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Building Tcl Blend under UNIX/Linux


Tcl Blend is built using a configure script and has been tested on a variety of UNIX/Linux systems. Tcl Blend depends on Tcl and the Tcl Threads extension. Most Unix systems ship with Tcl installed by default, but Tcl thread support is not typically enabled. Tcl Blend requires a version of Tcl that is compiled with Thread support, so you will need to compile Tcl, the Tcl Thread extension, and Tcl Blend.

Download Tcl (8.4.13) , the Tcl Threads package (2.6.3) , and the Tcl Blend (1.4.0) archive files and save them in a temp directory. The following assumes that the user has created a temp directory /tmp/tclblend, that the archives have been saved in this directory, that Tcl Blend will be installed into /opt/tclblend, and that the JDK install is located in /opt/jdk14.

cd /tmp/tclblend
tar -xzvf tcl8.4.13-src.tar.gz
tar -xzvf thread2.6.3.tar.gz
tar -xzvf tclBlend1.4.0.tar.gz

mkdir build_tcl
mkdir build_thread
mkdir build_tclblend

cd build_tcl
../tcl8.4.13/unix/configure --prefix=/opt/tclblend --enable-threads
make install
cd ..

cd build_thread
../thread2.6.3/configure --prefix=/opt/tclblend --enable-threads \
make install
cd ..

cd build_tclblend
../tclBlend1.4.0/configure --prefix=/opt/tclblend \
  --with-tcl=/tmp/tclblend/build_tcl --with-thread=/tmp/tclblend/build_thread \
make install

At this point, Tcl, the Thread extension, and Tcl Blend have been installed into /opt/tclblend. One can also build and run the optional Tcl Blend regression tests with the following command.

make test

The install process creates a startup script that should be used to run Tcl Blend. This script is named jtclsh, it would be installed into /opt/tclblend/bin/jtclsh by the example above.

% package require java
% exit

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