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Using the Online Help in Siag Office

The online help is accessed through any HTML browser by clicking on the "i" button on the toolbar or by selecting from the items on the Help menu.

The environment variable SIAGHELP can be set to the name of the preferred browser. It defaults to a wrapper which starts Netscape with the help document loaded, but any HTML browser will do. SIAGHELP can be changed from the command line before starting Siag, or in ~/.profile to make the change permanent.

Note that Netscape can't be used without the wrapper, as it behaves differently depending on whether an instance of Netscape is already running.

# Example using Chimera

# Another example using Lynx in an xterm
SIAGHELP="xterm -e lynx"

# This won't work properly

(Chimera is a browser written by John Kilburg. Chimera uses the Athena widget set; for this version I have used the Athena 3D widgets, giving it a more modern look.)
Ulric Eriksson - July 1998 - ulric@siag.nu