative Distribution Functions, Inverses, and Other Parameters (February, 1994) Barry W. Brown, James Lovato, Kathy Russell Department of Biomathematics, Box 237, The University of Texas, M.D. Anderson Cancer Center. 1515 Holcombe Boulevard. Houston, TX 77030. Interfaced by J.P Chancelier and B. Pinçon.

dld: is a library package of C functions that performs “dynamic link editing” from Wilson Ho (how@cs.ucdavis.edu). It is used on the linux version of scilab.

FreeBSD port: by Dan McMahill.

graphics based on entities: INRIA (M. Philippe, D. Abdemouche).

integ: routines from Odepack and Quadpack. dassl: L. Petzold (LLNL). hybrd: Minpack (ANL). routines colnew from U. Ascher and G. Bader Sundials : Nonlinear Solvers and Differential Equations Project, Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory

interf: Scilab interface with numerical libraries (INRIA/ENPC).

optim: optimization routines (Modulopt library, INRIA). semidef : L. Vandenberghe- S. Boyd code sp.c, qld : K.Schittkowski, A.L. Tits and J.L. Zhou qpsolve : Berwin A. Turlach

poly: Scilab polynomial library (INRIA).

qsort: qsort.c ( quicksort from the University of California Berkeley) modified for Scilab.

randlib: Library of Fortran Routines for Random Number Generation Barry W. Brown, James Lovato, Kathy Russell, John Venier.

SciGui: a tcl gui environment developed by Jaime Urzua: jaime_urzua@yahoo.com used for the help browser, waitbar and editvar

signal: routines from IEEE Signal processing library, (interfaced by C. Bunks)

Slicot : automatic control routines (www.win.tue.nl/wgs/slicot.html)

sparse: Operations on sparse matrices (interfaced by S. Steer INRIA, Bruno Pincon)

     sparse Lu factorization and resolution comes from Sparse 1.3
     by Kenneth S. Kundert, Alberto Sangiovanni-Vincentelli and
     the University of California (see Copyright notice in
     programs of the "sparse" directory). The code was modified to
     work with singular matrices (J.P.Chancelier). lu.c

 sparse Cholesky factorization codes are by Joseph W.H. Liu
     and Esmond G. Ng and Barry W. Peyton from Mathematical
     Sciences Section, Oak Ridge National Laboratory

 routines to read .mps file (sparse linear programming) are from
     J. Gondzio (Hopdm).

tclsci: interface with TCL/TK developed by Allan CORNET.

scicos: developed by then INRIA’s Metalau project PDE Scicos palette: developed by EADS-CCR.