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csant - the C-Sharp compilation build tool


csant [ options ] [target... ]


Csant is an XML based build tool used mainly to compile C# (pronounced C-Sharp) projects. Csant supports multiple compilers and generates appropriate command line specifications for each compiler.


--file name, -f name
Specify the name of the build file to use. If this option is not present, then csant will look for a file in the base source directory ending with the extension ‘.csant’ or ‘.build’.
--base-src-dir name, -b name
Specify the base source directory for the build tree. By default, this is the current directory.
--base-build-dir name, -B name
Specify the base build directory for the build tree. By default, this is the current directory.
-Dname=value, --define name=value
Define the property ‘name’ and set it to ‘value’.
--profile name, -p name
Specify the definition profile to use. The definition profile is loaded before the main build file, and typically modifies properties. This can be used to create multiple build configurations.
--just-print, -n
Print the names of the commands, but do not execute them.
--dummy-doc, -d
Output dummy documentation files.
--keep-going, -k
Keep processing even after an error.
--silent, -s
Do not print the names of commands as they are executed.
--csc-redirect, -c
Treat <csc> tags as <compile> tags (for NAnt compatibility).
--mono-corlib, -m
Use Mono’s corlib instead of mscorlib during C# compiles.
--compiler name, -C name
Specify which compiler to use (‘cscc’ (default), ‘csc’, or ‘mcs’). Whenever csant encounters a <compile> tag, it will launch the specified compiler, using the appropriate command-line options.
--version, -v
Print the version of the program.
Print this help message.

Nant Compatibility

Csant is compatible with a subset of NAnt build files . The "-c" command line option turns on NAnt compatibility.

Compiler Compatibility

Csant works with all other C# compilers currently in distribution. The choice of compiler is using the "-C" option.

See Also

ilasm(1), cscc(1)

Table of Contents