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catdoc_0.94.3.orig.tar.gz (10 Jun 2012, 690043 Bytes)
catdoc is a simple MS-Word to TeX or plain text converter.
coreboot-6625.tar.gz (4 Jun 2011, 6734515 Bytes)
coreboot (formerly known as LinuxBIOS) is a project to replace the proprietary BIOS (firmware) to achieve a very fast and flexible boot process. Newer snapshots available here.
majordomo-20110125.tar.gz (25 Jan 2011, 1368241 Bytes)
The perl based mailing list manager. (4 Mar 2010, 9803390 Bytes)
Sunbird (Linux x86 binary; beta version; German)
Songbird_1.4.3-1438_linux-i686.tar.gz (24 Dec 2009, 18163828 Bytes)
Songbird is a Mozilla-based customizable Web music/media player (Linux support dropped).
Songbird_1.4.3-1438_linux-x86_64.tar.gz (24 Dec 2009, 19469332 Bytes)
Songbird is a Mozilla-based customizable Web music/media player (Linux support dropped).
sunbird-1.0b1.en-US.linux-i686.tar.gz (11 Dec 2009, 9781308 Bytes)
Sunbird - Mozilla's standalone calendar application (Linux x86 binary; beta version; German)
symlinks-1.4.tar.gz (9 Oct 2009, 4942 Bytes)
symlinks scans directories for symbolic links, and identifies dangling, relative, absolute, messy, and other_fs links.
public_super_grub_disk_source_code_0.9799.tar.gz (5 Oct 2009, 1989749 Bytes)
Super Grub Disk is a bootable floppy, cdrom or usb that help you to deal with boot problems. You can automatically restore Grub on your MBR. Source code. Hint: There exists a newer release named Super Grub2 Disk.
super_grub_disk_0.9799.iso (5 Oct 2009, 4597760 Bytes)
Super Grub Disk is a bootable cdrom that help you to deal with boot problems. You can automatically restore Grub on your MBR. Hint: There exists a newer release named Super Grub2 Disk.
super_grub_disk_english_usb_0.9799.tar.gz (5 Oct 2009, 367654 Bytes)
Super Grub Disk is a bootable (floppy, cdrom or) usb that help you to deal with boot problems. You can automatically restore Grub on your MBR. Hint: There exists a newer release named Super Grub2 Disk.
grubconfig-1.33.tar.gz (23 May 2009, 8350 Bytes)
Script that helps you install the GRUB bootloader (for IDE and SCSI but not for RAID devices).
evolution-brutus-1.2.35.tar.gz (9 Mar 2009, 861994 Bytes)
An Evolution to Microsoft Exchange connector that uses Brutus (a CORBA based wrapping of MAPI)
etherboot-5.4.4.tar.gz (1 Oct 2008, 1459379 Bytes)
Etherboot is code that can be put in a NIC PROM to boot Linux diskless using bootp, tftp and/or NFS (may be superseeded by gPXE and now iPXE). (27 Aug 2008, 39627791 Bytes)
Cleversafe Dispersed Storage Network (dsNet) - a technology that offers a secure and reliable way to store sensitive computer files by distributing file slices over the Internet to multiple storage locations on a network (Source Computer; requires iSCSI Initiator). (27 Aug 2008, 19048546 Bytes)
Cleversafe Dispersed Storage Network (dsNet) - a technology that offers a secure and reliable way to store sensitive computer files by distributing file slices over the Internet to multiple storage locations on a network (Accesser; requires iSCSI Target, Java JRE 5.0). (27 Aug 2008, 18556621 Bytes)
Cleversafe Dispersed Storage Network (dsNet) - a technology that offers a secure and reliable way to store sensitive computer files by distributing file slices over the Internet to multiple storage locations on a network (Slicestor Storage; requires Java JRE 5.0).
ipcop-1.4.21-sources.tgz (24 Jul 2008, 2104840 Bytes)
IPCop is a Linux firewall distribution (a secure Linux distribution managed through a web-interface). Hint: The stable version 2.0.x is released (but no source tarball available).
backup-mbr-1.7.tar.gz (3 Jul 2008, 2673 Bytes)
backup and restore the MBR (Master Boot Record)
hxplay-11.0.0.tar.gz (17 Apr 2008, 39048106 Bytes)
Helix Player is a complete media player. It plays open media formats, like Ogg Vorbis and Theora, H.261, H.263, GIF, JPEG, PNG, RealText and SMIL. Hint: RealPlayer for Linux has been discontinued and is no longer supported.
iana-etc-2.30.tar.gz (5 Mar 2008, 234456 Bytes)
The IANA /etc files package ("services" and "protocols")
q-7.11.tar.gz (24 Feb 2008, 2147297 Bytes)
Q is an extensible functional programming language based on the term rewriting calculus. Q may be useful for scientific programming, and also as a sophisticated kind of desktop calculator. Hint: Q is no longer supported, see Pure instead.
lcm-doc-v2.90.pdf (15 Feb 2008, 1536143 Bytes)
Linux Cluster Manager - a Beowulf cluster setup and management tool (documentation; PDF format)
libtool-1.5.26.tar.gz (1 Feb 2008, 2961939 Bytes)
GNU libtool - a generic library support script. libtool hides the complexity of using shared libraries behind a consistent, portable interface. GNU libtool - a generic library support script
preps-2.2.0.tar.gz (22 Dec 2007, 1038309 Bytes)
PRepS is a problem reporting and tracking system (requires GTK and PostgreSQL).
prepstools-2.2.0.tar.gz (22 Dec 2007, 438108 Bytes)
The PRepSTools for PRepS (a problem reporting system).
i2c-2.10.5.tar.gz (25 Oct 2007, 139296 Bytes)
i2c are I2C drivers (used e.g. by the lm_sensors package; for Linux 2.4 only since now part of 2.6 kernel trees).
inotail-0.5.tar.gz (7 Sep 2007, 14983 Bytes)
inotail is a fast and lightweight version of tail (avoids file polling by using the inotify infrastructure in recent versions of the Linux kernel).
netload-1.2.2.tar.gz (11 Jul 2007, 23054 Bytes)
netload displays the network load plus other statistics data (ethernet, ppp, etc...).
libcfl-1.2.9.tar.gz (28 Jun 2007, 586643 Bytes)
A C Foundation Library that simplify systems software development on System V UNIX (includes routines for memory management, string parsing, filesystem traversal, subprocess execution, I/O, ...)
wine-faq.pdf (15 Jun 2007, 89529 Bytes)
The Wine FAQ (PDF format).
xv-3.10a-jumbo-patches-20070520.tar.gz (21 May 2007, 1363802 Bytes)
The XV "jumbo" patches are a pair of aggregate patches against XV 3.10a (fix-patches and enhancement-patches like PNG-support).
portmap-6.0.tgz (11 May 2007, 22251 Bytes)
portmap is a DARPA port to RPC program number mapper.
dbtool-0.9.23.tar.gz (16 Apr 2007, 201140 Bytes)
Text based user frontend for the MySQL database (using patched dialog package)
lcm-core-2.75-1.tar.gz (14 Apr 2007, 584350 Bytes)
Linux Cluster Manager - a Beowulf cluster setup and management tool
xzx-pro-4.6.tar.gz (22 Dec 2006, 639890 Bytes)
XZX-Pro is a portable emulator of ZX Spectrum 48K/128K/+3 and Spectrum clones (shareware).
eagle-lin-eng-4.16r2.tgz (13 Dec 2006, 8922532 Bytes)
EAGLE (Easily Applicable Graphical Layout Editor) Light - tool for designing printed circuit boards (PCBs). English version. Hint: Newer free light versions here available.
eagle-lin-ger-4.16r2.tgz (13 Dec 2006, 9018957 Bytes)
EAGLE (Easily Applicable Graphical Layout Editor) Light - tool for designing printed circuit boards (PCBs). German version. Hint: Newer free light versions here available.
xli-2006-11-10.tar.gz (11 Nov 2006, 201326 Bytes)
A program to display images in several formats (X11 image viewer)
_DIR: nessus (30 Oct 2006, directory)
a security scanner (requires gmp + gtk+)
glibc-linuxthreads-2.5.tar.gz (2 Oct 2006, 331582 Bytes)
release 0.5 (BETA) of LinuxThreads, a BiCapitalized implementation of the Posix 1003.1c "pthread" interface implementation of the Posix 1003.1c "pthread" interface for Linux
linuxconf-1.35r1.src.tar.gz (31 Aug 2006, 7647558 Bytes)
Linuxconf is an integrated system admin and configuration tool for the Linux system. Development version.
PPSkit-2.1.7.tar.gz (26 Aug 2006, 121284 Bytes)
is a PPS kernel patch for high precision clock calibration (for kernel 2.4.x).
IQS-1.10.tar.gz (19 Aug 2006, 30108 Bytes)
IQS (Implicit Queuing System) manages cpu-hogging jobs.
sunclock-3.56.tar.gz (22 Jun 2006, 1559874 Bytes)
a sophisticated clock for the X Window system. It displays a map of the Earth and shows which portion is illuminated by the sun.
lscpu-1.8.tar.gz (8 Jun 2006, 21329 Bytes)
lscpu lists information about the system processors and Real Time Clock (RTC).
xcpustate-2.9.shar.gz (3 May 2006, 49288 Bytes)
a snapshot performance monitor (27 Apr 2006, 2176280 Bytes)
LTOOLS (Linux Tools) are a set of command line tools for reading and writing Linux ReiserFS, ext2, and ext3 filesystems from DOS, Windows, Solaris, or Linux.
treeps-1.2.4.tar.gz (19 Apr 2006, 541141 Bytes)
X11/Motif based Process Visualizer/Killer
tkps_1.18.tar.gz (11 Apr 2006, 14761 Bytes)
graphical interface to "ps" (Tk/Tcl based)
oe5_to_mbox-0.52.tar.gz (10 Apr 2006, 132212 Bytes)
Converts from Outlook Express 5.0, .DBX folders to mbox format
magicfilter-2.3.h.tar.gz (6 Apr 2006, 161929 Bytes)
A customizable, extensible automatic printer filter
xwpe-1.5.30a.tar.gz (1 Apr 2006, 325043 Bytes)
xwpe is a programming and debugging environment not unlike borland's turbo c environment. Works in both X and console modes.
libol-0.3.18.tar.gz (27 Mar 2006, 345794 Bytes)
a nonblocking I/O, and OO library (used by syslog-ng)
xfsm-2.5.tar.gz (26 Mar 2006, 79875 Bytes)
X11 file system monitoring
trafshow-5.2.3.tgz (14 Mar 2006, 142615 Bytes)
Ncurses based IP traffic monitoring software
slocate-3.1.tar.gz (8 Mar 2006, 37748 Bytes)
Security Enhanced version of the GNU Locate (index and quickly search for files on your system)
autoproject-0.20.tar.gz (25 Feb 2006, 151101 Bytes)
- create a skeleton source package for a new program (following the GNU programming standards).
zsh-4.2.refcard.pdf (14 Feb 2006, 733130 Bytes)
Zsh is a powerful UNIX command interpreter (shell). Reference card (a little bit out-dated).
e93-1.3r4X.tgz (6 Feb 2006, 431179 Bytes)
a portable window based text editor (X11 version)
openmotif-2.3.0-manual.pdf.tgz (30 Jan 2006, 4195259 Bytes)
OpenMotif is the publicly licensed version of Motif, the industry standard graphical user interface toolkit for UNIX systems. Manual (PDF).
slirp_1_0_17_patch.tar.gz (8 Jan 2006, 2200 Bytes)
Bug fixes for slirp_1_0_16 (a TCP/IP emulator)
perlbench-0.93.tar.gz (30 Dec 2005, 152796 Bytes)
a Perl benchmark suite
winetools-0.9jo-III.tar.gz (13 Dec 2005, 203976 Bytes)
A menu driven installer for installing about 90 Windows programs under Linux x86 using Wine.
Xarm-2.0.6.tar.gz (23 Nov 2005, 384026 Bytes)
A C++ wrapper of the Motif library (supports Motif 1.2, 2.0, LessTif and CDE)
smail- (18 Nov 2005, 1833218 Bytes)
mail delivery system (like sendmail)
xgobi.tar.gz (15 Nov 2005, 799731 Bytes)
XGobi is an interactive dynamic graphics program for data visualization (successor: ggobi)
xisp-2.7p4.tar.gz (14 Nov 2005, 300156 Bytes)
an X11 visual interface to pppd/chat (XForms based)
pidentd-3.0.19.tar.gz (18 Oct 2005, 145505 Bytes)
implementation of the RFC1413 identification server (more or less complete rewrite compared to version 2)
ntfsprogs-1.12.1.tar.gz (10 Oct 2005, 801124 Bytes)
(formerly Linux NTFS) tools and library that provide Linux drivers for the proprietary filesystem used by Windows NT, 2000, and XP, and for the Logical Disk Manager (LDM)
yafc-1.1.1.tar.gz (6 Oct 2005, 1221948 Bytes)
comfortable console mode FTP client with support for Kerberos 4/5 authentication
compface-1.5.2.tar.gz (4 Oct 2005, 46970 Bytes)
compress and expand 48x48x1 face image files
spong-2.8.0-beta2.tar.gz (30 Sep 2005, 304701 Bytes)
Spong is a simple system/network monitoring tool (Perl)
vlan.1.9.tar.gz (13 Sep 2005, 176135 Bytes)
VLAN is an implementation of the 802.1Q VLAN protocol (Virtual LANs on a single ethernet cable) for Linux.
xruskb-1.15.4.tar.gz (5 Sep 2005, 196209 Bytes)
xruskb allows switching of two keyboard layouts (for e.g. russian/english) on any particular key combination.
trustees-3.0.tar.gz (22 Jul 2005, 74899 Bytes)
An advanced linux permission system (kernel 2.6.x module)
getty_ps-2.1.1.tar.gz (22 Jul 2005, 94469 Bytes)
A versatile getty/uugetty program designed to allow easy use of a modem for incoming/outgoing/voice calls.
WindowMaker-0.92.0.tar.gz (3 Jul 2005, 2758524 Bytes)
X11 Window Manager - designed to emulate the look and feel of part of the NEXTSTEP(tm) GUI.
nisca-2.6.tgz (21 Jun 2005, 196810 Bytes)
NISCA (Network Interface Statistics Collection Agent) is a PHP4-based MRTG replacement.
tkrat-2.1.5.tar.gz (4 Jun 2005, 2359287 Bytes)
graphical Mail User Agent (MUA) which handles MIME (Tcl/Tk)
sendfile-2.1b.tar.gz (1 Jun 2005, 325683 Bytes)
file transfer using SAFT - the Simple Asynchronous File Transfer protocol (in contrast to ftp without necessary login)
irc2.11.1p1.tgz (31 May 2005, 770458 Bytes)
IRC (Internet Relay Chat) server
lde-2.6.1.tar.gz (19 May 2005, 598050 Bytes)
LDE (Linux Disk Editor) is a curses based file system viewer/editor for ext2fs, minix and xiafs filesystems that can also be used to recover files.
makefiles-1.4.tar.gz (10 May 2005, 489143 Bytes)
makefiles is a make file system for easy concurrent compilation of source code on a wide (expandable) number of platforms.
yasql-1.83.tar.gz (9 May 2005, 111977 Bytes)
an open source Oracle command line interface (a "kinder" alternative to SQL*Plus's user interface).
Sharity.2.10.tar.gz (19 Apr 2005, 1542889 Bytes)
a CIFS client program for Unix that allows to mount shares exported by Windows (NT, 95, for Workgroups, etc.), OS/2, Samba etc. (commercial product). For newer releases (3.x) probably only binary versions are available.
autorpm-3.3.3.tar.gz (17 Apr 2005, 79195 Bytes)
RPM Auto-Installer and/or FTP Mirrorer
qrash-1.2.1.tar.gz (9 Mar 2005, 1935278 Bytes)
Featuring 2d & 3d engines with texturing and shading in 640x480 resolution (demos).
clig- (1 Mar 2005, 68036 Bytes)
Command Line Interpreter Generator (Tcl) - generates C-code to take apart the typical command line of a C program
exepak-1.5.tar.gz (1 Mar 2005, 544613 Bytes)
exepak compresses binaries but keeps them executable, like the old DOS PKLITE program.
ytalk-3.3.0.tar.gz (13 Feb 2005, 137989 Bytes)
a multi-user replacement for UNIX talk.
_DIR: teTeX (6 Feb 2005, directory)
teTeX is a TeX distribution for UNIX compatible systems (no longer maintained).
kasablanca- (31 Jan 2005, 699799 Bytes)
kasablanca is a FTP client for KDE (with FTPS and FXP support).
unarj-2.65.tar.gz (21 Jan 2005, 74911 Bytes)
unarj is a simple program to extract, test and view RAR archives created with the ARJ archiver.
check_local.5.7.tar.gz (20 Jan 2005, 64066 Bytes)
check_local 5.7 -extended spam filter for sendmail 8.12 (beta version)
imap-utils.tar.Z (19 Jan 2005, 14720 Bytes)
UW IMAP utilities
cyrus-imspd-v1.8.tar.gz (10 Jan 2005, 650596 Bytes)
Cyrus IMSP (Interactive Mail Support Protocol) Server (to manage multiple IMAP servers and ...)
evlog-1.6.1.tar.gz (29 Dec 2004, 967042 Bytes)
evlog (Linux Event Logging for the Enterprise) provides a platform independent event logging facility.
gpcard.pdf (10 Dec 2004, 84422 Bytes)
Gnuplot reference card (a little bit outdated; PDF format)
autofsng-0.4.tar.gz (9 Dec 2004, 86762 Bytes)
A kernel-based automounter for Linux
Unix_Oberon_r24_Src.tgz (23 Nov 2004, 3234358 Bytes)
Oberon is a programming language in the Pascal-Modula tradition and a modern operating system for single-user personal workstations.
x86_Linux_Oberon_r24_Sys.tgz (23 Nov 2004, 10545812 Bytes)
Oberon - a programming language in the Pascal-Modula tradition and a modern operating system for single-user personal workstations.
viewfax-2.6.tar.gz (14 Nov 2004, 63899 Bytes)
display fax files (X11)
fhs-2.3.pdf.gz (4 Nov 2004, 228023 Bytes)
FHS 2.3 - new filesystem hierarchy standard for Linux
cost-2.3-2004-10-08.tar.gz (8 Oct 2004, 267756 Bytes)
a structure-controlled SGML application programming tool. It is implemented as a Tcl extension, and works in conjunction with James Clark's sgmls and/or nsgmls parsers.
NewsCache-1.2rc6.tar.gz (30 Sep 2004, 356563 Bytes)
free cache server for USENET News (requires gcc 2.8.1 or egcs compiler)
rlpr-2.06.tar.gz (7 Sep 2004, 272200 Bytes)
print files on remote sites to your local printer (includes BSD-compatible replacements for lpr, lpq and lprm)
slirp-1.0.16.tar.gz (7 Sep 2004, 307169 Bytes)
A TCP/IP emulator which turns an ordinary shell account into a (C)SLIP/PPP account. SLiRP is a free TCP/IP emulator over the (C)SLIP/PPP link-level protocols which allows a normal user with a shell account on a UNIX system to act like a real (C)SLIP/PPP account.
imwheel-1.0.0pre12.tar.gz (29 Aug 2004, 186424 Bytes)
IMWheel is a universal mouse wheel and mouse stick translator for the X Windows System.
sunclock_big_images_270804.tar.gz (27 Aug 2004, 11908163 Bytes)
earth map images for the sunclock program
sunclock_medium_images_270804.tar.gz (27 Aug 2004, 3903885 Bytes)
earth map images for the sunclock program
sdd-1.52.tar.gz (25 Aug 2004, 319493 Bytes)
an enhanced dd(1) replacement
linux_monitor-2.0RC3.tar.gz (25 Aug 2004, 172012 Bytes)
Checks the processes, disk space, and load avarage of its host machine, and reports errors to syslog or via the Linux Monitor server.
host-20040812.tar.gz (12 Aug 2004, 147758 Bytes)
completely new version of 'host', a nameserver query utility a la 'nslookup' and 'dig', but much more versatile and robust
povray-3.6.1.tar.gz (4 Aug 2004, 9032066 Bytes)
POV-Ray (Persistence of Vision Raytracer) is a ray trace renderer to create three-dimensional, photo-realistic images (source code, documentation and scene files).
povlinux-3.6.1.tgz (4 Aug 2004, 7058592 Bytes)
POV-Ray Persistence of Vision(tm) - POV-Ray raytracer (the statically linked binary supports both X and SVGAlib. There exists an ./install script).
affix-3.2.0.tar.gz (29 Jul 2004, 478872 Bytes)
Bluetooth Protocol Stack for Linux (wireless communication technology that provides short range connectivity for different appliances).
jfs-2.4-1.1.7.tar.gz (22 Jul 2004, 204354 Bytes)
JFS IBM's journaled file system technology, currently used in IBM enterprise servers, is designed for high-throughput server environments (newer code integrated in the Linux kernel).
pcmcia-cs-3.2.8.tar.gz (17 Jul 2004, 1271846 Bytes)
Card Services for Linux is a complete PCMCIA or "PC Card" support package.
electric-7.00.tar.gz (16 Jul 2004, 4474722 Bytes)
Electric VLSI Design System
count-1.20.tar.gz (12 Jul 2004, 289056 Bytes)
a fast and enhanced wc(1) replacement
compare-1.16.tar.gz (12 Jul 2004, 290618 Bytes)
a fast cmp(1) replacement
atsar_linux-1.7.tar.gz (8 Jul 2004, 87087 Bytes)
system activity report
vnc-4.0-documentation.tar.gz (16 Jun 2004, 270833 Bytes)
VNC (Virtual Network Computing) documentation
feg-inetutils-2.0.0.tar.gz (12 Jun 2004, 1108741 Bytes)
vppp-3.8.tgz (6 Jun 2004, 93987 Bytes)
Visual PPP - graphical interface to pppd
kaffeine-mozilla-0.2.tar.gz (13 May 2004, 314380 Bytes)
Kaffeine (multimedia-player) starter-plugin for Mozilla
prcs-1.3.3.tar.gz (10 May 2004, 907482 Bytes)
PRCS -- Project Revision Control System
apmd-3.2.2.tar.gz (30 Apr 2004, 72761 Bytes)
monitors the battery status via APM (Advanced Power Management).
getpatch-2.21.tar.gz (25 Apr 2004, 3841 Bytes)
shell script used to determine your current kernel version, and get any patches needed to bring the kernel source up to date.
xmcdbin.tar.gz (21 Apr 2004, 2594544 Bytes)
XMCD is a full-featured X11/Motif-based CD audio player and ripper (binary).
xmcd-3.3.2.tar.gz (21 Apr 2004, 1062467 Bytes)
XMCD is a full-featured CD Player and ripper utility package (Motif graphical and text mode interface).
whichman-2.4.tar.gz (15 Apr 2004, 18379 Bytes)
whichman is a which-like fault tolerant search utility for man pages.
xpcd-2.09.tar.gz (7 Apr 2004, 103663 Bytes)
is an X11 program for handling Photo CDs. It allows you to browse the thumbnails, and to load/view/save the images.
qb2c-3.43.tgz (2 Apr 2004, 173036 Bytes)
a (Quick)BASIC to C translator
sac-1.9b5.tgz (29 Mar 2004, 51382 Bytes)
Performs login accounting, just like the ac program but with total, per day and per users.
cricket-1.0.5.tar.gz (28 Mar 2004, 411265 Bytes)
Cricket monitors and visualizes (network) trends in time-series data (using "rrdtool").
tkinfo-2.8.tar.gz (24 Mar 2004, 56234 Bytes)
A graphical Tcl/Tk-based browser for documentation in the info hypertext format
aspell-en-0.51-1.tar.gz (10 Mar 2004, 213262 Bytes)
A More Intelligent Ispell (spell checker)
modutils-2.4.27.tar.gz (7 Mar 2004, 292426 Bytes)
Linux module utilities
netenv-0.94-4.tar.gz (1 Mar 2004, 34846 Bytes)
choose current network environment while booting
xmbdfed-4.7.tar.gz (23 Feb 2004, 293728 Bytes)
Motif-based BDF (Bitmap Distribution Format) font editor
udf-0.9.8.tar.gz (23 Feb 2004, 237970 Bytes)
Universal Disk Format (UDF) driver (a newer CDROM filesystem standard that’s required for DVD roms).
affix-2.1.2.tar.gz (20 Feb 2004, 431465 Bytes)
Bluetooth Protocol Stack for Linux (wireless communication technology that provides short range connectivity for different appliances). Development version.
wavplay-1.5.tar.gz (11 Feb 2004, 65609 Bytes)
WAV file Play & Record applications
leap- (9 Feb 2004, 245577 Bytes)
LAEP is a relational database management system that supports the relational algebra as its query language.
frink-2.2.2p4.tar.gz (22 Jan 2004, 99642 Bytes)
a tcl formatting program
xfmail-1.5.5.tar.gz (18 Jan 2004, 1466440 Bytes)
XForms based mailer application
spectemu-0.99.3.tar.gz (16 Jan 2004, 269524 Bytes)
Sinclair ZX Spectrum emulator
sauce_0.8.1.tar.gz (15 Jan 2004, 83497 Bytes)
SAUCE (Software Against Unsolicited Commercial Email) is an SMTP server that sits between the Internet and the actual mail software. (beta version)
sauce_0.7.16.tar.gz (15 Jan 2004, 75355 Bytes)
SAUCE (Software Against Unsolicited Commercial Email) is an SMTP server that sits between the Internet and the actual mail software.
xtem_texmenu.8.25.tar.gz (13 Jan 2004, 1289095 Bytes)
xtem_TeXMenu provides for a simple and comfortable graphical user interface (GUI) to control many TeX/LaTeX facilities xtem_TeXMenu provides for a simple and comfortable graphical user interface (GUI) to control many TeX/LaTeX facilities.
Sharity-Light.1.3.tar.gz (29 Dec 2003, 78504 Bytes)
a client for the Lanmanager protocol (mount drives exported by Windows; previously been called "rumba")
xnc-5.0.4.src.tar.gz (29 Dec 2003, 2130633 Bytes)
X Northen Captain - filemanager for X11 (Norton Commander clone)
libtiff-lzw-compression-kit-1.5.tar.gz (26 Dec 2003, 9646 Bytes)
re-enable LZW compression in libtiff
scsi-idle-2.4.23.tar.gz (16 Dec 2003, 11497 Bytes)
spins down SCSI-disks after a period of inactivity
ssh- (3 Dec 2003, 2269281 Bytes)
SSH2 (Secure Shell) is a program to securely log into another computer over an insecure network (more restrictive license as for ssh-1.2.27)
matagent.linux.tar.gz (22 Nov 2003, 800427 Bytes)
MAT, a distributed system management and monitoring tool - Linux agent (shareware)
lvm_1.0.8.tar.gz (17 Nov 2003, 373482 Bytes)
LVM (Logical Volume Manager) for Linux (adds a kind of virtual disks and virtual partitions functionality).
sceptre-03.310.tar.gz (7 Nov 2003, 1081521 Bytes)
Simulation and Analysis of Nonlinear Electric Circuits and Dynamic Systems.
hpoj-0.91.tgz (5 Nov 2003, 542475 Bytes)
HP OfficeJet Linux driver.
xzx-contrib-2.10.1.tar.gz (21 Oct 2003, 779389 Bytes)
XZX-Pro contains additional programs for the XZX-Pro emulator.
elvis-2.2_0.tar.gz (21 Oct 2003, 1439293 Bytes)
a clone of the ex/vi text editor (many new features, including multiple edit buffers, multiple windows, multiple user interfaces including an X11 interface, and a variety of display modes)
gbuffy-0.2.6.tar.gz (11 Oct 2003, 87486 Bytes)
a multiple mailbox "biff" program (requires GTK+)
curves_0.8.19.tar.gz (2 Oct 2003, 150307 Bytes)
CurVeS, a screen-oriented UI for CVS version control
etherboot-doc-5.2.2.tar.gz (30 Sep 2003, 637686 Bytes)
Etherboot boots Linux x86 PCs over a network (documentation, HTML format).
pam_smb-2.0.0-rc6.tar.gz (23 Sep 2003, 115069 Bytes)
a PAM module which allows authentication of users using an NT server. Release candidate.
neXtaw-0.15.1.tar.gz (19 Sep 2003, 577459 Bytes)
neXtaw is a replacement library for the Athena (libXaw) widget set (with N*XTSTEP look and feel).
promod-plus-l-4.2.3.tar.gz (17 Sep 2003, 16864339 Bytes)
Case tool for several parts of the life cycle with a configurable analyzer tool.
mglin412.tgz (28 Aug 2003, 1084181 Bytes)
MGui is a cross-platform graphical user interface written in ANSI C
pam_smb-1.1.7.tar.gz (26 Aug 2003, 66775 Bytes)
a PAM module which allows authentication of users using an NT server.
[TXT] wu-ftpd-2.6.2.realpath.patch (7 Aug 2003, 533 Bytes)
Anonymous FTP daemon (from the WU-FTPD Development Group) - realpath.patch (fixes an off-by-one error in the fb_realpath() function that may allow attackers to execute arbitrary code) Anonymous FTP daemon (from the WU-FTPD Development Group)
videogen-0.33.tar.gz (7 Aug 2003, 37439 Bytes)
videogen is a small utility that generates XFree86 and/or fbset (Linux framebuffer device) Modelines.
upsd-2.6a.tgz (23 Jul 2003, 38766 Bytes)
A daemon to monitor an Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS) connected to a Linux computer’s serial port
powertweak-0.99.5.tar.gz (9 Jul 2003, 712916 Bytes)
tune system devices to their optimal performance settings (hint: there may be compiling problems for xml.c)
eddie-1.5.3.tar.gz (3 Jul 2003, 514034 Bytes)
The Eddie Project - a high availability WAN and LAN clustering tool (for e.g. web servers), advanced automatic traffic management and configuration of geographically distributed server sites (stable release; requires programming language Erlang)
gcombust-0.1.55.tar.gz (30 Jun 2003, 819339 Bytes)
a GUI for mkisofs and cdrecord (using GTK+).
Gtk-Perl-0.7009.tar.gz (30 Jun 2003, 447432 Bytes)
the Perl-Gtk interface
xmotd-1.17.3b.tar.gz (19 Jun 2003, 181979 Bytes)
a message-of-the-day browser
zdisk-2.15.tar.gz (15 Jun 2003, 748658 Bytes)
Creates a boot-rescue floppy
check_local.5.6.tar.gz (11 Jun 2003, 59167 Bytes)
check_local 5.6 -extended spam filter for sendmail 8.12
newsx-1.6.tar.gz (20 May 2003, 302821 Bytes)
An NNTP client for posting and fetching news (exchanges news articles between a local Cnews or INN spool and an external NNTP server).
xmana-3.4.tar.gz (24 Apr 2003, 744454 Bytes)
a LessTif (Ver. 0.81) or Motif program for graphical interactive data analysis (accompanies the xmad data acquisition program or can be used stand alone).
openjade-1.3.3-pre1.tar.gz (18 Apr 2003, 1058451 Bytes)
OpenJade is an implementation of DSSSL (Document Style Semantics and Specification Language), an ISO standard for rendering SGML and XML documents (based on James Clark’s Jade).
Xaw3d-1.5E.tar.gz (15 Apr 2003, 309264 Bytes)
Release 1.5E of the Xaw3d toolkit. It is based on X.Org's X11R6.3 Athena toolkit, with bits and pieces thrown in from other sources. It is intended to be a general-purpose replacement for the Athena (Xaw) toolkit.
rinetd.tar.gz (15 Apr 2003, 115541 Bytes)
TCP connection redirection server
logserial-0.4.2.tar.gz (14 Apr 2003, 9697 Bytes)
loging incoming bytes on asynchronous serial ports.
libhoard-2.1.2d.tar.gz (11 Apr 2003, 570753 Bytes)
A "fast, scalable, and memory-efficient" multiprocessor memory allocator (improves application's performance if running multithreaded code)
tkman-2.2.tar.gz (2 Apr 2003, 229273 Bytes)
a graphical, hypertext manual page browser
suck-4.3.2.tar.gz (28 Mar 2003, 187560 Bytes)
receives/sends news via NNTP (for dialup connections)
nstreams-1.0.4.tar.gz (28 Mar 2003, 59121 Bytes)
analyzes the networks streams (dumped by tcpdump)
poppy-4.01.tar.gz (23 Mar 2003, 133367 Bytes)
Poppy is a simple perl POP3/IMAP mail processor with SMTP support.
zshguide.pdf (23 Mar 2003, 1093830 Bytes)
Zsh is a powerful UNIX command interpreter (shell). User’s guide (PDF, A4 format, 335 pages).
SIMATH-4.6.1.tar.gz (14 Mar 2003, 5080340 Bytes)
SIMATH is a computer algebra system, especially for number theoretic purpose.
mysqlnavigator-1.4.2.tar.gz (11 Mar 2003, 779305 Bytes)
MySQL Navigator is MySQL database server GUI client program (using Qt library)
Mon-0.99.1-5.tar.gz (10 Mar 2003, 23510 Bytes)
Perl5 module for interfacing with the Mon system monitoring package (mon-xxx.tar.gz)
rhide-1.5.tar.gz (17 Feb 2003, 959140 Bytes)
RHIDE is an integrated development environment for Linux (Borland like).
ccmalloc-0.4.0.tar.gz (3 Feb 2003, 57917 Bytes)
memory profiler and malloc debugger
countrycodes-1.0.5.tar.gz (3 Feb 2003, 18621 Bytes)
Country Codes is a simple command line utility to lookup country names by its two letter ISO 3166 country code.
festival-1.4.3-release.tar.gz (25 Jan 2003, 630179 Bytes)
The Festival Speech Synthesis System (25 Jan 2003, 357701 Bytes)
The Festival Speech Synthesis System
sysinfo-4.2.2.tar.gz (19 Jan 2003, 876123 Bytes)
Display system information
xc-mail-2.2.tar.gz (9 Jan 2003, 796584 Bytes)
XCmail is a MIME and POP3 capable mailtool for X11 using the Xclasses layout library.
xfax-2.16.tar.gz (5 Jan 2003, 90789 Bytes)
An X-windows fax program, including a faxviewer, a faxprinter and a faxconverter (build with Xforms, using efax). (31 Dec 2002, 1903259 Bytes)
a multi-purpose mini-Linux that boots from a DOS/Win9x partition and runs in a ramdisk.
doc++-3.4.10.tar.gz (23 Dec 2002, 408887 Bytes)
Documentation system for C/C++ and Java
SSLrsh-3.0.0b.tar.gz (14 Dec 2002, 236650 Bytes)
rsh, rcp, rdist over SSL
xmake-1.06.tgz (8 Dec 2002, 16117 Bytes)
portable make utility
openjade-1.3.2.tar.gz (1 Dec 2002, 894834 Bytes)
OpenJade is an implementation of DSSSL (Document Style Semantics and Specification Language), an ISO standard for rendering SGML and XML documents (based on James Clark’s Jade).
xcb-2.4.tar.gz (25 Nov 2002, 19830 Bytes)
xcb provides easy access to the cut buffers built into every X server.
rtsynth.manual.pdf (17 Nov 2002, 2356468 Bytes)
Polyphone real time string synthesizer and audio effect processor
su1-5.1.tar.gz (2 Nov 2002, 26558 Bytes)
allows selected users to run selected commands as root
gnumaniak-1.8.tar.gz (23 Oct 2002, 105910 Bytes)
Up to date man pages for various GNU utils
grouputils-1.2.tar.gz (22 Oct 2002, 66828 Bytes)
Group admin utilities; support for group passwords at login
ide-smart-1.4.tar.gz (22 Oct 2002, 19739 Bytes)
make tests on a SMART (Self-Monitoring, Analysis and Reporting Technology) capable IDE device
wrr-021019.tar.gz (20 Oct 2002, 52498 Bytes)
The WRR scheduler is an extension to the Traffic Control/network bandwidth management part of the Linux 2.2 and 2.4 kernels.
prettyp-2.0.2.tar.gz (18 Oct 2002, 47278 Bytes)
"pretty" postscript source code listing generator (using TeX)
BLT2.4z.tar.gz (16 Oct 2002, 2200973 Bytes)
an extension to the Tk toolkit. It adds plotting widgets (X-Y graph, barchart, stripchart), a powerful geometry manager, a new canvas item, and several new commands to Tk.
xamp-0.8.10.tgz (13 Oct 2002, 292775 Bytes)
A mp3 player for X window (needs Qt libraries)
recover-1.3c.tar.gz (5 Oct 2002, 18579 Bytes)
automates some steps as described in the Ext2fs-Undeletion-howto in order to recover a lost file
xnetload-1.11.3.tar.gz (3 Oct 2002, 24551 Bytes)
displays packet traffic and uptime (X11)
logsurfer-1.5b.tar.gz (1 Oct 2002, 194190 Bytes)
process logfiles and perform certain actions
emu10k1-v0.20a.tar.gz (29 Sep 2002, 374810 Bytes)
Creative Sound Blaster Live!/E-mu APS Beta driver for Linux
mailcrypt-3.5.8.tar.gz (26 Sep 2002, 213415 Bytes)
Emacs/PGP interface for PGP 2.6.* and PGP 5.0
cftp-0.12.tar.gz (17 Sep 2002, 182043 Bytes)
a comfortable full screen ftp client
memprof-0.5.1.tar.gz (1 Sep 2002, 339111 Bytes)
a tool for profiling memory usage and finding memory leaks (with GUI; no recompiling of the tested program required)
melon-1.6.tar.gz (31 Aug 2002, 310002 Bytes)
melpm is a simple utility that notifies user for received e-mails, through a couple of configurable icons.
aspell-de-0.50-2.tar.gz (28 Aug 2002, 371643 Bytes)
A More Intelligent Ispell (spell checker)
ziptool-1.4.0.tgz (28 Aug 2002, 11022 Bytes)
tools for the iomega jaz and zip drives
epan_1.3.1-6.tar.gz (26 Aug 2002, 395822 Bytes)
offline protocol analyzer (using edump or tcpdump output)
xplore-1.2a.tar.gz (16 Aug 2002, 662329 Bytes)
yet another X11/Motif-based File Manager (MS-Windows-like features; requires Xg widget set)
tplay-0.6.1.tar.gz (15 Aug 2002, 83845 Bytes)
Threaded and buffering audio player. Plays RIFF/WAVE, Sun audio (AU) and raw PCM audio files (needs pthread library)
pop-perl5-1.8.tar.gz (27 Jul 2002, 26171 Bytes)
perl script to retrieve mail from a pop server
LPRngTool-1.3.2.tgz (22 Jul 2002, 446188 Bytes)
a Tcl/Tk GUI which allows you to add/delete/modify local printers, and monitor and manage local and remote print queues using LPRng.
xanim2920.tar.gz (10 Jul 2002, 431258 Bytes)
multiformat animation viewer for X X11 animation viewer (many supported formats: FLI, GIF, AVI, MPEG, AU, ...)
autodep-1.1.5.tar.gz (9 Jul 2002, 69908 Bytes)
Dependency Rule Generator for C/C++ Makefile (designed to work with or without GNU Autoconf configuration script)
gkrellm-1.2.13.tar.gz (1 Jul 2002, 605291 Bytes)
GKrellM (GNU (or Gtk) Krell Monitors (or Meters)) is themeable stacked monitor program that charts multiple system properties and events
samsem-4.22b.tgz (22 Jun 2002, 33628 Bytes)
SMS interface programs for GSM devices (Siemens M1 and Falcom A1, Nokia Card Phone, etc.)
diald-top-2.1pl7.tar.gz (15 Jun 2002, 76198 Bytes)
'top'-like listing of all packets and their time to live for use with diald
libsafe-2.0-16.tgz (12 Jun 2002, 360508 Bytes)
a library that protects a process against the exploitation of buffer overflow vulnerabilities in process stacks. Libsafe works with any existing pre-compiled executable and can be used transparently, even on a system-wide basis.
LinNeighborhood-0.6.5.tar.gz (9 Jun 2002, 399003 Bytes)
a GUI frontend for browsing M$ machines and mounting SMB shares using Samba (and Smbfs on 2.0 kernels)
spong-2.7.7.tar.gz (7 Jun 2002, 278357 Bytes)
Spong is a simple system/network monitoring tool (Perl)
matcon.tar.gz (4 Jun 2002, 216122 Bytes)
MAT, a distributed system management and monitoring tool - graphical interface (shareware)
wipl-020601.tar.gz (1 Jun 2002, 169383 Bytes)
make statistics about which network cards on a LAN transfer how much on a connection to the Internet
gnumach-1.3.tar.gz (27 May 2002, 3727077 Bytes)
GNU Mach kernel
pronto-2.4.0.tar.gz (25 May 2002, 689857 Bytes)
a full-featured mail client written in Perl/GTK+
iptraf-2.7.0.tar.gz (19 May 2002, 363496 Bytes)
ncurses-based IP LAN monitor that generates various network statistics
taper-7.0pre-1.tar.gz (18 May 2002, 457177 Bytes)
a tape backup and restore program
mason-1.0.0.tar.gz (13 May 2002, 496870 Bytes)
automated firewall builder (generating rules describing the connections seen by IP logging)
zircon-1.18.256.tar.gz (9 May 2002, 315505 Bytes)
tcl/tk IRC client [src]
xvnews-2.3.4.tar.gz (8 May 2002, 164609 Bytes)
an openlook newsreader
tomsrtbt-2.0.103.tar.gz (4 May 2002, 1829836 Bytes)
tomsrtbt is a boot/root rescue disk with a lot of hardware and tools.
gps-1.1.0.tar.gz (28 Apr 2002, 161393 Bytes)
graphical tool to report the process status (like ps and top)
buildkernel-1.06.tar.gz (28 Apr 2002, 88976 Bytes)
a tool that helps to build a new linux kernel (from downloading the kernel source to installing it in LILO)
gopher-3.0.5.tar.gz (26 Apr 2002, 508713 Bytes)
gopher information systems client
hc-cron-0.87a.tar.gz (14 Apr 2002, 117051 Bytes)
a cron daemon for computers that don't run all the time.
mulinux-13r2.tgz (11 Apr 2002, 2014869 Bytes)
micro Linux one-floppy system (with network support)
xdelta-2.0-beta10.tar.gz (11 Apr 2002, 1305618 Bytes)
new delta generator and prototype RCS-replacement program
vis5d+-1.3.0-beta.tar.gz (11 Apr 2002, 2281189 Bytes)
Vis5D+ - volumetric visualization program for scientific data in 3+ dimensions (based on, and is a fork of, Vis5D 5.2). Beta version.
Unicode-Map-0.112.tar.gz (3 Apr 2002, 476116 Bytes)
Unicode-Map converts strings from and to 2-byte Unicode UCS2 format (Perl module, needs
gps3d-1.20.tar.gz (29 Mar 2002, 2160030 Bytes)
a set of utilities to manipulate your GPS from your Linux box and to view GPS data (track, waypoints, fix, etc.) on an OpenGL, 3D texture-mapped model of Earth.
stat-3.3.tar.gz (22 Mar 2002, 14930 Bytes)
display file status
TkSmb-0.9.1.tar.gz (21 Mar 2002, 26140 Bytes)
a user shell for smbclient (using Tk)
newtl-2.01.tar.gz (16 Mar 2002, 60036 Bytes)
Newton/UNIX Communications System
hp67-1.8.tar.gz (15 Mar 2002, 164731 Bytes)
Hewlett-Packard HP-67 emulator (ncurses-based, programmable scientific calculator)
termcap-1.3.1.tar.gz (13 Mar 2002, 439416 Bytes)
the GNU termcap library -- a library of C functions that enable programs to send control strings to terminals in a way independent of the terminal type. GNU's termcap library (13 Mar 2002, 60880 Bytes)
Artistic Style is a reindenter and reformatter of C++, C and Java source code.
linux-ntfs-1.6.0.tar.gz (12 Mar 2002, 318600 Bytes)
Linux NTFS (Tools and Library) provides Linux drivers for the proprietary filesystem used by Windows NT, 2000, and XP, and for the Logical Disk Manager (LDM)
xalloc-1.0.4.tar.gz (2 Mar 2002, 4445 Bytes)
memory allocation with error checking
spruce-0.7.7.tar.gz (25 Feb 2002, 927817 Bytes)
GTK+ Email Client. Development version.
xhdbench-0.5.4.tar.gz (20 Feb 2002, 21775 Bytes)
a qt-based X-program for testing the output speed of several devices (hard discs, CD-ROM, floppies...) and the interaction between them
cml2-2.3.0.tar.gz (15 Feb 2002, 526328 Bytes)
CML2, the second Configuration Menu Language - originally written to support configuration of the Linux kernel (2.5.x), but it may be also useful for other tasks (requires Python 2.0 or later).
audigy-driver-2002-02-14.tar.gz (15 Feb 2002, 375260 Bytes)
Creative Sound Blaster Live!/E-mu APS Beta driver for Linux (as well as the Audigy branch of that driver) (14 Feb 2002, 998657 Bytes)
use of encrypted files systems under Linux (for kernels 2.4.x)
jpeg2ps-1.9.tar.gz (4 Feb 2002, 67105 Bytes)
convert JPEG compressed images to PostScript Level 2
gnufree-1.9.tar.gz (26 Jan 2002, 1980140 Bytes)
GNU.FREE (Free Referenda & Elections Electronically) is a secure, private, and scalable electronic voting system written in Java.
emu-tools-0.9.4.tar.gz (24 Jan 2002, 131918 Bytes)
Creative Sound Blaster Live!/E-mu tools
althea-0.5.7.tgz (22 Jan 2002, 357483 Bytes)
an IMAP email client
memtime-1.3.tar.gz (21 Jan 2002, 29384 Bytes)
show the time and memory used by a command
netl-1.10.tar.gz (19 Jan 2002, 285335 Bytes)
a customizable low level network monitor
glimmer-1.2.1.tar.gz (12 Jan 2002, 801711 Bytes)
an extensible code editor (requires GTK+ and GNOME) (formerly known as CodeCommander and latte).
mpatrol_1.4.8.tar.gz (10 Jan 2002, 4413896 Bytes)
a link library that attempts to diagnose run-time errors that are caused by the wrong use of dynamically allocated memory
nist-2.1.13.tar.gz (7 Jan 2002, 2226 Bytes)
Update system time from NIST time server (Perl)
rblcheck-1.5.tar.gz (29 Dec 2001, 150395 Bytes)
Command-line interface to the MAPS (the Mail Abuse Protection System) RBL (Realtime Blackhole List).
pcb-1.7.3.tgz (26 Dec 2001, 593224 Bytes)
PCB, interactive printed circuit board design (X11) - alpha version PCB, interactive printed circuit board design (X11)
xsnow-1.42.tar.gz (16 Dec 2001, 56752 Bytes)
create a snowy and Santa-y desktop
freeamp-2.1.1.tar.gz (11 Dec 2001, 3450729 Bytes)
free audio music player (MP3 digital audio)
wu-ftpd-2.6.2.tar.gz (30 Nov 2001, 354784 Bytes)
Anonymous FTP daemon (from the WU-FTPD Development Group) Anonymous FTP daemon (from the WU-FTPD Development Group)
mbx2mbox-0.34.tar.gz (26 Nov 2001, 18366 Bytes)
attempts to convert Microsoft's proprietary .mbx and .dbx format mailboxes to the standard RFC822 mailboxes used by programs like Pine, Eudora, and Netscape.
xmad-4.3.tar.gz (25 Nov 2001, 460051 Bytes)
a LessTif (Ver. 0.81) or Motif program for data acquisition that uses RT-LINUX v0.5 (a "real time" Linux kernel version based on Linux kernel 2.0.27...30).
worklog-1.8.tar.gz (24 Nov 2001, 7604 Bytes)
program for clocking and logging time spent on projects
wise-1.0g2.tar.gz (21 Nov 2001, 1174577 Bytes)
WISE (Web Integrated Software Environment) is a web-based fully-customizable workflow-managemen, project management tool
tcpblast-20011111.tar.gz (10 Nov 2001, 184410 Bytes)
tool for measuring network bandwidth
ccmath-2.2.1.tar.gz (8 Nov 2001, 258535 Bytes)
A mathematics library coded in the C-language containing functions for linear algebra, numerical integration, geometry and trigonometry, curve fitting, roots and optimization, Fourier analysis, simulation generation, statistics, special functions, sorts and searches, time series models, complex arithmetic, and high precision math.
vis5d+-1.2.1.tar.gz (7 Nov 2001, 2278840 Bytes)
Vis5D+ - volumetric visualization program for scientific data in 3+ dimensions (based on, and is a fork of, Vis5D 5.2).
acua-3.03.tar.gz (4 Nov 2001, 128156 Bytes)
facilitate the administration of user accounts and the enforcement of access restrictions on a Linux system.
BeroList-3.0.0pre1.tar.gz (2 Nov 2001, 50247 Bytes)
a mailing list manager written in C++ (include content-based spam filtering).
verynice-1.1.tar.gz (31 Oct 2001, 37576 Bytes)
verynice is a tool for dynamically adjusting the nice-level of processes under UNIX-like operating systems.
avlxsrv.tgz (23 Oct 2001, 1199947 Bytes)
Anti Virus Scanner for Linux (glibc; demo version, free for private purposes only)
VxMail-1.56-pl3.tar.gz (15 Oct 2001, 725536 Bytes)
enables the handling of multiple e-mail domains on one server (using smail or sendmail)
pmail-0.9.16.tar.gz (9 Oct 2001, 186667 Bytes)
a small but flexible E-mail client based on POP3 and SMTP protocols, supports multiply POP3 account, sends off-line mails and can process remote mails.
tvision-0.8.tar.gz (7 Oct 2001, 1296058 Bytes)
TurboVision for UNIX (c++ interface)
scsisetup-1.2.tar.gz (3 Oct 2001, 7786 Bytes)
manager for init and remove scsi devices on running system
ippl-1.4.14.tar.gz (29 Sep 2001, 54030 Bytes)
ippl is a highly configurable IP protocols logger (ICMP, TCP, UDP).
oratcl33.tar.gz (27 Sep 2001, 119664 Bytes)
Tcl interface to Oracle database server
lui-1.12.2.tar.gz (18 Sep 2001, 371450 Bytes)
Linux Utility for cluster Installation
lp_server-1.1.6.tgz (18 Sep 2001, 80031 Bytes)
simulates a HPJetdirect card - allows direct connections to the serial/parallel port printer on the system (to be used by an LPRng spooler)
mon-0.99.2.tar.gz (8 Sep 2001, 166255 Bytes)
An extensible service monitoring daemon
xfm-1.4.3.tar.gz (3 Sep 2001, 420962 Bytes)
File and appplications manager (X11) Xfm is a powerful file/application manager for X
GFS-4.2.0.tar.gz (30 Aug 2001, 516056 Bytes)
The Global File System (GFS) is a shared disk cluster file system for Linux. GFS supports journaling and recovery from client failures. GFS cluster nodes physically share the same storage by means of Fibre Channel or shared SCSI devices.
clobberd-4.17.tar.gz (22 Aug 2001, 259416 Bytes)
a system utility used to monitor users and provide system capabilities that normal Un*x don't.
libmodem-2.1.tar.gz (17 Aug 2001, 39654 Bytes)
a programming interface to the modem devices.
lpinfo-2.63.tar.gz (17 Aug 2001, 30133 Bytes)
a Web/command line "printtool" for the LPRng print spooler
FILTERS_LPRng-2.1.4.tgz (17 Aug 2001, 70787 Bytes)
A collection of small and usually out of date LPD print filters (e.g. for PLP, LPRng and Sun LPR)
wedit-1.15.1.tar.gz (10 Aug 2001, 535855 Bytes)
A Programmers Editor, styled like the PE II. Features: Full fledged script language, binary and fixed line length edit mode, syntax-highlighting for C + Enfin + SGML + HTML.
festdoc-1.4.2.tar.gz (3 Aug 2001, 1652551 Bytes)
The Festival Speech Synthesis System (documentation)
ishmail-2.1.0.tar.gz (31 Jul 2001, 1870174 Bytes)
Ishmail (Information SuperHighway Mail) is a graphical mail reader for Unix systems.
xsqlmenu-2.12a.tgz (30 Jul 2001, 48831 Bytes)
frontend for the MiniSQL/MySQL database engines
filter2.3.1.tar.gz (28 Jul 2001, 113055 Bytes)
an the email filtering program (mainly used by elm)
xmorph-2001jul27.tar.gz (27 Jul 2001, 155055 Bytes)
digital image warping (morphing) for X11 Digital image warping (morphing) for X11
sg-0.7.1.tar.gz (26 Jul 2001, 731508 Bytes)
SciGraphica is a scientific application for generating 2D, 3D, and polar graphics with publication quality PostScript output (uses Python for the math).
freedce- (19 Jul 2001, 1750867 Bytes)
FreeDCE RPC and DCOM Toolkit for Linux
fte_0.49.13-15.tar.gz (19 Jul 2001, 513035 Bytes)
a powerful text editor which closely resembles Borlands programming editors for M$-DOS, but is far more flexible and configurable.
cutils-1.6.tar.gz (15 Jul 2001, 128722 Bytes)
C language miscellaneous utilities
k3-1.5.tar.gz (13 Jul 2001, 3806 Bytes)
like `free' but includes a simple bar chart of the free memory
daemontools-0.76.tar.gz (12 Jul 2001, 36975 Bytes)
daemontools is a collection of tools for managing UNIX services.
xIrc-2.3.8.tar.gz (5 Jul 2001, 458069 Bytes)
X11 Irc client (requires the qt C++ class library)
acs-0.29.tar.gz (2 Jul 2001, 1186938 Bytes)
Analog circuit simulator
splay- (29 Jun 2001, 105510 Bytes)
MPEG layer 1,2,3 and wave file sound player (now shockwave compressed MP3 support) (28 Jun 2001, 20248 Bytes)
encryption/decryption support for Zip 2.3 and UnZip 5.4 (and later)
pvm++-0.6.0.tar.gz (27 Jun 2001, 205238 Bytes)
a C++-library that provides an easy way to program the widely used parallel programming library PVM, which works in homogenous and heterogenous network environments.
mempeak-0.26.tar.gz (24 Jun 2001, 19729 Bytes)
display max and min memory usage (and a list of processes consuming most memory) (22 Jun 2001, 1306815 Bytes)
English-english dictionary
diald-1.0.tar.gz (16 Jun 2001, 199649 Bytes)
Demand dialing daemon for SLIP and PPP links. Supports demand dialed links with link timeouts and redialing.
scotty-2.1.11.tar.gz (15 Jun 2001, 1381059 Bytes)
a Tcl extension to build network management applications using Tcl (and Tk)
pppsetup-2.28.tar.gz (12 Jun 2001, 7896 Bytes)
a easy-to-use, user-friendly way to set up your PPP daemon
purp-1.1.0.tar.gz (9 Jun 2001, 69039 Bytes)
a ncurses-based RPM-package-manager
ossh-1.5.12.tar.gz (7 Jun 2001, 359092 Bytes)
an OpenSource replacement for ssh (Secure Shell)
pop-perl5-2.0.tar.gz (1 Jun 2001, 24164 Bytes)
perl script to retrieve mail from a pop server
xlassie-1.8.tar.gz (29 May 2001, 19014 Bytes)
an enhanced version of XBiff (mail notifier)
ztelnet-1.2.2.tar.gz (26 May 2001, 381253 Bytes)
'telnet' with builtin zmodem download-upload capability (26 May 2001, 322636 Bytes)
HylaFAX facsimile software (documentation, PostScript)
xmbase_grok-1.5.tar.gz (22 May 2001, 225896 Bytes)
Graphical Resource Organizer Kit - Motif-based database program. Good for single-user databases. Very easy and flexible form editor. Quick and easy to use to maintain databases. Data format is a flat file -- colon-separated list, one line per record. (needs Motif 1.2)
gltSrcUnix0.4.tgz (19 May 2001, 429415 Bytes)
a library of C++ classes and routines for programming interactive 3D graphics with OpenGL
safedelete-1.3b.tar.gz (17 May 2001, 71877 Bytes)
safely delete and undelete files
logwrites-1.27.tar.gz (14 May 2001, 14104 Bytes)
Library for intercepting, logging and saving file modifications as they are being done
ppr-speach-1.44b1.tar.gz (8 May 2001, 1683912 Bytes)
PPR Unix print spooler (optional sound files) PPR Unix print spooler (optional sound files)
xbattery-1.1.tar.gz (5 May 2001, 8830 Bytes)
monitors the AC-power and battery status on portable computers
tkgnats-3.0.18.tar.gz (4 May 2001, 126957 Bytes)
a Tcl/Tk-based front end for the GNATS bug management system
gstep-core-0.6.8.tar.gz (4 May 2001, 4568202 Bytes)
GNUstep - a set of general-purpose Objective-C libraries based on the OpenStep standard developed by NeXT (now Apple) Inc. (requires the Display Ghostscript System) (3 May 2001, 338673 Bytes)
SpecTcl documentation (PostScript)
Par152.tar.gz (29 Apr 2001, 47999 Bytes)
Par is a flexible filter for reformatting paragraphs of text.
aview-1.3.0rc1.tar.gz (26 Apr 2001, 54317 Bytes)
an high quality ascii-art image (pgm) browser and animation (fli/flc) player (needs aalib)
sformat-3.5.tar.gz (25 Apr 2001, 526375 Bytes)
SCSI disk formatting/analyze/repair program for SunOS/Solaris/Linux/*BSD...
nis-utils-1.4.1.tar.gz (24 Apr 2001, 539071 Bytes)
all you need to use Linux as NIS+ client (requires kernel 2.2.0 or later and GNU C Library 2.1.0 or later)
sentinel-1.2.1c.tar.gz (23 Apr 2001, 443155 Bytes)
a file scanner designed to detect changes to the integrity of directories and files on a disk (similar to Tripwire or Viper)
pcb-1.6.3p.tgz (20 Apr 2001, 599496 Bytes)
PCB, interactive printed circuit board design (X11) PCB, interactive printed circuit board design (X11)
SampLin-1.5.2.tar.gz (18 Apr 2001, 1334043 Bytes)
a Scientific Data Acquisition, Visualization and Process Control software for Linux and other unix platforms.
dcethreads-2.0.2.tar.gz (18 Apr 2001, 151199 Bytes)
DCE Threads Compatibility Library for Linux (emulation layer ontop of LinuxThreads)
net-tools-1.60.tar.gz (16 Apr 2001, 267571 Bytes)
A collection of programs that form the base set of the NET-3 Networking Distribution for the LINUX operating system (with IPv6 Support)
trn-4.0-test76.tar.gz (2 Apr 2001, 565528 Bytes)
Threaded RN -- a newsreader that uses an article's references to order the discussions in a very natural, reply-ordered sequence called threads.
pips-1.02.tar.gz (30 Mar 2001, 1543105 Bytes)
PIPS (Parallel Information Processing System) converts data between the portable map image format (PNM) and the network common data format (NetCDF) and perform several operations on NetCDF files in parallel. The Parallel Virtual Machine (PVM) tool is used for this.
xscanner-1.45.tar.gz (28 Mar 2001, 30499 Bytes)
a graphical frontend for the hpscanpbm (HP flatbed scanners) scanner tool (uses Xforms library)
gmemusage-0.3.tar.gz (23 Mar 2001, 122310 Bytes)
graphically displays memory used by running processes
binstats-1.08.tar.gz (21 Mar 2001, 12436 Bytes)
An admin utility for tidying up binaries and dynamic libraries
xloadtime-2.2.tar.gz (20 Mar 2001, 5328 Bytes)
an enhanced version of XLoad
serialmon-0.24.tgz (19 Mar 2001, 29124 Bytes)
Serial line monitor program with statistics
gcc-2.95.3.tar.gz (16 Mar 2001, 12911721 Bytes)
GCC - The GNU Compiler Collection is an integrated GNU compiler system for C, C++, Objective C, Chill, Fortran and Java (GCJ). Old outdated releases.
passwdd-0.11pl2.tar.gz (10 Mar 2001, 284948 Bytes)
programs necessary to keep basic synchronization among passwd/shadow files of a small network
oleo-1.99.16.tar.gz (10 Mar 2001, 797945 Bytes)
GNU's spreadsheet program
zfilter28.tar.gz (5 Mar 2001, 47309 Bytes)
E-mail filtering program (perl)
jazz-src-4.1.8.tar.gz (4 Mar 2001, 1238405 Bytes)
a midi sequencer for linux (shareware; needs wxwin to compile)
xsmbrowser-3.4.0.tar.gz (3 Mar 2001, 75578 Bytes)
tcl/tk Samba GUI that emulates M$ Network Neighborhood
monitor-2.1.9.tar.gz (2 Mar 2001, 85834 Bytes)
an AIX/6000 System performance monitor program
procinfo-18.tar.gz (2 Mar 2001, 24365 Bytes)
displays system info from /proc
pgplot5.2.tar.gz (26 Feb 2001, 1197397 Bytes)
The PGPLOT Graphics Subroutine Library is a Fortran- or C-callable, device-independent graphics package for making publication quality scientific graphs.
jail-1.6.tar.gz (19 Feb 2001, 18002 Bytes)
jail (just another ICMP logger) (17 Feb 2001, 739170 Bytes)
386-based PC MS-DOS terminal emulator
gpart-0.1h.tar.gz (15 Feb 2001, 52352 Bytes)
guess PC-type hard disk partitions (for e.g. if primary partition table is damaged)
greg-1.4.tar.gz (12 Feb 2001, 202111 Bytes)
a framework for testing other programs and libraries (requires guile) (8 Feb 2001, 17832 Bytes)
tools to install, convert, and unpack redhat.rpm, debian.deb, & slackware.tgz packages (libc6, requires the (M)idnight (C)ommander file manager)
asp-1.8.tar.gz (2 Feb 2001, 41184 Bytes)
(dynamic ip) address search by hostname
img1.2.4.tar.gz (24 Jan 2001, 1613261 Bytes)
enhances Tk, adding support for many other Image formats: XBM, XPM, GIF (with transparency), PNG, JPEG and TIFF.
tcfs-3.0b-p1-distrib.tar.gz (22 Jan 2001, 2348920 Bytes)
T.C.F.S. Transparent Cryptographic File System (based on Sun NFS)
censemble-0.10.tgz (17 Jan 2001, 169564 Bytes)
C-Ensemble is a toolkit for building reliable distributed applications. It provides a library of protocols that can be used for quickly building complex distributed applications.
chos-0.85.tar.gz (17 Jan 2001, 231440 Bytes)
Choose-OS is a menu-based boot loader
pgpsrc658unix-gnu.tar.gz (16 Jan 2001, 3637348 Bytes)
Pretty Good Privacy - a public key encryption package.
unrm-0.92.tar.gz (15 Jan 2001, 3293 Bytes)
recover erased data from a ext2 file system
bsmtp-1.02.tar.gz (15 Jan 2001, 21049 Bytes)
Adds batch SMTP support to sendmail
photopc-3.05.tar.gz (12 Jan 2001, 122059 Bytes)
tool to manipulate some digital still cameras (Epson, Olympus, Agfa and Sanyo cameras)
gogo239b.tgz (6 Jan 2001, 293494 Bytes)
a MP3 encoder for x86 CPUs (uses MMX, (Enhanced) 3D Now! and SSE to reach top performance)
natali-1.25.tar.gz (5 Jan 2001, 32969 Bytes)
a library needed for Netatalk support for the PPR print spooler under Linux
gdev820c-0.2.0.tar.gz (4 Jan 2001, 14417 Bytes)
HP820C printer driver for Ghostscript
cicb-5.1.0.tar.gz (3 Jan 2001, 135176 Bytes)
ICB (International CB) is a teleconferencing system that allows Internet users to participate in realtime online discussions (client program)
setterm-0.8.tar.gz (23 Dec 2000, 6094 Bytes)
set special terminal features that can not be used by "tput"
traceroute-1.4a12.tar.gz (18 Dec 2000, 74917 Bytes)
system administrators utility to to show the network route to a certain destination.
hp4laser-3.20.tar.gz (17 Dec 2000, 14057 Bytes)
a shell script print filter for "lpr", "LPRng", and is also a System V "lp" spooler model
g2s-0.4.1.tar.gz (15 Dec 2000, 180104 Bytes)
alternative to inetd/tcpwrapper/chrootuid/relay/tcp-env/antispam...
lha-114i.tar.gz (15 Dec 2000, 64608 Bytes)
LHa compression/decompression for UNIX
DQS-3.3.2.tgz (14 Dec 2000, 1498996 Bytes)
A Distributed Queueing System (project terminated)
tripwire-2.3.0-docs-pdf.tar.gz (13 Dec 2000, 372555 Bytes)
a file integrity checker for UNIX systems (documentation; PDF format)
hifs-1.4.2.tar.gz (9 Dec 2000, 50500 Bytes)
Handy Information For Sysadmins - an interactive system monitoring tool (using a 26x24 window). (5 Dec 2000, 219855 Bytes)
xtem_TeXMenu provides for a simple and comfortable graphical user interface (GUI) to control many TeX/LaTeX facilities English description of xtem_TeXMenu (5 Dec 2000, 231743 Bytes)
xtem_TeXMenu provides for a simple and comfortable graphical user interface (GUI) to control many TeX/LaTeX facilities German description of xtem_TeXMenu
wrap-2.9.tar.gz (5 Dec 2000, 13797 Bytes)
text utility breaking lines (wrapping) at a specified number of characters
TracePackage-0.9.4pre4.tgz (26 Nov 2000, 792736 Bytes)
The Linux Trace Toolkit catalogs system events in minute detail, and allows a user to determine exactly what is transpiring on his system, down to the microsecond.
sunclock_xpm_maps.tgz (24 Nov 2000, 2111618 Bytes)
earth map images for the sunclock program
bc-1.06.tar.gz (16 Nov 2000, 278926 Bytes)
bc is an arbitrary precision numeric processing language.
pthreads-3.14.tar.gz (9 Nov 2000, 167302 Bytes)
FSU Pthreads implementation of POSIX 1003.4a, Draft 6
queue-1.30.1.tar.gz (1 Nov 2000, 699770 Bytes)
GNU Queue load-balancing/batch processing system
xferstats-2.16.tar.gz (31 Oct 2000, 79327 Bytes)
compiles statistics about wuftpd (FTP daemon) transfers
ucrond-1.4.1.tar.gz (27 Oct 2000, 37626 Bytes)
Cron daemon, mainly intended for systems that are frequently down.
firewallct-1.1.5.tar.gz (8 Oct 2000, 114657 Bytes)
FCT - Firewall Configuration Tool (HTML based)
tt-1.0.tar.gz (29 Sep 2000, 26686 Bytes)
helps to track project or event duration
SSLftp-0.14.tar.gz (26 Sep 2000, 94529 Bytes)
ftp package patched to use SSLeay to implement SSL encryption
freefile-1.8.tar.gz (15 Sep 2000, 45616 Bytes)
Makes an intelligent guess at the contents of a file (a clone of the "file" program but free in the GNU sense).
dxr2-20000914.tar.gz (14 Sep 2000, 138996 Bytes)
Driver for Creative DXR2 DVD decoder card. Development version.
gpppkill-1.0.3.tar.gz (11 Sep 2000, 70060 Bytes)
a Linux/X11 program that finishes the ppp link if it not receive a minimal amount of bytes during certain time
SmartList-3.15.tar.gz (3 Sep 2000, 88190 Bytes)
mailinglist package (built on top of procmail)
PGPcmdln_6.5.8.Sol_FW.tar.gz (2 Sep 2000, 3514692 Bytes)
PGP Command Line freeware v6.5.8 for email encryption and authentication, supports RSA, PGP email and secure client-to-client connections using PGP certificates (for non-commercial use only).
PGPcmdln_6.5.8.SolPkg_FW.tar.gz (2 Sep 2000, 3405813 Bytes)
PGP Command Line freeware v6.5.8 for email encryption and authentication, supports RSA, PGP email and secure client-to-client connections using PGP certificates (for non-commercial use only).
PGPcmdln_6.5.8.Lnx_FW.rpm.tar (2 Sep 2000, 2958462 Bytes)
PGP Command Line freeware v6.5.8 for email encryption and authentication, supports RSA, PGP email and secure client-to-client connections using PGP certificates (for non-commercial use only).
PGPcmdln_6.5.8.Lnx_FW.tar.gz (2 Sep 2000, 3170889 Bytes)
PGP Command Line freeware v6.5.8 for email encryption and authentication, supports RSA, PGP email and secure client-to-client connections using PGP certificates (for non-commercial use only).
mars_nwe-0.99.pl20.tgz (1 Sep 2000, 330475 Bytes)
Full netware-emulator (src), beta. Supports file-services, bindery-services, printing-services, routing-services.
ircii-4.4Z.tar.gz (31 Aug 2000, 628264 Bytes)
IRC (Internet Relay Chat) client
locus-1.0.tar.gz (24 Aug 2000, 280565 Bytes)
a personal fulltext database
vis5d-5.2.tar.gz (24 Aug 2000, 3701945 Bytes)
Vis5D - a software system for visualizing data made by numerical weather models and similar sources (beta)
freewebfone.tar.gz (18 Aug 2000, 858386 Bytes)
Freewebfone combines web video phone, voice mail and video mail into a single program (a cross-platform software with Linux and Windows; Mac in spe)
dds2tar-2.5.2.tar.gz (16 Aug 2000, 68356 Bytes)
maintain tar tape archives and control compression (fast access of DAT devices)
fort77-1.18.tar.gz (2 Aug 2000, 6562 Bytes)
Fort77 is a Perl driver script for the f2c Fortran to C converter, which makes it possible to use it like a compiler. It's a replacement for the f77 script, and includes support for debugging.
ftape-4.04a.tar.gz (25 Jul 2000, 392104 Bytes)
floppy tape driver (QIC-40/80/3010/3020 & TR-1/2/3 & Ditto 2GB/Max/Max Pro)
ppplogin-2.2.c.gz (24 Jul 2000, 5652 Bytes)
C login wrapper for ppp clients. Uses sliplogin's config files and provides the static, pseudodynamic and truly dynamic (up, down, random) addressing using SYSV IPC.
ftape-tools-1.09.tar.gz (24 Jul 2000, 848259 Bytes)
some useful utilities for use with ftape (the Linux floppy tape device driver)
ftape-doc-1.05.tar.gz (24 Jul 2000, 1051139 Bytes)
documentation for the ftape-4.x floppy tape device driver
gtk_tutorial.20000721.tar.gz (21 Jul 2000, 1096998 Bytes)
GTK v1.1 (GIMP Toolkit) tutorial
mkisofs-1.13.tar.gz (21 Jul 2000, 772176 Bytes)
a premastering tool for mastering iso9660 cdroms
ghostview-1.8.tgz (19 Jul 2000, 116791 Bytes)
an X11 ghostscript frontend
xfilesSource1.4.tar.gz (11 Jul 2000, 30965 Bytes)
file tree synchronization and cross-validation (requires Java1.1 or later and JFC/Swing1.1).
tet-1.7.tar.gz (4 Jul 2000, 15908 Bytes)
Tom's Emacs Toolkit & Template (init file for 101-key keyboards and X11)
[TXT] (3 Jul 2000, 95751 Bytes)
zsh (the powerful UNIX shell) reference card (out-dated).
xplog-0.17.tar.gz (24 Jun 2000, 84245 Bytes)
an PPP-Dialer and Phonecost Program (need XForms library)
cyrus-smlacapd-0.5.tar.gz (21 Jun 2000, 652828 Bytes)
Cyrus SML ACAP (Application Configuration Access Protocol) Server (partially written in SML, a high-level strongly typed functional language)
angela-1.40-BETA-src.tar.gz (20 Jun 2000, 438162 Bytes)
an extensible graph editor (Tcl/Tk)
dgs-0.5.10.tar.gz (16 Jun 2000, 3572504 Bytes)
The GNU Display Ghostscript System provides a device-independent imaging model for displaying information on a screen (using Ghostscript)
sced-1.03.tar.gz (13 Jun 2000, 515057 Bytes)
program for creating 3d scenes, then exporting them to a wide variety of rendering programs (POVray, Rayshade, any VRML browser, Radiance, ...).
bxform-089.tgz (11 Jun 2000, 1213527 Bytes)
Forms library. A graphically user interface toolkit for X (libc5). Hint: See the newer xforms-1.0 open source version!
Envy-2.48.tar.gz (6 Jun 2000, 35150 Bytes)
a shell-independent (sh/ksh/bash/zsh/csh/tcsh) solution for environment-variable management
mars_dosutils-0.17.tgz (6 Jun 2000, 71730 Bytes)
Simple DOS client program specially for mars_nwe. Supports login, map, capture, passwd (binary + source).
opp20b5.tgz (5 Jun 2000, 1806036 Bytes)
OMNeT++ - an object-oriented modular discrete event simulation system
cephes-math-28.tar.gz (4 Jun 2000, 1753927 Bytes)
Cephes is a C language library for special functions of mathematical physics and related items of interest to scientists and engineers.
[TXT] netcdf.usage.txt (26 May 2000, 12658 Bytes)
Where the netCDF library is used
bulk_mailer-1.13.tar.gz (24 May 2000, 34854 Bytes)
assist in delivery of mail to large numbers of recipients
XswallowSource-1.0.18.tar.gz (22 May 2000, 50302 Bytes)
a generic plugin for netscape 3 and netscape 4
xrsh-5.92.shar.gz (22 May 2000, 13404 Bytes)
start an X11 client on another host
ippl-1.99.5.tar.gz (18 May 2000, 73790 Bytes)
ippl is a highly configurable IP protocols logger (ICMP, TCP, UDP). Development version.
spruce-0.6.5.tar.gz (11 May 2000, 480851 Bytes)
GTK+ Email Client
tircproxy-0.4.5.tar.gz (5 May 2000, 107447 Bytes)
an IRC proxy server Internet Relay Chat client (termcap based)
wmnet-1.06.tar.gz (5 May 2000, 27506 Bytes)
an IP accounting monitoring tool
mrt-2.2.2a-src.tar.gz (3 May 2000, 485364 Bytes)
Multi-threaded Routing Toolkit includes routing daemons, programming libraries and Internet statistics/performance measurement tools
ffingerd-1.28.tar.gz (3 May 2000, 38636 Bytes)
small and "secure" finger daemon
esm-1.1.tar.gz (2 May 2000, 92673 Bytes)
ESM (Extensible System Monitor)
autolog-0.40.tar.gz (28 Apr 2000, 38637 Bytes)
automatically log off users who are idle for a specified amount of time.
dmsdos- (19 Apr 2000, 280421 Bytes)
DMSDOS CVF-FAT filesystem extensions - a generic modular Compressed Volume Files interface for the FAT filesystems (support for Microsoft's doublespace/drivespace and for Stac's stacker).
listar-0.129a.tar.gz (18 Apr 2000, 327495 Bytes)
mailing list server
nocol-4.3.1.tar.gz (6 Apr 2000, 1117438 Bytes)
NOCOL/NetConsole (Network Operation Center On-Line) - an extensible network monitoring package
pgsql_perl5-1.9.0.tar.gz (4 Apr 2000, 16860 Bytes)
an interface between Perl5 and the database PostgreSQL (previously Postgres95)
traceroute_991603.tar.Z (3 Apr 2000, 75111 Bytes)
A new feature-enhanced version of 'traceroute', a utility to show the network route to a certain destination.
pdq-2.2.1.tgz (31 Mar 2000, 125454 Bytes)
printing subsystem (lpr, lp, lpd, lpc, lpq, lpstat, and lpem replacement)
metash-0.3.1.tar.gz (31 Mar 2000, 3138 Bytes)
common configuration file for all shells
host_991529.tar.Z (31 Mar 2000, 184455 Bytes)
completely new version of 'host', a nameserver query utility a la 'nslookup' and 'dig', but much more versatile and robust
gated-3-6.tar.gz (28 Mar 2000, 1135677 Bytes)
GateD is a modular software program consisting of core services, a routing database, and protocol modules supporting multiple routing protocols
mp3c-all-0.26.tar.gz (23 Mar 2000, 643418 Bytes)
a full automated audio-cd to mp3 creator
3c90x-1.0.0i.tar.gz (21 Mar 2000, 205852 Bytes)
EtherLink 10/100 PCI (3C90x) Network Interface Card Driver for Linux (from 3Com)
sms_client-2.0.8y.tar.gz (20 Mar 2000, 143063 Bytes)
send messages to mobile phones and pagers
Generic-NQS-3.50.9.tar.gz (19 Mar 2000, 848045 Bytes)
The Network Queueing System
ucspi-tcp-0.88.tar.gz (18 Mar 2000, 53019 Bytes)
UCSPI, the UNIX Client-Server Program Interface, using the TCP protocol: tcpserver (inetd replacement) and tcpclient
fwconfig-1.5.tar.gz (17 Mar 2000, 34708 Bytes)
GUI application (via netscape) for configuring a Linux firewall with ipfwadm.
LinPopUp-1.2.0.src.tar.gz (14 Mar 2000, 145628 Bytes)
Linux port of Winpopup, running over Samba (GTK+ requested)
robotx4.92.tar.gz (8 Mar 2000, 586101 Bytes)
Scientific graph plotting and data analysis program a general purpose plotting and data analysis program (needs C + Fortran compiler and XView)
tulp-4.2.1.tar.gz (7 Mar 2000, 37636 Bytes)
TULP mailing list manager. A clone of the popular BITNET listserv package.
statnet-3.7.tgz (5 Mar 2000, 180706 Bytes)
statistics of ethernet/PLIP/PPP for IP, IPX and Appletalk.
grapher3d-3.1.tar.gz (4 Mar 2000, 38019 Bytes)
Grapher-3D generates surfaces of two variable functions
dotfile-2.4.1.tar.gz (20 Feb 2000, 1015756 Bytes)
A configuration tool, to configure bash, fvwm1, fvwm2, emacs, ipfwadm, tcsh, procmail, rtin and elm (tcl/tk)
cdb-0.75.tar.gz (19 Feb 2000, 54162 Bytes)
cdb is a fast, reliable, simple package for creating and reading constant databases.
dagrab-0.3.5.tar.gz (19 Feb 2000, 22209 Bytes)
reads digital audio from CD and puts it on wav files
PDF-111.tgz (14 Feb 2000, 13222 Bytes)
Access information in a PDF file (perl module)
FileRunner-2.5.1.tar.gz (9 Feb 2000, 122795 Bytes)
Filemanager with FTP capabilities (Tcl/Tk).
gfcc-0.7.4.tar.gz (9 Feb 2000, 226268 Bytes)
GTK+ Firewall Control Center - controls Linux firewall policies and rules, based on ipchains package
xwhois-0.4.2.tar.gz (7 Feb 2000, 72720 Bytes)
X11 client for the whois network database service (uses the gtk+ library)
Arrow_source-1.0.8.tar.gz (4 Feb 2000, 259267 Bytes)
(Linux) e-mail program for X
xmon.1.5.6.tar.gz (3 Feb 2000, 70564 Bytes)
interactive X protocol monitor
pload-0.9.5.tar.gz (1 Feb 2000, 22423 Bytes)
monitor ppp network device statistics
setserial-2.17.tar.gz (27 Jan 2000, 52437 Bytes)
get/set Linux serial port information (supports the new UART's Startech 16650, TI 16750, etc.)
kim_1.2.2.orig.tar.gz (27 Jan 2000, 175728 Bytes)
interactive user friendly process manager
solo-0.99.tar.gz (22 Jan 2000, 329871 Bytes)
Shag/Os LOader - command or menu driven (through shell scripts) boot loader
rexgrep-1.2.tar.gz (21 Jan 2000, 46318 Bytes)
a graphical frontend to the grep command (requires gtk+)
tcptrace.5.2.1.tar.gz (21 Jan 2000, 1178005 Bytes)
a TCP dump file analysis tool reading output dump files of packet capturing programs (tcpdump, ...)
vxtools-0.4.tar.gz (21 Jan 2000, 66661 Bytes)
Tools for reading Veritas Journaled FileSystem (VxFS)
mirrordir-0.10.49.tar.gz (16 Jan 2000, 459867 Bytes)
mirrors a directory tree in every detail, suitable for timed backups of disk drives
redir-2.2.1.tar.gz (26 Dec 1999, 42247 Bytes)
TCP Port redirector (for firewalls etc)
tcpscan-1.03.tar.gz (21 Dec 1999, 3420 Bytes)
TCP port scanner
freetype-1.3.1.tar.gz (20 Dec 1999, 1427072 Bytes)
a free and portable TrueType font rendering engine
NetStreamer-0.18-src.tgz (19 Dec 1999, 173124 Bytes)
audio streaming over 28k8+ kbit/s lines
hpfs-2.01.tar.gz (17 Dec 1999, 49646 Bytes)
HPFS filesystem driver (for 2.2 kernels)
tm-8.8.tar.gz (14 Dec 1999, 686829 Bytes)
a MIME package for Xemacs and GNU Emacs
tkWorld-1.4.0.tgz (13 Dec 1999, 108502 Bytes)
provide GUIs to the standard Unix utilities (Tcl/Tk)
cvsup-16.1.tar.gz (10 Dec 1999, 348770 Bytes)
CVSup, the CVS-aware network file distribution system
xmmount-4.8.tar.gz (5 Dec 1999, 7956 Bytes)
LessTif or Motif (X11) based device mounter
vis5d-userdata.tar.gz (1 Dec 1999, 4571129 Bytes)
Vis5D - a software system for visualizing data made by numerical weather models and similar sources (beta) Vis5D - sample data archive file
pgnus-0.99.tar.gz (1 Dec 1999, 1211479 Bytes)
Gnus is the advanced, self-documenting, customizable, extensible unreal-time newsreader for GNU Emacs.
3d_pixmaps_V1.21.tar.gz (28 Nov 1999, 1431271 Bytes)
3d looking pixmaps for Professional look
xxl-2.1.2.tar.gz (23 Nov 1999, 850693 Bytes)
a graphical spreadsheet (needs STk package and LaTeX environment)
logtime-2.1c.tar.gz (20 Nov 1999, 46755 Bytes)
allows users to keep track of the amount of time and charges accumulated when logged into an Internet Service Provider via SLIP/PPP (binary only)
slatec_src.tgz (18 Nov 1999, 2373787 Bytes)
slatec - a collection of mathematical FORTRAN subroutines.
gr_monitor-0.81.tar.gz (16 Nov 1999, 414752 Bytes)
3D Graphical Process Monitor (Mesa/OpenGL) - displays a series of datasets as animated 3D bar charts.
workman-1.3.4.tar.gz (15 Nov 1999, 211038 Bytes)
CD player with CD database
tkdesk-1.2.tar.gz (14 Nov 1999, 1079153 Bytes)
a graphical desktop and file manager (X11) a graphical desktop manager (X11)
bootpd-4.3.tar.gz (11 Nov 1999, 190366 Bytes)
enhanced version of CMU BOOTP server
vche-1.7.2.tar.gz (9 Nov 1999, 44248 Bytes)
Virtual Console Hex Editor
xearth-1.1.tar.gz (9 Nov 1999, 157887 Bytes)
sets the X root window to an image of the Earth
e2defrag-0.71.tar.gz (9 Nov 1999, 55587 Bytes)
defragment EXT2 (second extended) file systems
Plotmtv1.4.4t.tar.gz (2 Nov 1999, 1764463 Bytes)
a fast multipurpose X11 plotting program. a multipurpose X11 plotting program (specialized in contour plots, but it can also handle 2D and 3D plots)
pgp-6.5.1i-beta2.tar.gz (31 Oct 1999, 6230275 Bytes)
PGP international - Pretty Good Privacy encryption & digital signature system (free for non-commercial use)
word2x-0.005.tar.gz (31 Oct 1999, 272336 Bytes)
convert word 6 documents to another format
dpfs-2.0beta1.tar.gz (27 Oct 1999, 73569 Bytes)
Dual Protocol File Server - allows users to access files through both FTP and HTTP
console-tools-0.2.3.tar.gz (25 Oct 1999, 668665 Bytes)
Programs for keyboard / console fonts / virtual terminals manipulation (derived from kbd-0.99.tar.gz)
ttf2bdf-2.8-LINUX.tar.gz (23 Oct 1999, 109755 Bytes)
converts TrueType fonts to BDF fonts using the FreeType renderer
ping_991020.tar.Z (20 Oct 1999, 61391 Bytes)
completely new feature-enhanced version of good old 'ping' send ICMP ECHO request packets to network hosts
hpdj-2.6.tar.gz (18 Oct 1999, 143944 Bytes)
a ghostscript backend for Hewlett-Packard DeskJet printers understanding HP's Printer Command Language Level 3 (PCL-3).
gtkfind-1.1.tar.gz (17 Oct 1999, 68594 Bytes)
a graphical file finding program
sp-1.3.4.tar.gz (14 Oct 1999, 597801 Bytes)
An SGML system (Parser) conforming to International Standard ISO 8879 - Standard Generalized Markup Language
spicecad-1.7.10-doc.tar.gz (10 Oct 1999, 2796116 Bytes)
a schematic entry for the analog simulators SPICE3/HSPICE. It allows graphical entry of electric circuits, generation of netlists , simulation of these netlists, and backannotation of the results.
spicecad-1.7.10-examples.tar.gz (10 Oct 1999, 688248 Bytes)
a schematic entry for the analog simulators SPICE3/HSPICE. It allows graphical entry of electric circuits, generation of netlists , simulation of these netlists, and backannotation of the results.
cole-2.0.1.tar.gz (29 Sep 1999, 235914 Bytes)
a free C OLE library - handling for e.g. of .doc (MSWord) and .xls (MSExcel) files
des-1.2.0.tar.gz (27 Sep 1999, 457154 Bytes)
Tripple DES file encryption software
console-tools-0.3.3.tar.gz (23 Sep 1999, 675836 Bytes)
Programs for keyboard / console fonts / virtual terminals manipulation. Development version.
JX_source-1.5.3.tar.gz (23 Sep 1999, 4099627 Bytes)
a full-featured C++ application framework and GUI class library for X Windows
code_crusader_source-2.1.4.tar.gz (23 Sep 1999, 509922 Bytes)
a C/C++ development environment for X. It is slowly evolving into a complete IDE, inspired by Metrowerks Code Warrior.
gnu-pop3d-0.9.8.tar.gz (23 Sep 1999, 128933 Bytes)
a small, fast, efficient POP3 daemon (was ids-pop3d)
dipc-2.0.tgz (19 Sep 1999, 273198 Bytes)
DIPC (Distributed Inter-Process Communication)
xrage-990906.tgz (17 Sep 1999, 1050203 Bytes)
XFCom_Rage128 (XFree86 Compliant driver) - supports the ATI Rage128 chipset
xbatcheck-1.3.tgz (16 Sep 1999, 5187 Bytes)
Battery and AC-line monitor for portables (Tcl/Tk, kernel with APM support)
nana-2.5.tar.gz (14 Sep 1999, 359085 Bytes)
generates debugger commands from C and C++ source code (assertions and logging)
instmon-2.0.tar.gz (12 Sep 1999, 17725 Bytes)
shell script that monitors installations and detects files added or modified
gifc-3.1.tar.gz (12 Sep 1999, 108981 Bytes)
the GIF compiler (accepts a file with graphical commands and outputs a GIF file)
smartupstools-0.41.4.tar.gz (11 Sep 1999, 104054 Bytes)
monitor a large assortment of UPS hardware (developing project)
ntfs-990831.tgz (3 Sep 1999, 156174 Bytes)
a read-only driver for the Windows NT file system, or NTFS.
xlab-980917mine.tar.gz (30 Aug 1999, 110585 Bytes)
X Window System Script Recording and Playback
console-data-1999.08.29.tar.gz (29 Aug 1999, 547764 Bytes)
Keymaps, console fonts, and various tables for the Linux console (derived from kbd-0.99.tar.gz)
jmk-x11-fonts-3.0.tar.gz (24 Aug 1999, 624357 Bytes)
character-cell fonts for use with X Windows
ttc-3.1.tar.gz (18 Aug 1999, 33647 Bytes)
Terminal Type Control - controls the logins depending of terminal type (and user)
sscript-1.16.tar.gz (17 Aug 1999, 326483 Bytes)
a networking scripting language to create quickly networking-oriented programs
pppcosts-0.66.src.tar.gz (15 Aug 1999, 40031 Bytes)
Display time and costs for PPP sessions
tirc-1.2.tar.gz (14 Aug 1999, 300089 Bytes)
Internet Relay Chat client (termcap based)
whatfor-0.3.02.tar.gz (13 Aug 1999, 103717 Bytes)
An 'ls'-like utility that appends one-line file and directory descriptions to the listed names (using an internal database)
qpage-3.3.tar.Z (10 Aug 1999, 225689 Bytes)
QuickPage - a client/server software package that enables you to send messages to an alphanumeric pager (9 Aug 1999, 1296589 Bytes)
XEmacs Lisp Reference Manual
hexedit-0.9.7.tar.gz (9 Aug 1999, 165110 Bytes)
file editor which allows editing and viewing a file in hexadecimal, along with it's ASCII or EBCDIC text equivalent.
mpeg_lib-1.3.1.tar.gz (9 Aug 1999, 152092 Bytes)
The MPEG Library - collection of C routines to decode MPEG movies
privtool-0.90-010.tar.gz (1 Aug 1999, 1179747 Bytes)
Privtool ("Privacy Tool") is intended to be a PGP-aware replacement for the standard Sun Workstation mailtool program
smirc-0.70.tar.gz (26 Jul 1999, 829309 Bytes)
an X11R6 IRC client, based on the Motif widget set.
fav2bmk-1.2.tar.gz (16 Jul 1999, 14616 Bytes)
Converts MSIE Favourites to Netscape Bookmarks
voice-0.6.1.tar.gz (14 Jul 1999, 34545 Bytes)
Suite of programs to drive voice modems (includes a full-featured answering machine).
pdksh-5.2.14.tar.gz (13 Jul 1999, 480107 Bytes)
PD-ksh is a mostly complete AT&T ksh look-alike. (4 Jul 1999, 294636 Bytes)
Rexx/SQL- A Rexx interface to SQL databases (beta version)
cmu-sieve-1.3.tar.gz (3 Jul 1999, 47232 Bytes)
a server-side delivery-time mail filtering language (used by Cyrus imapd)
null-modem.tar.gz (1 Jul 1999, 1018 Bytes)
a simple script for easy null-modem ip networking
convedi-11.2.tar.gz (29 Jun 1999, 796176 Bytes)
conversion between EDIfact formats (uncompressed, level a and level b)
xdialppp-0.4.4.src.nolib.tar.gz (28 Jun 1999, 36351 Bytes)
X11-based ppp configurator, script generator, and connection manager for ppp connections (needs Xforms library)
pcx2ppm-1.2.tar.gz (24 Jun 1999, 4165 Bytes)
converts PCX files to PPM format
xwatch-2.11.tar.gz (23 Jun 1999, 41064 Bytes)
watches various log files in an x window
xfsft-1.1.6.tar.gz (21 Jun 1999, 266826 Bytes)
a patched X11 font server to support TrueType fonts for X11
xtar-1.5b2-src.tar.gz (14 Jun 1999, 164741 Bytes)
a Motif program for viewing and manipulating tar archives
xmx-2.1beta.pl0.19990610.tar.gz (10 Jun 1999, 533886 Bytes)
an X protocol multiplexor
glilo-0.4.tar.gz (10 Jun 1999, 348526 Bytes)
graphical configuration utility for lilo (requires gtk+ 1.2)
pgpgpg-0.13.tar.gz (6 Jun 1999, 53135 Bytes)
wrapper which takes PGP 2.6 command line options, translate them and then call GnuPG (alpha version)
qtdragon-0.7.5b.tgz (6 Jun 1999, 254616 Bytes)
tools for using Hagenuk's Speed Dragon ISDN Databox (requires Qt toolkit)
multirun-1.0.1.tar.gz (27 May 1999, 11133 Bytes)
a shell script (bash) which allows many programs to be run at once and organises their output into separate portions of the screen
par-1.1.tar.gz (25 May 1999, 51776 Bytes)
simple paragraph formatter (23 May 1999, 246946 Bytes)
prints the the partition tables of your disks
vrfy_990522.tar.Z (22 May 1999, 57943 Bytes)
a tool to verify email addresses and mailing lists
ypbind-bsd-1.15-19990521.tar.gz (21 May 1999, 10044 Bytes)
NIS domain binding daemon
fan-2.0.3.tar.Z (18 May 1999, 320251 Bytes)
File Array Notation (FAN) package
juju-0.4.5.tar.gz (16 May 1999, 81321 Bytes)
(batch) uudecoder and Base64-decoder + encoder
saxinfo-1.2.tar.gz (10 May 1999, 72287 Bytes)
An X based reader for GNU .info files
[TXT] (10 May 1999, 136980 Bytes)
TeX quick reference card - A4, PostScript ( (tm) )
seyon-2.20c.tar.gz (9 May 1999, 167487 Bytes)
a complete full-featured telecommunications package (X11)
talkd-1.5.2.tgz (9 May 1999, 297552 Bytes)
Full-featured talk daemon (with or without KDE)
dialmon-0.8.tgz (7 May 1999, 231734 Bytes)
a monitor daemon for diald (using tcl/tk)
vs-0.9.tar.gz (5 May 1999, 21745 Bytes)
Virtual Server Patch - ippfvs (LinuxDirector) to build a high-performance and highly available server (for Linux 2.0)
snmpsniff-1.0.tar.gz (4 May 1999, 44510 Bytes)
a promiscuous network sniffer, that stands on an interface listening to SNMP[v1, v2] traffic (needs libpcap and CMU-SNMP, but binary included) (3 May 1999, 358278 Bytes)
ELF dynamic linkers (, dynamic linker library ( and utilities (ldconfig and ldd). As of, the old, a.out dynamic loader is no longer officially supported
xwprint.tar.gz (2 May 1999, 27544 Bytes)
an Gimp-PlugIn for printing Higher Image Quality on Photo Printers ( Epson, Canon and HP Printers )
mtk-1.3.1b2.tar.gz (30 Apr 1999, 66167 Bytes)
Maths Toolkit - a handy basic mathematical package for X11
poster.tar.gz (28 Apr 1999, 28585 Bytes)
scale postscript images to a larger size
PGPsendmail-v1.4.8.tar.gz (27 Apr 1999, 87829 Bytes)
The PGPsendmail/Unix Suite provides for automatic encryption and decryption of Email messages, using PGP.
reqng-1.3.9.tar.gz (23 Apr 1999, 605681 Bytes)
a problem request tracking system
shambler-1.3.tar.gz (22 Apr 1999, 14629 Bytes)
A firewall trap (kills unauthorized processes)
satools-1.5.tar.gz (20 Apr 1999, 140329 Bytes)
set of tools to help sysadmins to administrate large networks of UNIX machines
IglooFTP-0.6.1.src.tar.gz (17 Apr 1999, 300553 Bytes)
a graphical and user friendly FTP client (requires GTK)
libsse-990416.tgz (16 Apr 1999, 11875 Bytes)
A C macro interface to the SSE multimedia extensions to the ix86 instruction set
libmmx-990416.tgz (16 Apr 1999, 15434 Bytes)
A C macro interfacce to the MMX multimedia extensions to the ix86 instruction set
uninstall-1.1.tar.gz (14 Apr 1999, 41073 Bytes)
acts as a wrapper to the /usr/bin/install program allowing uninstalling of packages using a 'make install'
newplayer-2.3.tar.gz (10 Apr 1999, 235264 Bytes)
ncurses based mp3 player (audio)
trimman-1.06.tar.gz (3 Apr 1999, 6775 Bytes)
trims the fat from your man pages
EURO-2.tgz (2 Apr 1999, 165844 Bytes)
The EURO Pack - Linux and the euro currency (ISO-8859-15 latin9 support)
WindowMaker-extra-0.1.tar.gz (1 Apr 1999, 238018 Bytes)
extra data package for Window Maker (icons and a few themes) X11 Window Manager - designed to emulate the look and feel of part of the NEXTSTEP(tm) GUI.
tkfirewall-0.9.0.tar.gz (26 Mar 1999, 51805 Bytes)
A general-purpose, category-based IP-filter configuration GUI
etftp-1.1.3.tar.gz (26 Mar 1999, 75086 Bytes)
ETFTP - Enhanced Trivial File Transfer Protocol (client + server)
ood-src-2306.tar.gz (24 Mar 1999, 516960 Bytes)
Object Oriented Designer [OOD] is a case tool for constructing the object diagrams defined in Object Modeling Technique [OMT]
xanim2801.tar.gz (21 Mar 1999, 441250 Bytes)
multiformat animation viewer for X X11 animation viewer (many supported formats: FLI, GIF, AVI, MPEG, AU, ...)
mp3info-0.2.16.tar.gz (19 Mar 1999, 42950 Bytes)
Modify/print TAG and Play MP3 Audio
GXedit-1.23.tar.gz (19 Mar 1999, 205221 Bytes)
A multi function GTK-based text editor
mfsm-1.4.tar.gz (18 Mar 1999, 52554 Bytes)
a X-Windows Motif utility that monitors free space and user quotas of filesystems
guiTAR-0.1.4.tar.gz (15 Mar 1999, 124369 Bytes)
a generic archive tool (requires GTK+)
wxftp-0.4.4.src.tar.gz (13 Mar 1999, 397168 Bytes)
Linux GUI FTP client (GTK+ and Motif)
iodbc-2.50.22a.tar.gz (12 Mar 1999, 388275 Bytes)
iODBC (intrinsic Open Database Connectivity) driver manager (ODBC for MySQL 3.21.29 or newer)
kibble-0.7.3.tar.gz (11 Mar 1999, 112292 Bytes)
a GTK-based knowledge base program
tetex-guide-1.0.tar.gz (11 Mar 1999, 452031 Bytes)
a user's guide for teTeX 0.9, TeX and LaTeX. (10 Mar 1999, 220476 Bytes)
ASCII to PostScript converter with pretty-printing capabilities (documentation, PostScript format)
dcf77-1.1.2.tgz (9 Mar 1999, 8582 Bytes)
decoder for dcf77 receiver attached to the gameport
sfm-1.7.src.tgz (9 Mar 1999, 51786 Bytes)
a simple file manager and directory traveller (uses the gtk+ library)
ttftot42-0.3.1.tar.gz (8 Mar 1999, 54489 Bytes)
facilitate using TrueType fonts on PostScript interpreters with TrueType rasterizer (requires the FreeType library)
BurnIT-1.5pre5.tar.gz (8 Mar 1999, 1035779 Bytes)
JAVA front-end to mkisofs, cdrecord and cdda2wav. Development version.
file_shift-2.0.2.tar.gz (8 Mar 1999, 15305 Bytes)
Shifts older versions of a log file
automount-0.09.05.tar.gz (7 Mar 1999, 91208 Bytes)
A simple automounter for local devices
BeroFTPD-1.3.4.tar.gz (3 Mar 1999, 306718 Bytes)
ftp server program based on wu-ftpd (experimental version)
ssystem-1.6.tar.gz (1 Mar 1999, 1037907 Bytes)
OpenGL Solar System simulator
ff-1.6.0.tar.gz (25 Feb 1999, 55000 Bytes)
find a file within a filesystem or tar-file (similar to "locate" but with additional features)
eznet-1.11.1.tar.gz (25 Feb 1999, 39454 Bytes)
a easy-to-use way to set up a PPP daemon
protolog-1.0.8.tar.gz (17 Feb 1999, 28809 Bytes)
Internet Protocols logger
battery-0.6.tar.gz (13 Feb 1999, 207165 Bytes)
battery monitoring utility for laptops
wdsetup-0.6b.tar.gz (9 Feb 1999, 18133 Bytes)
configure Western Digital and SMC ethernet cards
settrans1.3.tar.gz (9 Feb 1999, 1002 Bytes)
A Simple Program To Set Your Terminal Translation
vftpd-linux-0.5a.tar.gz (4 Feb 1999, 382965 Bytes)
Virtual FTP daemon (Opaque FTP proxy server)
e2recover-1.0.tar.gz (2 Feb 1999, 57520 Bytes)
Tools to assist in recovering deleted files from ext2 file systems.
xperfmon++-1.2.tar.gz (29 Jan 1999, 34672 Bytes)
A performance monitor for Linux (X11)
wgpopp-1.1.1.tgz (28 Jan 1999, 10092 Bytes)
Pop proxy with same interface as WinGate.
mgdiff-d1.11.tgz (25 Jan 1999, 101833 Bytes)
Motif-based graphical file difference browser
mpsql-2.1.tgz (24 Jan 1999, 619227 Bytes)
an interactive query tool (SQL GUI client) for PostgresSQL (requires Motif or LessTif, Xpm)
yamm-2.6.0.tar.gz (24 Jan 1999, 77381 Bytes)
Yet Another Micro Monitor (system monitor/tool)
feeder-stats-3.92.tar.gz (18 Jan 1999, 42846 Bytes)
A Perl5 script that generates for the DIABLO news server (was diablo-stats)
pnminterp-1.0.tar.gz (16 Jan 1999, 6237 Bytes)
scales up a PBM/PGM/PPM
term-2.4.2.tar.gz (16 Jan 1999, 254304 Bytes)
Pseudo SLIP - simulate SLIP like features through an ordinary user account at both ends (usable without root permissions)
lprMagic-2.4.tgz (12 Jan 1999, 102022 Bytes)
lpr Universal Filter for Linux
mxapps_1.12.tar.gz (9 Jan 1999, 3515212 Bytes)
mxMail/mxFtp (needs sendmail/ftp)
xiterm-2.0.tar.gz (7 Jan 1999, 264596 Bytes)
X terminal international ; an 8-bit clean, colour xterm replacement that uses significantly less memory than a conventional xterm
tuba-2.5.b1.tar.gz (6 Jan 1999, 232736 Bytes)
a debugger for Tcl/Tk programs
r2d2-0.9.1.tar.gz (5 Jan 1999, 10995 Bytes)
easy&fast replacement for /etc/init.d/rc (fully compatible with SysV init)
xmdiary-3.0.3.tar.gz (2 Jan 1999, 764331 Bytes)
XDiary is a personal organizer that combines the functions of a desktop calendar, an appointment book and an alarm clock (X11/Motif).
alec64-1.13.tar.gz (2 Jan 1999, 452177 Bytes)
Commodore C64 Emulator for X Windowing System or Linux Console
ppa-0.8.6.tar.gz (25 Dec 1998, 23596 Bytes)
a utility designed to work with Ghostscript. Creates output using the PPA protocol (used by some HP "Windows-only" printers like HP Deskjet 820C, 720 and 1000) - currently only black-and-white
pppscript-1.0.tgz (24 Dec 1998, 15317 Bytes)
script for making dial-up internet connections
spider-2.4.3.tar.gz (22 Dec 1998, 111659 Bytes)
recognize and save your systems configuration
xf43.tar.gz (20 Dec 1998, 1094811 Bytes)
An interface builder for Tcl/Tk
mailback-1.0.1.tgz (19 Dec 1998, 3904 Bytes)
An automatic e-mail response system (requires perl5 and sendmail)
etc-saver-0.6.tar.gz (19 Dec 1998, 4913 Bytes)
creates a rolling archive of daily gzipped tarballs of your /etc directory
bootpc-0.64.tar.gz (19 Dec 1998, 29288 Bytes)
boot protocol client used to grab the machines ip number, set up DNS nameservers and other useful information.
TkfPW-1.3.tar.gz (14 Dec 1998, 108757 Bytes)
a GUI "Fortran Programmer's Workshop" for Unix/X11 (Tcl/Tk)
tascii-1.2.tar.gz (5 Dec 1998, 11884 Bytes)
Displays the complete ASCII character set with different notation formats (3 Dec 1998, 162110 Bytes)
non-destructive splitting of harddisk partitions
nsyslogd-0.31.tar.gz (3 Dec 1998, 62138 Bytes)
logs system messages
multimon-2.0.36.tar.gz (2 Dec 1998, 102280 Bytes)
Patch for multiple monitor kernel support
rtsynth-1.5.6.tar.gz (2 Dec 1998, 348892 Bytes)
Polyphone real time string synthesizer and audio effect processor
sgmltools-2.0.2.tar.gz (30 Nov 1998, 2229508 Bytes)
SGMLtools Next Generation (early access release). - a text-formatting package based on SGML (Standard Generalized Markup Language), which allows you to produce LaTeX, HTML, GNU info, LyX, RTF, and plain ASCII (via groff) from a single source (formerly called Linuxdoc-SGML)
dsh-0.2.0.tar.gz (29 Nov 1998, 18492 Bytes)
Distributes commands among the nodes of a cluster.
FaxMail-2.3.tar.gz (27 Nov 1998, 40130 Bytes)
a small program to help you send faxes via email
cch-19981009.tar.gz (24 Nov 1998, 18401 Bytes)
controlchan - a channel-fed control message handler for INN 1.5.1 and up
xntp3-5.93e-export.tar.gz (24 Nov 1998, 1995611 Bytes)
Network Time Protocol Version 3 (NTP; unrestricted distribution))
X-Files-2.00b1.tar.gz (23 Nov 1998, 195242 Bytes)
a graphical file management program (using Tk/Tcl)
dos2unix-3.1.tar.gz (19 Nov 1998, 13590 Bytes)
DOS/MAC to UNIX text file format converter
ts-9811.tgz (19 Nov 1998, 244294 Bytes)
TeXShell for X-Window (Tcl/Tk)
worldmap-1.0a.tar.gz (18 Nov 1998, 862475 Bytes)
display graphics overlayed on a world map
xrgb-1.2.tar.gz (15 Nov 1998, 41677 Bytes)
A colors browser for X11. scrolled list of system colours. Ability to create your own colors, and then find the closest match in the system rgb.txt file.
rblsmtpd-0.70.tar.gz (15 Nov 1998, 26283 Bytes)
a generic tool to block mail from RBL-listed sites. It works with any SMTP server that can run under tcpserver (for e.g. sendmail or qmail)
rdist-6.1.5.tar.gz (10 Nov 1998, 117861 Bytes)
remote file distribution
xtoolplaces-1.7.1.tar.gz (9 Nov 1998, 37857 Bytes)
collects state information from X11 windows allowing to return to a given X desktop state
nodplot-0.94.tar.gz (9 Nov 1998, 327851 Bytes)
Scientific data plotting software for 3D structured meshes, developped to visualize 3D CFD (Computational Fluid Dynamic) flows; uses the Qt libraries.
hfsutils-3.2.6.tar.gz (9 Nov 1998, 207697 Bytes)
tools for reading and writing Macintosh HFS volumes tools for reading and writing Macintosh HFS volumes
pnmposter-0.1.tgz (8 Nov 1998, 10022 Bytes)
tool to print images in poster size using many pages wich are glued together
BurnIT-1.0.6.tar.gz (6 Nov 1998, 911308 Bytes)
JAVA front-end to mkisofs, cdrecord and cdda2wav
ibcs-2.1-981105.tar.gz (5 Nov 1998, 229351 Bytes)
iBCS Emulation for Linux 2.x (The Intel Binary Compatibility Specification, or iBCS, specifies the interfaces between application programs and the surrounding operating system environment for i386 based systems). Hint: For non-SMP kernels set "SMP=no" in CONFIG file.
spicecad-1.6.1.tar.gz (4 Nov 1998, 1203671 Bytes)
a schematic entry for the analog simulators SPICE3/HSPICE. It allows graphical entry of electric circuits, generation of netlists , simulation of these netlists, and backannotation of the results.
xsuseconfig-981102.tgz (2 Nov 1998, 36009 Bytes)
SuSE's version of the xf86config
rx-1.5.tar.gz (30 Oct 1998, 637996 Bytes)
Rx is an GNU implementation of the standard regular expression matching functions specified by POSIX.2
xrshells-1.0.0.tar.gz (29 Oct 1998, 9230 Bytes)
A controller of multiple remote shells
abacus-0.9.13.tar.gz (27 Oct 1998, 1261890 Bytes)
a spreadsheet for the X Window system built using Tcl/Tk. Currently it does graphics, cell editing, formats, formulas, loads and saves wk1/text/csv/Tinysheet formats, sorting, printing via Postscript and column/row manipulation.
ccfaudio-src-981022.tar.gz (22 Oct 1998, 575164 Bytes)
CCFaudio is the audio conferencing component of CCF, a software system that supports collaborative, distributed, computer-based problem solving
qnetmon-0.95beta.tgz (22 Oct 1998, 74033 Bytes)
a frontend to the commandline-tools of the samba and smbfs packages (needs Qt). Displays the active users in the net, simplifies accessing of their shares and ...
peruser-3.32.src.tar.gz (22 Oct 1998, 564397 Bytes)
an offline newsreader for Linux (X11)
dce-rpc-1.1r0.2-src.tar.gz (21 Oct 1998, 2075297 Bytes)
DCE RPC Toolkit for Linux - Includes DCE Threads Emulation (relies on GNU Libc 2.x and LinuxThreads Pthreads).
XPhotoEditor-0.1.96.src.tar.gz (21 Oct 1998, 48081 Bytes)
Edits jpg images under X for linux
pflow-2.5.1.tar.gz (20 Oct 1998, 739599 Bytes)
demonstrates potential flow calculations for introductory fluid dynamics course (requires Qt 1.31 and QdbtTabular 0.3 libraries; includes static binary)
QtLUG-1.1.tgz (19 Oct 1998, 47982 Bytes)
a server/client X/Window mirror tool (similar to xmx)
tcprepeater-0.99.1.tar.gz (19 Oct 1998, 12186 Bytes)
a tool for logging and debugging the protocols, which use connected sockets
kdat-1.99e.tar.gz (17 Oct 1998, 192934 Bytes)
KDat - a tar-based tape archiver (with GUI), that is designed to work with multiple archives on a single tape.
sgml-tools-1.0.9.tar.gz (16 Oct 1998, 1208960 Bytes)
SGML documentation tools - a text-formatting package based on SGML (Standard Generalized Markup Language), which allows you to produce LaTeX, HTML, GNU info, LyX, RTF, and plain ASCII (via groff) from a single source (formerly called Linuxdoc-SGML)
fonter-1.7.tar.gz (14 Oct 1998, 48974 Bytes)
A Linux Console Font Editor (with many unique fonts)
ypmake-0.11.tar.gz (13 Oct 1998, 22030 Bytes)
ypmake NIS mapfile processor (build various NIS maps)
jade-1.2.1.tar.gz (13 Oct 1998, 1092062 Bytes)
James' DSSSL Engine - an implementation of the DSSSL style language (based on the SP SGML system)
xgfe-2.1.tar.gz (8 Oct 1998, 438146 Bytes)
GUI frontend to gnuplot
tleds-1.05beta10.tgz (5 Oct 1998, 28640 Bytes)
indication of outgoing and incoming network packets via blinking keyboard LEDs
cs-0.5.tar.gz (1 Oct 1998, 19579 Bytes)
cs indexes C sources and allows interactive queries using the generated index
sage-1.0.tar.gz (1 Oct 1998, 70880 Bytes)
a profiling tool for Tcl/Tk programs. It can collect and report data pertaining to where time is spent in your programs.
fvwmconf-0.19.tar.gz (28 Sep 1998, 124169 Bytes)
Real-time, interactive configuration of fvwm2 window manager using Tk widget library (Perl-tk)
mgv-3.1.5.tar.gz (28 Sep 1998, 740150 Bytes)
a Motif PostScript viewer based on Ghostview 1.5 (source)
wavtools-1.3.2.tar.gz (26 Sep 1998, 16271 Bytes)
records and plays wav files and wav like gsm compressed files with a commandline interface or X/tcl/tk frontend
trashmail-0.9h.tgz (25 Sep 1998, 12430 Bytes)
Smart mail-purging utility
SSLtelnet-0.13.tar.gz (24 Sep 1998, 189745 Bytes)
telnet package patched to use SSLeay to implement SSL encryption
nodewatch-1.6.tar.gz (24 Sep 1998, 41583 Bytes)
TCP/IP network monitoring tool (using ICMP echo requests)
pcalc-000.tar.gz (22 Sep 1998, 103437 Bytes)
a command line calculator
loadmeter-1.20.tar.gz (22 Sep 1998, 28248 Bytes)
is a system systistics meter that displays load average, uptime, disk and memory usages (using coloured bargraphs, X11)
ifstatus2.2.tar.gz (21 Sep 1998, 12295 Bytes)
check network interfaces (reports any that are in "suspicous" debug or promiscuous mode)
ircit-0.3.1.tgz (20 Sep 1998, 425401 Bytes)
a text-mode, macro-extensible IRC client
mr-0.9.4.tar.gz (19 Sep 1998, 76228 Bytes)
a colorful mailreader (MIME support)
zipper-1.631.tar.gz (18 Sep 1998, 220740 Bytes)
a X/TCL/Tk based IRC client
ico2xpm-1.1.tar.gz (17 Sep 1998, 36156 Bytes)
Converts Win icons to X pixmaps (17 Sep 1998, 434731 Bytes)
a Motif PostScript viewer based on Ghostview 1.5 (documentation, PostScript)
build-0.2.tar.gz (16 Sep 1998, 97467 Bytes)
BuildIT! is a GUI builder for JAVA components version 1.1 (qt library required)
hm-3.1.tar.gz (13 Sep 1998, 31160 Bytes)
Multiplatform cursesbased filemanager
Linux2000.jpg (12 Sep 1998, 44670 Bytes)
Linux 2000 compatability logo
fprint-3.0.3.tar.gz (11 Sep 1998, 16310 Bytes)
Linux Console Font Printer (prints directly to EPSON dot matrix printer or GIF files)
fsgrab-1.2.tar.gz (10 Sep 1998, 36016 Bytes)
grab blocks from an (unmounted) filesystem (designed for recovering deleted files)
tn3270-5.2.0-glibc.tgz (10 Sep 1998, 184013 Bytes)
UCB tn3270 "ported" to work with glibc (telnet client for IBM mainframes)
pcp-0.9.5.tgz (9 Sep 1998, 26543 Bytes)
Frontend for chat and pppd under X11 with OSF/Motif (source)
got_it-1.05B.tar.gz (6 Sep 1998, 108963 Bytes)
Download HTTP/FTP url from command line with auto-resume
newtonlink-1.29.tar.gz (6 Sep 1998, 287643 Bytes)
a program to transfer data between an Apple Newton PDA and Unix applications
popspam-0.95.tar.gz (4 Sep 1998, 48491 Bytes)
POP3 client with integrated spam filtering
slirp.telnetd-b.tar.gz (1 Sep 1998, 75014 Bytes)
slirp (SLIP emulator) extras: slirp.telnetd and slirp.ftpd
Checker- (31 Aug 1998, 558838 Bytes)
a malloc debuger, a garbage collector and a detector of bad memory access. It uses code insertion.
fileman-1.1.tar.gz (31 Aug 1998, 2894765 Bytes)
X11 based File Manager (multi-window views, drag-n-drop, fully configurable). (31 Aug 1998, 674212 Bytes)
FileMan File Manager Manual (PostScript)
trafshow-3.1.tgz (28 Aug 1998, 72342 Bytes)
Ncurses based IP traffic monitoring software
StructuredMacros-1.0.1.tar.gz (27 Aug 1998, 20483 Bytes)
Structured Macros for 8051 assemblers
newsdump-1.3.tar.gz (26 Aug 1998, 26638 Bytes)
news article posting and retrieval (perl) (22 Aug 1998, 25525 Bytes)
add a Linux partition (with Lilo) on the Windows NT Boot loader menu
strp-0.9.tar.gz (22 Aug 1998, 3936 Bytes)
convert text files between DOS, UNIX and MAC/Amiga line break conventions
SSL-MZtelnet-0.11.2.tar.gz (21 Aug 1998, 379821 Bytes)
SSL-MZ telnet(d) package with encryption support
gentle-97.tar.gz (20 Aug 1998, 453860 Bytes)
The Gentle Compiler Construction System supports language recognition, definition of abstract syntax trees, construction of tree walkers based on pattern-matching, smart traversal, simple unparsing for source-to-source translation, and optimal code selection for microprocessors.
rsm_402_1.tar.gz (20 Aug 1998, 492817 Bytes)
Resource Standard Metrics - C/C++ Quality & Metrics Tool (enforces style, checks for errors that compilers miss and determines metrics such as effectice lines of code, complexity, C to C++ compatibility, ...) - shareware, 30 day evaluation
susefilter-1.5.tar.gz (10 Aug 1998, 49880 Bytes)
the S.u.S.E. version of the apsfilter filter script (needs a2ps)
tess3.3.tar.gz (10 Aug 1998, 31333 Bytes)
tar extraction simplification script
lpr2-1.2l.gz (9 Aug 1998, 14109 Bytes)
duplex/page selection printing utility (shell script) (30 Jul 1998, 176290 Bytes)
A guide for text processing with Linux (PostScript format)
see_bekijk-1.1.tgz (29 Jul 1998, 69606 Bytes)
ncurses based text file, manual page and stdin viewer
xlab-0.8.3.tar.gz (29 Jul 1998, 82782 Bytes)
X Window System Script Recording and Playback
djetool-0.1.6.tar.gz (27 Jul 1998, 25787 Bytes)
utility for setting printing options for HP deskjets (like printing quality, paper type...)
span-0.2.1.tar.gz (24 Jul 1998, 20290 Bytes)
write or read data using multiple removable disks (floppies or Zip disks)
getpop3-1.51.src.tgz (24 Jul 1998, 59143 Bytes)
pop3 client for Linux systems with temporary dialups
mp3play-1.5b2.tar.gz (19 Jul 1998, 19120 Bytes)
CD looking Tcl/tk player that is a wrapper for mpg123
webtree-980428.src.tar.gz (18 Jul 1998, 310159 Bytes)
Web link analyzer and mirroring tool (KDE, Qt).
Df-0.0.1.tar.gz (18 Jul 1998, 2846 Bytes)
displays information on a file system (perl module)
Period-1.20.tar.gz (18 Jul 1998, 10711 Bytes)
a Perl module that contains code to deal with time periods
zoo-2-10-1.tar.gz (17 Jul 1998, 180819 Bytes)
manipulate archives of files in compressed form
gtnpic.0.1.3.tar.gz (16 Jul 1998, 10213 Bytes)
creates thumbnails of images and outputs them into a single jpeg file
xrpm-2.2.tar.gz (13 Jul 1998, 37266 Bytes)
an easy interface to commonly used RedHat Package Manager commands
plp-lpd-4.1.2.tar.gz (6 Jul 1998, 2288350 Bytes)
Portable Line Printer Spooler system, release 4
maxwell-0.5.3-src.tar.gz (6 Jul 1998, 806894 Bytes)
a word processor (WYSIWYG, tables, RTF import and export; binary distribution)
from-1.2.1.tar.gz (5 Jul 1998, 4146 Bytes)
lists senders and subject lines from a mailbox
alchemy.111.linux.tar.Z (30 Jun 1998, 1540491 Bytes)
Image Alchemy image format conversion (this demo version is intentionally limited to converting images which are 640x480 pixels and smaller).
watchlogd-0.91a-5.tar.gz (23 Jun 1998, 34229 Bytes)
a daemon that rotates logs daily, weekly, monthly or when a maximum file size is reached.
sftp-0.81.src.tgz (23 Jun 1998, 101253 Bytes)
sFTP - a full screen curses-based FTP client for Linux
qmail-1.03.tar.gz (16 Jun 1998, 220668 Bytes)
a "secure, reliable, efficient, simple message transfer agent" (sendmail replacement)
mirror-2.9.tar.gz (12 Jun 1998, 123194 Bytes)
duplicate a directory hierarchy between machines
rmsafe-0.2.tar.gz (11 Jun 1998, 19596 Bytes)
an attempt to create a "trash" like unit accessible via the command line
xqs-1.0.tar.gz (9 Jun 1998, 142242 Bytes)
X Query Server - displays information about an X display server in a folder layout with a browsable window tree.
xg.tar.gz (9 Jun 1998, 125321 Bytes)
"Xg Widget Set" (an extension of the Motif widget set providing MS-Windows-like controls)
qftp-0.98.tar.gz (7 Jun 1998, 46554 Bytes)
small and fast ftp client (background downloading, shortcuts, reconnect, ...)
xart19980605.tgz (7 Jun 1998, 349619 Bytes)
enhanced XPaint (bitmap/pixmap editing tool)
rx-1.9a.tar.gz (5 Jun 1998, 345644 Bytes)
Rx is an GNU implementation of the standard regular expression matching functions specified by POSIX.2
kit-all-040698.tar.gz (4 Jun 1998, 84489 Bytes)
KiT, Keep in Touch is a program that let's you see people that are online, send messages to them and other stuff aswell
libkb-1.01.tar.gz (4 Jun 1998, 337197 Bytes)
an advanced and portable low-level keyboard library
cgiupl-0.2.tar.gz (30 May 1998, 14595 Bytes)
library to parse CGI form contents for uploading files via WWW
acct-6.3.5.tar.gz (27 May 1998, 155418 Bytes)
the GNU Accounting Utilities package
hexed-1.2.tar.gz (24 May 1998, 573487 Bytes)
hex editor (X11)
g77-0.5.23.tar.gz (20 May 1998, 1428384 Bytes)
GNU Fortran compiler ELF binaries (platform: gcc-, libc >= 5.4.23).
pstill.1.08c.LINUX.tar.gz (20 May 1998, 380016 Bytes)
PostScript to PDF converter (shareware, free for private and educational use under Linux)
sfdisk-3.07.tar.gz (18 May 1998, 30671 Bytes)
A rewrite from scratch of an fdisk program for Linux
dexpire-3.4a9.tar.Z (16 May 1998, 161212 Bytes)
a replacement "intelligent" netnews expire program (C News, INN)
umlaut-0.12.tar.gz (15 May 1998, 11878 Bytes)
convert German umlauts within text
Xaw3d-1.5.tar.gz (15 May 1998, 284420 Bytes)
Three-D Athena Widgets may be used as a general replacement for the Athena (Xaw) Widget set (X11 R6.3).
knl-1.0.1.tar.gz (14 May 1998, 7803 Bytes)
Kernel image configurator
gppp-1.0.tar.gz (13 May 1998, 170434 Bytes)
a ppp setup program with a similar user interface to that of windows' Internet Wizard.
iplnx-b2b.tar.gz (12 May 1998, 161618 Bytes)
Irie Pascal for Linux (multi-platform; shareware)
apsfilter_LPRng-1.1.5.tgz (11 May 1998, 31417 Bytes)
Line Printer Input Filter (LPRng) for non-PCL or non-PostScript printers - using a2ps, gs and dvips a lineprinter inputfilter for /etc/printcap and enables you to print the following file-types assuming some additional utilities are installed: DVI, PS, GIF, JPEG, TIFF, FIG, PBM, PPM, ASCII (also german umlauts)
tcharge-1.3.tgz (11 May 1998, 88006 Bytes)
a X-program to watch the time a telephone connection is up and the money to pay for it (support for many countries and ISDN)
socke-1.0.1.tgz (8 May 1998, 11421 Bytes)
checks connections on a TCP/IP network
[TXT] pcsndrv-1.3.readme (4 May 1998, 15705 Bytes)
Sound driver for the PC internal speaker (supports digital-analog-converters connected to the parallel port)
pcsndrv-1.3.tgz (4 May 1998, 208119 Bytes)
Sound driver for the PC internal speaker (supports digital-analog-converters connected to the parallel port)
xitalk-1.1.11.tar.gz (30 Apr 1998, 174794 Bytes)
X "Talk Interceptor"
xbench-0.2-srcbin.tar.gz (28 Apr 1998, 89103 Bytes)
a benchmark for X servers
OLE-Storage-0.386.tar.gz (28 Apr 1998, 83071 Bytes)
a library about the so called "Structured Storage" format, the binary format of Microsoft Windows OLE documents, and an included Word 6+/7+ Document to text converter (needs Perl 5.004,,
Startup-0.103.tar.gz (28 Apr 1998, 12568 Bytes)
A program flow utility (Perl module)
fm-2.02.tgz (26 Apr 1998, 27284 Bytes)
the "classic" binary editor
iplogger-ident-1.1.tar.gz (24 Apr 1998, 14164 Bytes)
logging of incoming tcp and icmp sessions (+ ident support)
Zen1_1.tar.gz (23 Apr 1998, 169350 Bytes)
BASIC Interpreter for PC Linux (binary only)
gate-0.1.4.tar.gz (23 Apr 1998, 54332 Bytes)
network security scanner
ml-3.4.tar.gz (19 Apr 1998, 681578 Bytes)
ML is an IMAP mail client for the X Window system using the Motif toolkit. It provides advanced mail processing features as well as being easy to use for "the masses". ML is an IMAP mail client for the X Window system using the Motif toolkit. This package contains a linux executable with statically linked Motif plus source code.
xpdf_encrypt.tar.gz (19 Apr 1998, 8510 Bytes)
diffs to enable xpdf to view encrypted PDF files
powercolor-0.3.tar.gz (19 Apr 1998, 13821 Bytes)
a graphical frontend for setting some printing parameters for HP Deskjets
Gateway-0.42.tar.gz (15 Apr 1998, 76979 Bytes)
Robomoderation and mail to news gatewaying toolkit (Perl module)
callback-4.24.tar.gz (14 Apr 1998, 127724 Bytes)
allows dial-in modems to require callback (prerequisite: mgetty)
XPVM.src.1.2.5.tar.Z (13 Apr 1998, 371275 Bytes)
XPVM is a graphical console and monitor for PVM
qterm-6.0.3.tar.gz (11 Apr 1998, 26793 Bytes)
query a terminal to (automagically) find out the terminal type
rpcbind_2.1.tar.gz (11 Apr 1998, 55039 Bytes)
an rpcbind replacement with tcp wrapper style access control (provides a simple mechanism to discourage remote access to the NIS (YP), NFS, and other rpc services)
fgen-0.3.tgz (8 Apr 1998, 38088 Bytes)
Makefile generator (for GNU make) and html source converter for fortran 77/90 code
modem-1.0.tar.gz (7 Apr 1998, 198539 Bytes)
communication package for modems
GP-2.5p1.tar.gz (6 Apr 1998, 485933 Bytes)
GUI interface for Unix BSD-like printing systems (Tcl/Tk)
mailpgp-0.75b.gz (6 Apr 1998, 5342 Bytes)
Simple PGP interface for Pine/Elm
Upm_linu.tgz (5 Apr 1998, 607969 Bytes)
UNIX Plotfile Manager - a viewer for HP-GL/2 plotfiles (shareware)
linux_dce_threads.tar.gz (3 Apr 1998, 40723 Bytes)
mem_test-0.12.tar.gz (3 Apr 1998, 10021 Bytes)
simple memory leak detection library
cpm.1.2.tar.gz (3 Apr 1998, 3043 Bytes)
check for network interfaces in promiscuous mode
rtstools-1.0.tgz (2 Apr 1998, 22550 Bytes)
Posix.1b Real Time Scheduler Tools for Linux
lib3d-0.1.13.tar.gz (1 Apr 1998, 253324 Bytes)
Fast C++ Z-Buffer 3D rendering library
treetopgm-1.1.tar.gz (28 Mar 1998, 15353 Bytes)
outputs a graphical tree of a directory hierarchy
nolce-1.9.2.tar.gz (27 Mar 1998, 28551 Bytes)
off-line navigation of the Netscape cache
xcmd-1.8.tar.gz (27 Mar 1998, 18555 Bytes)
a front-end for starting programs under X11
dawn-linux-4.0b1.tar.gz (20 Mar 1998, 11197 Bytes)
Converts E-Mail addressbooks between formats of various applications
xpm-3.4k.tar.gz (19 Mar 1998, 148887 Bytes)
XPM (X PixMap) is a format for storing/retrieving X pixmaps to/from files
[TXT] xpm-FAQ.html (19 Mar 1998, 13625 Bytes)
Frequently Asked Questions about the XPM graphic format
[TXT] xpm-README.html (19 Mar 1998, 11923 Bytes)
README to the XPM graphic format
mpeg_play-2.4.tar.gz (18 Mar 1998, 146691 Bytes)
MPEG-1 Video Software Decoder
xaos-3.0.tar.gz (17 Mar 1998, 491156 Bytes)
a fast portable real-time interactive fractal zoomer
u2fs-0.4.4.tar.gz (16 Mar 1998, 29785 Bytes)
driver to provide UFS filesystem support to kernels 2.0.?? (still readonly). It can be used to read SunOS4/Nextstep/NetBSD floppy and hard disks.
yaf77-1.6.tgz (16 Mar 1998, 9655 Bytes)
Yaf77 stands for `Yet another f77-like driver' for f2c
iso9660-compress-2.0.tar.gz (13 Mar 1998, 25314 Bytes)
Patches to mkisofs, gzip and the kernel to support transparent decompression in the iso9660 file system
xmodemlights1.0.tgz (13 Mar 1998, 7203 Bytes)
Monitors ppp link status with pretty blinking lights
xtop-1.1.2.tar.gz (12 Mar 1998, 108129 Bytes)
an X based process monitor
dds-1.0.0.tar.gz (8 Mar 1998, 42382 Bytes)
Distributed Dependancy Scheduler - controlling job flow based on dependancies
rhupgrade-2.0.tar.gz (7 Mar 1998, 54010 Bytes)
helps doing a hand upgrade of a Redhat distribution
termite-0.2.0b4.src.tar.gz (6 Mar 1998, 77602 Bytes)
a serial communication program
mk-ftp-stats-1.0.tar.gz (4 Mar 1998, 2484 Bytes)
converts the xferlog file (FTP usage) to a human readable format
spak-0.6b.tar.gz (2 Mar 1998, 36646 Bytes)
create and send a packet over a network
xenmenu-0.8b.tar.gz (2 Mar 1998, 55756 Bytes)
a highly customizable, text-based menu generator for UN*X systems
d2u-1.3.tar.gz (28 Feb 1998, 3743 Bytes)
Converts between DOS-text and Unix-text file
fvwm95-2.0.43b.tar.gz (26 Feb 1998, 844641 Bytes)
A window manager providing a Win95 look for window decorations and a virtual desktop.
xfpovray-1.3.1.tgz (24 Feb 1998, 533492 Bytes)
Graphical interface to POV-Ray (using the XForms library)
cmostool_1.0.tar.gz (22 Feb 1998, 12917 Bytes)
a utility for the PC CMOS memory
xc-4.8.tgz (21 Feb 1998, 98132 Bytes)
Xc is an asynch communications program supporting xmodem, ymodem, xmodem-g, ymodem-g, cis_b+ internal file transfer protocols. Use of external zmodem is supported with auto-triggering of down-loads. Includes a script language. Note: this is a *text-mode* application, *NOT* an X11 app.
dcron-2.3.3.tar.gz (16 Feb 1998, 22962 Bytes)
yet another multi-user cron (attention paid less to feature creep and more to usability and reliability)
xlpq-1.0.2.tgz (16 Feb 1998, 21955 Bytes)
a X11 program to manage printqueues
pop3gwd-1.2.tar.gz (15 Feb 1998, 16372 Bytes)
POP3 proxy
tefax-0.15-doc.tgz (11 Feb 1998, 162616 Bytes)
Frontend for efax. works also with sendfax (mgetty) - documentation
tefax-0.15.tgz (11 Feb 1998, 73898 Bytes)
Frontend for efax. works also with sendfax (mgetty)
type1inst-0.6.1.tar.gz (11 Feb 1998, 27966 Bytes)
perl script which generates the "fonts.scale" file required by an X11 server to use any Type 1 PostScript fonts
llnlxdir2_1.tar.Z (11 Feb 1998, 571941 Bytes)
a graphical network-oriented file manager
timers-1.25.tar.gz (9 Feb 1998, 15803 Bytes)
Manages multiple stopwatches for timing projects and other things (Tcl/Tk)
optimizer-0.0.9f.tar.gz (9 Feb 1998, 43932 Bytes)
Optimizes "as" assembler files with Pentium or Pentium Pro instructions using "as" or "nasm".
filesplt.2.1.0.tar.gz (8 Feb 1998, 118327 Bytes)
Split large files into smaller, more managable files
pgp50i-unix-src.tar.gz (7 Feb 1998, 927363 Bytes)
Pretty Good Privacy (PGP) International Freeware, Version 5.0 - a public key encryption package
xmsql-0.4.2.tgz (6 Feb 1998, 83709 Bytes)
a X-interface to the mSQL database engine
PPPKit-0.7.tar.gz (3 Feb 1998, 5072 Bytes)
generates chat scripts for making a PPP Connection to the internet.
traceroute-ulmo.tar.gz (1 Feb 1998, 111331 Bytes)
a parallel traceroute
ExciteWS.tar (29 Jan 1998, 1874944 Bytes)
Excite for Web Servers - web navigation software for
lpr-linux-1.0.1.tar.gz (26 Jan 1998, 160894 Bytes)
Secure BSD-style line printer service for Linux
distribute-1.1.tar.gz (26 Jan 1998, 13500 Bytes)
distribute tasks to other machines on the network (using Perl5 and IO::Select package)
defrag-0.73.tar.gz (25 Jan 1998, 66060 Bytes)
defragmenter for ext2 minix xiafs file systems
PGPlib-1.1.tar.gz (24 Jan 1998, 999937 Bytes)
a library that lets you generate (and manipulate) PGP packets without having to run PGP
whetstone_linux.tar.gz (23 Jan 1998, 17037 Bytes)
C/C++ Whetstone Benchmark Single or Double Precision (MWIPS/MFLOPS)
getdate-1.1.tar.gz (22 Jan 1998, 11945 Bytes)
Query an RFC 868 time server and adjust/set local date/time.
dlh-0.7d.tar.gz (22 Jan 1998, 153428 Bytes)
Fast and flexible LaTeX to HTML translator
ppptcp-0.6.tar.gz (21 Jan 1998, 34839 Bytes)
Tunnel PPP over an arbitrary TCP connection -- create your own virtual encrypted networks!
fv-220.tgz (20 Jan 1998, 73286 Bytes)
binary file editor / viewer (vi-like feel)
diald-config-1.2.1.tar.gz (19 Jan 1998, 76759 Bytes)
Configuration system for diald (demand dialing daemon)
lfono-1.3.tar.gz (16 Jan 1998, 19193 Bytes)
XForms speakerphone program (use a voice-capable modem as a telephone)
speaker-1.0.1.tar.gz (12 Jan 1998, 31429 Bytes)
speakerphone application for US Robotics and Rockwell voice modems (Tcl/Tk)
adbbs-3.0.tgz (12 Jan 1998, 65520 Bytes)
A BBS/Menuing system for linux, with ANSI colour support, file bases, message boards and much more.
3dsound-1.0-beta.tar.gz (12 Jan 1998, 27082 Bytes)
3D Stereo Utility for Sound Blaster 16/32/AWE 32/AWE 64
spltu108.tgz (10 Jan 1998, 6487 Bytes)
split big binary or text files into smaller chunks or merge chunks back to original file (compatible with splitwin in MS Windows)
Mosaic-linux-static-motif-2.7b5.tar.gz (6 Jan 1998, 3944041 Bytes)
NCSA Mosaic for the X Window System - a Motif based World Wide Web browser (ELF dynamically linked except static Motif link)
pcc-1.3.tar.gz (4 Jan 1998, 18080 Bytes)
Front end pseudo compiler for p2c translator
mgs-1.3.tgz (29 Dec 1997, 173396 Bytes)
Motif/Lesstif Good Stuff, a GUI application launcher
esep-1.5.tgz (29 Dec 1997, 20691 Bytes)
A new scheduler (Evolution Scheduling and Evolving Processes)
xesep-1.3.tgz (29 Dec 1997, 11658 Bytes)
a graphical (Motif) user interface to the esep (Evolution Scheduling and Evolving Processes)
vold_1.1.orig.tar.gz (27 Dec 1997, 11456 Bytes)
a daemon that attempts to mount removable media (such as CDROM) automatically upon insertion
wwr-client.tgz (26 Dec 1997, 14864 Bytes)
a client program to receive World Wide Radio streams (requires only 14.4bps)
Ipe-5.0.tar.gz (25 Dec 1997, 849885 Bytes)
extendible drawing editor (create figures for inclusion into LaTeX or plain TeX documents as well as multipage documents)
tkmount-1.0.tar.gz (23 Dec 1997, 91542 Bytes)
A graphical device-mounter for X (Tcl/Tk)
snd-util-3.8.tar.gz (23 Dec 1997, 75285 Bytes)
Sound Card utilities for Linux
robot.linux.gz (19 Dec 1997, 930717 Bytes)
Scientific graph plotting and data analysis program
linuxthreads-0.7.1.tar.gz (12 Dec 1997, 102965 Bytes)
a BiCapitalized implementation of the Posix 1003.1c "pthread" interface for Linux
perlSGML.1997Sep18.tar.gz (11 Dec 1997, 366480 Bytes)
a collection of Perl programs and libraries for processing SGML documents
zview-0.2.tar.gz (11 Dec 1997, 22214 Bytes)
an X11 image viewer with optional 1D cross-sections through arbitrary image points. Can read RAW8, grayscale, JPEG, GIF, PPM, PBM, PGM, PNG. (10 Dec 1997, 174318 Bytes)
mgetty + sendfax documentation (PostScript)
propsel.tar.gz (9 Dec 1997, 5081 Bytes)
cut and paste between X servers
rpmtar-2.4.2-2.src.rpm.tar.gz (8 Dec 1997, 328874 Bytes)
a package manager just like Red Hat's rpm except the package it creates is a tar.gz file.
teardroplog-1.0.1.gz (7 Dec 1997, 521 Bytes)
Patch for Linux kernel 2.0.32. Logs teardrop attempts.
mkdosfs-ygg-0.3c.tar.gz (6 Dec 1997, 19207 Bytes)
utility to create MS-DOS FAT filesystems under Linux
mapil-0.2.1.tar.gz (6 Dec 1997, 42817 Bytes)
a script that makes secure email more convenient by mediating between PGP and a mail agent
KBackup-1.2.11.tar.gz (1 Dec 1997, 107610 Bytes)
backup program (menu interface)
yaps-0.96.tar.gz (30 Nov 1997, 91060 Bytes)
send messages to paging devices over a modem gateway using well defined protocols
pixmap-2.6.6.tar.gz (23 Nov 1997, 130658 Bytes)
A Pixmap (XPM) graphic file editor
WorkMan-1.3a.tgz (23 Nov 1997, 176490 Bytes)
a graphical tool for playing audio compact discs on a CD-ROM drive
diald-config-metered-0.2.tar.gz (21 Nov 1997, 11766 Bytes)
Sample metered config for diald (demand dialing daemon)
dbedit-0.9.13.tar.gz (20 Nov 1997, 83234 Bytes)
a tool for generating web pages that read and modify a database
agrep-4.0.tgz (19 Nov 1997, 86264 Bytes)
search a file for a string or regular expression with approximate matching
[TXT] treesed (17 Nov 1997, 3666 Bytes)
search and replace patterns in files and subdirectories
fontanim-0.9.tgz (17 Nov 1997, 43296 Bytes)
animates fonts in text-mode
laserprt.tar.gz (16 Nov 1997, 18610 Bytes)
print documents on a hp-compatible laser printer in a 2 column, landscape format
fof-0.99a-beta-sources.tar.gz (16 Nov 1997, 741343 Bytes)
Fred's Own Filemanager (fof) - graphical filemanager. frontend to several Unix commands (Motif)
xil-1.0.tar.gz (14 Nov 1997, 2845 Bytes)
an X window manager loader/manager
xmove.2.0beta2.tar.gz (12 Nov 1997, 639187 Bytes)
pseudoserver to support mobile X11 clients
JXSpectrum-1.0.tar.gz (12 Nov 1997, 33101 Bytes)
a spectrum analyzer (a derivative of XSpectrum)
wmrxtx-1.0.tar.gz (11 Nov 1997, 8204 Bytes)
simulates tx, rx, and collision lights for an ethernet card
ppp-in-a-box-1.01.tar.gz (7 Nov 1997, 3713 Bytes)
PPP connection package
qCd-0.75.tgz (5 Nov 1997, 494271 Bytes)
A Linux CDROM player, based on Qt.
amp-0.7.6.tgz (4 Nov 1997, 100337 Bytes)
MPEG audio decoder
basepak-1.1.tar.gz (4 Nov 1997, 12276 Bytes)
Shell Utility Suite (converts between all combinations of hex, decimal, binary and octal)
addressbook-0.7.tar.gz (2 Nov 1997, 153331 Bytes)
an addressmanager (Tcl/Tk interface)
tkedit-2.3.0.tar.gz (2 Nov 1997, 122448 Bytes)
an X11 oriented editor entirely written in tcl-tk with extensive features
minfo-1.7.19.tar.gz (1 Nov 1997, 593421 Bytes)
a Motif widget set based browser for the info files used by the GNU documentation
pizzadist.tar.gz (31 Oct 1997, 397252 Bytes)
Pizza - a substantial companion to Java (current compiler version needs JDK 1.1 or higher).
cccc-2.1.4-src.tar.gz (28 Oct 1997, 76495 Bytes)
Source code metric analyser for C, C++, Java and Ada
tpm-0.3.3.src.tar.gz (27 Oct 1997, 14385 Bytes)
Rpm-like manager for tar.gz archives
Autoresponder.v02.tgz (27 Oct 1997, 3629 Bytes)
Email Autoresponder
blackbox-0.73b.tar.gz (27 Oct 1997, 86005 Bytes)
a Bulletin Board System
xlrem-1.0.tar.gz (25 Oct 1997, 15437 Bytes)
(X)(L)ogin(Rem)inder program
QuickTree-971024.tgz (24 Oct 1997, 13652 Bytes)
Displays fancy hierarchical directory tree (like MS-DOS TREE command)
MAKEDEV-2.3.1.tar.gz (24 Oct 1997, 10037 Bytes)
create the block and character devices needed by a system
nlp-3.0.4.tar.gz (24 Oct 1997, 307764 Bytes)
New LP, a frontend for PostScript printers
pppserver.tar.gz (22 Oct 1997, 3839 Bytes)
dynamic dialup ip with ppp
xagent-0.7.5.tgz (19 Oct 1997, 324730 Bytes)
An off line NNTP news reader for Linux (uses xforms.086)
chklogs-2.0-3.tar.gz (18 Oct 1997, 163018 Bytes)
check and purge/archive -if necessary- the system logs
xppp-src-1.1.tar.gz (15 Oct 1997, 31132 Bytes)
an X Window- and Motif-based front-end for the chat and pppd programs (source)
xsysinfo-1.6.tar.gz (14 Oct 1997, 27776 Bytes)
Displays CPU load, CPU idle, memory and swap sizes (X11) (8 Oct 1997, 84206 Bytes)
read-only port of ext2fs to windows95
dvips576.tar.gz (8 Oct 1997, 520823 Bytes)
convert a TeX DVI file to PostScript
decnetlinux_0.0.1.tar.gz (7 Oct 1997, 25865 Bytes)
DECnet Socket Layer and High_level Apps (shareware)
tkAutoPPP-0.52.tgz (4 Oct 1997, 12928 Bytes)
a Tcl/Tk script that handles the connection to an Internet Service Provider with PPP
console_beep-0.1.tar.gz (4 Oct 1997, 2842 Bytes)
Programable sound generator using PC speaker (4 Oct 1997, 1053244 Bytes)
ML is an IMAP mail client for the X Window system using the Motif toolkit. It provides advanced mail processing features as well as being easy to use for "the masses". ML is an IMAP mail client for the X Window system using the Motif toolkit. This package contains a linux executable with statically linked Motif plus source code.
netcache-1.4.tar.gz (2 Oct 1997, 37000 Bytes)
allows off-line navigation of the cache of Netscape Navigator
lft-1.3.5.tar.gz (1 Oct 1997, 101042 Bytes)
Lists files by file type (directory, regular file, symbolic link, etc...). Displays totals for each type found and (optionaly) the file names.
tgzpkg-1.0.0.tar (1 Oct 1997, 7168 Bytes)
installation and removal of .tgz and .tar.gz packages
VRwave-0.9-src.tar.gz (30 Sep 1997, 522714 Bytes)
a VRML 2.0 browser (VRweb successor written largely in Java). VRwave class files, scripts, and documentation in Common-VRwave-x.x-Unix.tar.gz
Common-VRwave-0.9-Unix.tar.gz (30 Sep 1997, 344703 Bytes)
class files, scripts, and documentation for the VRML 2.0 browser "VRwave"
usvd-2.0.0.tgz (29 Sep 1997, 11927 Bytes)
USV (uninterrupted power supply) monitor
eclipse-1.0.tar.gz (28 Sep 1997, 53426 Bytes)
host and network monitoring tool (tcl)
mxmaps-1.0.tar.gz (27 Sep 1997, 1282040 Bytes)
Some raster and vector maps for Mayko xmap (26 Sep 1997, 235971 Bytes)
OmniBasic - C-output Basic compiler (shareware)
usrconfig-0.02.tar.gz (26 Sep 1997, 13104 Bytes)
User Configuration tool
lightbar-1.12.tgz (23 Sep 1997, 169459 Bytes)
Secure and enhanced login program that replaces /bin/login
njc-1.0.tgz (22 Sep 1997, 35911 Bytes)
Network Job Control - batch queue system for a network of Unix workstations
mkfile-1.1.tar.gz (21 Sep 1997, 1298 Bytes)
create swap files
dmsdosfs-0.8.3.tgz (18 Sep 1997, 223251 Bytes)
reads and writes compressed dos filesystems (CVF-FAT). Support for, and Win95 and FAT32 and Win95 support.
TeXps.tar.gz (16 Sep 1997, 18470 Bytes)
allows to put TeX like text into postscript figures
xmem-1.02.tgz (16 Sep 1997, 27167 Bytes)
monitor your memory
worktimer-1.3.tgz (12 Sep 1997, 53036 Bytes)
helps keep time logs of activities
visualadmin-2.0.src.tar.gz (9 Sep 1997, 14657 Bytes)
manage user accounts and DNS files via the Web (CGI tool) (7 Sep 1997, 60166 Bytes)
Rexx/SQL- A Rexx interface to SQL databases (documentation). See RexxSQL-x.x.tar.gz.
iavazip11_linux.tar (2 Sep 1997, 552960 Bytes)
IavaZIP - 100% pure Java ZIP utitility
sitesearch_linux.tar (2 Sep 1997, 583680 Bytes)
SiteSearch - makes any HTML searchable
UMT-1.0b4.src.tar.gz (1 Sep 1997, 908473 Bytes)
Ultimate Mail Tools (with fancy GUI)
mp3menu-0.8.tar.gz (31 Aug 1997, 8226 Bytes)
load a set of MPEG-3 audio files from a directory into a list for you to select from, and then play
umaint10.tgz (29 Aug 1997, 9609 Bytes)
maintain the user database quickly and easily
t2htmll.tgz (29 Aug 1997, 58209 Bytes)
Simple text to HTML converter
html2sgml-0.3.tar.gz (26 Aug 1997, 19015 Bytes)
convert html to sgml according to linuxdoc.dtd
zfunc-0.1.tar.gz (26 Aug 1997, 96221 Bytes)
Library that sits on top of zlib, offering buffered i/o functions which are drop-in compatible with standard stdio buffered i/o functions
scsiinfo-1.7.tar.gz (24 Aug 1997, 64742 Bytes)
Tools to query information (INQUIRY and SCSI-2 mode pages) from scsi devices and to low level format disks (Tcl/Tk)
ears-0.32.tar.gz (21 Aug 1997, 188241 Bytes)
single word speech recognition [src]
xmftp-1.0.4.tar.gz (20 Aug 1997, 152614 Bytes)
a simple X/Motif FTP client (automatic resuming of downloads)
ya-deluser-1.1.tgz (20 Aug 1997, 2268 Bytes)
yet another delete user utility for administrator
xbuffy3.3.tar.gz (20 Aug 1997, 32339 Bytes)
another biff for the X Window System (tracks mailboxes and newsgroups)
in.synchrod-1.0.tar (19 Aug 1997, 92160 Bytes)
simple network time synchro program started by inetd
lyn-0.8a.5L.tar.gz (19 Aug 1997, 115962 Bytes)
curses-based, X-aware cdplayer with cddb & msql support
trashcan-1.2.2d.tar.gz (15 Aug 1997, 20489 Bytes)
a full Linux rm replacement, which provides a complete and unified method of restoring, and disposing of deleted files
sysmgr-1.0.tar.gz (14 Aug 1997, 397085 Bytes)
Remote monitoring management system for networked Linux and Solaris machines (using tcl/tk)
ext2nt-1.06.tar.gz (13 Aug 1997, 399328 Bytes)
A set of tools to allow read only access to ext2 filesystems from Windows NT.
[TXT] Java-Linux-1.1.1-HOWTO.txt (12 Aug 1997, 14307 Bytes)
Java-Linux HOWTO (JDK 1.1.1)
mailall-1.0.tgz (11 Aug 1997, 2095 Bytes)
Mails all users on a local system (11 Aug 1997, 2314472 Bytes)
Linux ext2fs Installable File System driver (IFS) for OS/2 32 bits Linux ext2fs Installable File System driver (IFS) for OS/2
sgml-powertools.tar.gz (8 Aug 1997, 2910247 Bytes)
a text-formatting package based on SGML (Standard Generalized Markup Language), which allows you to produce LaTeX, HTML, GNU info, LyX, RTF, and plain ASCII (via groff) from a single source
searchtool-1.1.tar.gz (3 Aug 1997, 107152 Bytes)
a search utility for all Unix based and X Windows systems. By providing a graphical user interface for several powerful commands such as grep, find and sed. (shareware)
setserial-2.12_CTI.tgz (2 Aug 1997, 58901 Bytes)
get/set Linux serial port information (supports the new UART's Startech 16650, TI 16750, etc.) (1 Aug 1997, 169551 Bytes)
"The Not So Short" Introduction tp LaTeX2e (or "LaTeX2e in 69 minutes", PostScript version)
agetty-1.29b.tar.gz (1 Aug 1997, 24443 Bytes)
handles the login prompt and invokes the login program
momond-1.4.tar.gz (31 Jul 1997, 19992 Bytes)
Modem cost daemon
ppc-1.0.tgz (31 Jul 1997, 25375 Bytes)
Parallel Port Control (ncurses interface)
jcc-0.11.2_link-kit.tar.gz (30 Jul 1997, 1938948 Bytes)
jcc is a C/C++ code development environment for X Windows (27 Jul 1997, 337187 Bytes)
shared, a.out and ELF, dynamic linkers ( and, dynamic linker library ( and utilities (ldconfig and ldd)
flex-2.5.4a.tar.gz (27 Jul 1997, 380995 Bytes)
fast lexical analyzer generator
configdns-1.0.tar.gz (26 Jul 1997, 2356 Bytes)
configure /etc/resolv.conf graphically (tk/tcl used)
gsmsuite-1.0.src.tar.gz (24 Jul 1997, 181109 Bytes)
a set of programs to facilitate use of finite state machines in programming
mdb-1.9.tar.gz (23 Jul 1997, 174034 Bytes)
simple Motif based Database Manager (fulfills the needs of an organized address and phone book utility)
xmemos-0.1.0.tag.gz (22 Jul 1997, 5573 Bytes)
a little notepad using xforms
xringd-1.20.tgz (21 Jul 1997, 31787 Bytes)
The Linux extended modem ring server
qsermon-0.8.tar.gz (20 Jul 1997, 23853 Bytes)
an system-utility to watch the activities on a given serial port (use of LEDs, bars and osziloscope)
cfdisk-0.8k.tar.gz (19 Jul 1997, 23955 Bytes)
A curses version of fdisk
xmailbox-2.5-src.tar.gz (16 Jul 1997, 43535 Bytes)
mailbox checker (an enhanced xbiff with sound effects and/or XPM icons animation)
xmailbox-2.5.tar.gz (16 Jul 1997, 43535 Bytes)
mailbox checker (an enhanced xbiff with sound effects and/or XPM icons animation)
tkmail-4.0beta9.tar.gz (16 Jul 1997, 264219 Bytes)
an X windows interface to the unix Mail command (using Tk/Tcl)
cpuload-0.2.tar.gz (15 Jul 1997, 44319 Bytes)
WindowMaker/AfterStep CPU/Memory Load Monitor
freefly-0.9.2.tar.gz (14 Jul 1997, 18075 Bytes)
Graphical FTP Client (requires Xforms)
tkmon-1.0.0.tar.gz (12 Jul 1997, 9922 Bytes)
Linux system resources monitor (Tcl/Tk)
tmath0.2.src.tar.Z (10 Jul 1997, 434382 Bytes)
A Tcl Interface to Matlab and Mathematica
tktex-2.2.tar.gz (7 Jul 1997, 58030 Bytes)
a Tk-based interface to the UN*X tools related to TeX
Xgzip1.1.tar.gz (6 Jul 1997, 6017 Bytes)
An X interface to gzip, using the V library
PriMa-0.3.tar.gz (6 Jul 1997, 343913 Bytes)
Print Manager - a graphical interface to the PSUtils
dbbrowser-0.9.src.tar.gz (5 Jul 1997, 17432 Bytes)
Graphical interface for Postgres95. It uses XForms library and tries to make life with Postgres little bit easier.
ypbind-3.3.tar.gz (4 Jul 1997, 71024 Bytes)
NIS domain binding daemon (finds the server for a NIS domain and provides this information to NIS clients)
smbfs-2.0.2.tgz (27 Jun 1997, 21395 Bytes)
mount drives exported by Windows for Workgroups, Lan Manager, Windows NT
xview-3.2p1.4.src.tar.gz (27 Jun 1997, 3227552 Bytes)
port of XView3.2 for XFree86 3.x and ELF shared libraries (source code)
hptools-1.2.3.tar.gz (27 Jun 1997, 132181 Bytes)
send commands to HP printers
ssleay-doc-0.tgz (25 Jun 1997, 21758 Bytes)
documentation for SSLeay 0.8.x
ftpck.1.11.tar.gz (23 Jun 1997, 36368 Bytes)
WU-FTPD (anonymous FTP daemon) Configuration Checker
xdiskinfo-1.2.tgz (22 Jun 1997, 1389 Bytes)
a graphical 'df' or 'xdf' (pie graph of mounted drives)
newyacc-1.1.tar.gz (22 Jun 1997, 294047 Bytes)
NewYacc, an extension to the popular Unix yacc program, provides a superset of yacc with translations attached to grammars in addition to actions. NewYacc is a front-end to yacc. In other words, NewYacc produces a yacc compatible file as output.
gcl_manual.22.tar.gz (20 Jun 1997, 328917 Bytes)
GCL (Graphics Command Language) is an interpreting language that is based on the data plotting library DISLIN.
sprocket-0.2-src.tar.gz (20 Jun 1997, 39863 Bytes)
Sprocket is a graphical Telnet & FTP client for the X-window system. It has the same look and feel as WS-FTP for the MS-Windows system (Qt library needed). (16 Jun 1997, 91239 Bytes)
synopses of the PGPLOT library (PostScript, 77 pages)
dxt-2.1.tar.gz (16 Jun 1997, 1429755 Bytes)
calypsodoc-v1.0.tar.gz (15 Jun 1997, 207983 Bytes)
Calypso - parallel processing on network of workstations (documentation).
nets-2.0.tar.gz (14 Jun 1997, 256751 Bytes)
Netscape Communicator 4.0bx work around by Theofilu Andreas (libraries to work with Netscape without a bus error)
setgrad-1.3.tar.gz (14 Jun 1997, 18843 Bytes)
makes a nice coloured gradient on your Xwindows background
gnusql-0.7b5.3.tar.gz (12 Jun 1997, 728601 Bytes)
The GNU SQL server (beta) is a portable multiuser DBMS, which supports the SQL89 standard with some extension from SQL92.
ipfn-1.05.tar.gz (7 Jun 1997, 6073 Bytes)
a simple client/server to associate an IP address with a person's name (if ISPs use dynamic IP allocation)
metamail-2.7-19.tar.gz (5 Jun 1997, 162101 Bytes)
infrastructure for mailcap-based multimedia (MIME) mail handling
tracelook-1.20.tar.gz (5 Jun 1997, 11275 Bytes)
reveal contents of tcpdump trace files
nc-html2latex-0.97.tar.gz (4 Jun 1997, 46711 Bytes)
converts from HTML format to LaTeX format
lsa-1.5b.tar.gz (31 May 1997, 6824 Bytes)
LSA - Linux System Administrator (a user and group administration tool)
webtex-0.96.tar.gz (29 May 1997, 44899 Bytes)
a HTML to LaTeX converter
f2c-stabs-1.3.tar.gz (29 May 1997, 44456 Bytes)
f2c support for gdb via emacs
multiwm-R1.tar.gz (28 May 1997, 25548 Bytes)
choose right window manager and window manager configuration before starting X
kscripts-2.1.40.tar.gz (28 May 1997, 20522 Bytes)
Scripts to help with the compilation, cleanup, backup, and patching of the Linux kernel
tprof-2.2.all.linux.tar.gz (28 May 1997, 985346 Bytes)
A profiler for TCL scripts. Allows creation of profiling data sets and later analysis through a graphical frontend.
libgr-2.0.13.tar.gz (25 May 1997, 1936798 Bytes)
Some Graphics libraries with ELF shared image. The tiff, fbm, urt, pbm, pgm, ppm, pnm, jpeg, png, zlib libs (update from libgr-1.3)
upd-1.44.tar.gz (25 May 1997, 87266 Bytes)
Upgrade/Replacment of Ghostscripts stcolor-Driver (for printers like NEC Pinwriter P2X, several Epson Stylus Color models, HP Deskjet 550C)
troffcvt-1.04.tar.gz (24 May 1997, 298755 Bytes)
convert troff files into other formats (HTML, RTF, text, ...)
uc-linux2.0-v2.03.gz (23 May 1997, 618555 Bytes)
Unix Cockpit - a multi-window X11 file manager (shareware) Unix Cockpit - a multi-window X11 file manager (shareware) that integrates file browsers, a directory tree, custom menus and the standard command shell
linuxnow.jpg (20 May 1997, 4107 Bytes)
A simple "Linux NOW!" logo, similar to "Netscape NOW!"
Xaw3d-1.3La-src.tar.gz (20 May 1997, 354192 Bytes)
Three-D Athena Widgets may be used as a general replacement for the Athena (Xaw) Widget set (X11 R6.1).
c2ps-4.0.tar.gz (20 May 1997, 48137 Bytes)
C/C++ to Postscript Converter
ppp-user-0.95.tar.gz (18 May 1997, 11374 Bytes)
let users easily handle PPP connections
pppconnhandle-0.1.2.tgz (17 May 1997, 12611 Bytes)
A small script to handle multiple PPP connection easily. It uses the dialog utility and the chat program
x1lin95a.tgz (14 May 1997, 198741 Bytes)
Stig Valentini's "x1" archiver, Linux executable, ALPHA
XBanner1.31.tar.gz (14 May 1997, 289735 Bytes)
makes XDM's login box nicer
xvmoontool-3.1.tar.gz (13 May 1997, 49954 Bytes)
displays information about the moon in real time (XView application)
xldlas-0.85-source.tgz (12 May 1997, 119146 Bytes)
An xforms based statistical application with graphing, regression analysis, curve fitting ...
grab-0.9.2.tar.gz (12 May 1997, 189414 Bytes)
Access and information tool for URL specified entities
faxpr-19970511.tar.gz (11 May 1997, 50172 Bytes)
tools for dealing with fax messages (mgetty+sendfax package)
mbiff-0.1.tar.gz (7 May 1997, 12772 Bytes)
A multiple INBOX biff
xmp3player-0.02.2.tgz (6 May 1997, 62266 Bytes)
a Qt-fronted for splay mpeg audio player
Plotmtv1.4.1-linux.tar.gz (4 May 1997, 1013695 Bytes)
a fast multipurpose X11 plotting program. a multipurpose X11 plotting program (specialized in contour plots, but it can also handle 2D and 3D plots)
tkapps.tgz (30 Apr 1997, 579326 Bytes)
TKAPPS package - includes VMail3 mail/news reader, File manager, Editor, Vacation message handler, Program launcher ...
hfs_fs-0.95.tar.gz (28 Apr 1997, 159942 Bytes)
kernel-loadable module implementing a Macintosh HFS filesystem for kernels 2.0.1 and newer.
f90split.1.1.tar.Z (25 Apr 1997, 21015 Bytes)
Splits Fortran (77 or 90) program units into separate files
bprof-2.0beta.tar.gz (25 Apr 1997, 16967 Bytes)
profiling per source code line
maplay3-1.1.tar.gz (24 Apr 1997, 114709 Bytes)
MPEG-1 Layer-III player based on maplay MPEG-1 Layer-III player based on maplay (with layer 3 support for faster machines)
MAKEDEV-C-1.6.1.tar.gz (24 Apr 1997, 48410 Bytes)
Enhanced (compiled, not shell) version of MAKEDEV (for creating special file (device) entries in /dev)
mimeplugin-1.1.tgz (22 Apr 1997, 39813 Bytes)
Universal MIME Plug-in for Netscape (developed to play embedded midi and wav music)
papyrus-1.1.1.src.tar.gz (20 Apr 1997, 450700 Bytes)
WordProcessor for Linux with OSF/Motif (2.0) GUI with a command language interpreter (Tcl) (source)
yppasswd-0.10.tar.gz (20 Apr 1997, 55659 Bytes)
yppasswd client and server (to update a user's NIS passwd entry)
jump_lx.tgz (18 Apr 1997, 156540 Bytes)
JUMP - a replacement of the JAVAC compiler with some extensions (faster, C++ features, ...)
floppybackup-v1.2a.tar.gz (15 Apr 1997, 11576 Bytes)
Writes/reads data to/from multiple floppies
nispasswd-1.0.tar.gz (13 Apr 1997, 14526 Bytes)
change your NIS+ password from a Linux box
ncrBsd2Linux-1.18c-src.tar.gz (13 Apr 1997, 91215 Bytes)
FreeBSD NCR SCSI driver ported to Linux
xv-3.10a-shared.tar.gz (13 Apr 1997, 1929323 Bytes)
xv image viewer, with all current patches, modified to use the shared libs provided by libgr
playmp3-0.6.tar.gz (10 Apr 1997, 40872 Bytes)
smart l3dec player inferface with large buffer support (needs posix threads and libc v5.4.x ?)
OnlineCC-0.8.tar.gz (9 Apr 1997, 46399 Bytes)
OnlineCC (Online Command Center) is a program to control a Slip/PPP connection to the main german internet providers
isputil-0.6.tgz (8 Apr 1997, 117427 Bytes)
set of tools for Internet Service Providers
wwwutil-0.6.tgz (8 Apr 1997, 478293 Bytes)
some World Wide Web utilities (to use with ISPutil)
tcp_wrappers_7.6.tar.gz (8 Apr 1997, 99438 Bytes)
Network monitoring, access control, and booby traps
deluser+shadow-1.1.gz (4 Apr 1997, 1121 Bytes)
deletes users from a system, including exhisting home and mail directories (with shadow support)
rarpc-0.01b.tgz (3 Apr 1997, 16212 Bytes)
RARP client (grabs the IP address for a machine from a RARP server)
XColorSel-1.1.tar.gz (27 Mar 1997, 128157 Bytes)
displays the colors in rgb.txt (including a "color editor")
[TXT] COPYING-2.0 (27 Mar 1997, 18007 Bytes)
[TXT] COPYING.LIB-2.0 (27 Mar 1997, 25275 Bytes)
XPVM user's guide (PostScript)
clnwtmp-1.5.tar.gz (24 Mar 1997, 5086 Bytes)
Selectively cleans out the 'wtmp' & 'utmp' files
nihcl-3.2.tar.gz (22 Mar 1997, 280776 Bytes)
NIH C++ container class library, modified. (20 Mar 1997, 173689 Bytes)
Perl 5 FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions) (PostScript)
Panel-CDEm-v3.0.tgz (20 Mar 1997, 275456 Bytes)
CDEmulator now includes panelv0.31 (Fvwm2.0.45)
hpgl2ps-2.2.tar.gz (20 Mar 1997, 44756 Bytes)
A HPGL (Hewlett Packard Graphics Language) plot command filter to PostScript
ypclients-2.2-970318.tar.gz (20 Mar 1997, 27058 Bytes)
These programs are used to turn your linux station into an NIS (formerly YP) client.
fdfpp.tar.gz (18 Mar 1997, 56374 Bytes)
the Fortran language preprocessor for FORTRAN 77 and Fortran 90
newuser.gz (14 Mar 1997, 906 Bytes)
Shell script, add new user and send welcome msg
sdir-0.50.tgz (13 Mar 1997, 20014 Bytes)
A directory lister that measures sub-directory sizes, somehow like 'du'.
vhman2html-1.5.3.tar.gz (13 Mar 1997, 71817 Bytes)
HTML manual pager browser (CGI script)
psutils-p17.tar.gz (11 Mar 1997, 62039 Bytes)
utilities for manipulating PostScript documents
sf22lux.tar.gz (11 Mar 1997, 1353542 Bytes)
Free SOLID Desktop 2.2 for Linux (special campaign version which is restricted to SOLID Relational Database Server version 2.2 and allows 2 local concurrent connections from the same computer where the server is running).
entity-1.10.tar.gz (7 Mar 1997, 27702 Bytes)
filter which converts to/from HTML entities/ISO Latin 1
f77flow-0.12.tar.gz (7 Mar 1997, 8527 Bytes)
A C-program to analyse the structure of a fortran77 program
xaumail-0.1.tar.gz (7 Mar 1997, 221250 Bytes)
A very simple audio mail program
chatd-1.6.tar.gz (5 Mar 1997, 26780 Bytes)
FOFRA Talker - Chat daemon for Linux
xkhfm-v1.0.src.tgz (5 Mar 1997, 639834 Bytes)
Khamis Filemanager with directory tree listing, hexed and ... (Motif)
dist-3.0@70.tar.gz (28 Feb 1997, 479039 Bytes)
set of tools meant to ease the construction and maintenance of portable software
spell-1.0.tar.gz (23 Feb 1997, 44388 Bytes)
GNU Spell is a clone of standard Unix `spell', implemented asi a wrapper to Ispell.
netkbd-1.0.tgz (20 Feb 1997, 4421 Bytes)
Network Device Rx/Tx Monitor (via flashing CAPS and SCLK lights)
flpr-2.1.tar.gz (20 Feb 1997, 58672 Bytes)
automatically detects the type of printed files and converts it accordingly
Fvwm2-CDEm-v2.0.tar.gz (19 Feb 1997, 46856 Bytes)
Fvwm2 configuration file and Icon Sheet which emulates CDE default colors, look, and feel. ("Same CDE Color Lay-out as v1.0/1.0a, but with NeXT-alike icons instead of the nasty icky-poo CDE icons...")
xm_dev.tgz (18 Feb 1997, 556172 Bytes)
Lesstif development libraries (GPL'ed implementation of Motif-1.2). Included are: uil, libXm.a, libMrm.a, includes
xm_run.tgz (18 Feb 1997, 412110 Bytes)
Lesstif run-time libraries (GPL'ed implementation of Motif-1.2). Included are xmbind,,
maildec-2.1.tar.gz (18 Feb 1997, 15061 Bytes)
Mail decoder for Base64, UU/XX, BinHex encoded files.
asppp-0.4c.tar.gz (11 Feb 1997, 33307 Bytes)
X interace to pppd
smb-NT-verify.1.1.tar.gz (10 Feb 1997, 80858 Bytes)
allow full password authentication for Linux services using a central NT server
xmplay-1.1.tar.gz (8 Feb 1997, 176434 Bytes)
X11 directory browser for xmpeg MPEG Video Software Decoder (6 Feb 1997, 1601733 Bytes)
Persistence of Vision(tm) Ray-Tracer - User's Documentation (HTML) (6 Feb 1997, 764628 Bytes)
Persistence of Vision(tm) Ray-Tracer - User's Documentation (PostScript) (6 Feb 1997, 286517 Bytes)
Persistence of Vision(tm) Ray-Tracer - User's Documentation (Text)
HElliZER.tgz (5 Feb 1997, 1693575 Bytes)
Featuring 2d & 3d engines with texturing and shading in any resolution (up to 640x480) (demo)
xltcdplay1.7.tar.gz (3 Feb 1997, 29255 Bytes)
a MOTIF/LessTif functional Audio CD control panel
spellprogs_1.2.tar.gz (31 Jan 1997, 3748 Bytes)
Three front ends to ispell
deluser-1.02.tar.gz (31 Jan 1997, 3587 Bytes)
utility for deleting user accounts
mh-6.8.4-linux-patch.gz (30 Jan 1997, 39451 Bytes)
bring the official mh-6.8.3 sources up to version 6.8.4 for linux
tnpic-2.4.tar.gz (29 Jan 1997, 68476 Bytes)
makes indexes of GIF/JPEG files (as a JPEG file) (27 Jan 1997, 199263 Bytes)
HylaFAX facsimile software (documentation, PostScript)
ez-magic-1.0.5.tar.gz (26 Jan 1997, 38193 Bytes)
a printer filter that supports 8 common file formats (txt,ps,gif,bmp,pcx,png,jpg,tif)
xm_mwm.tgz (24 Jan 1997, 259514 Bytes)
Lesstif MWM (Window Manager) clone (uses the lesstif libraries, statically linked)
tpqic02-support-1.9b.tar.gz (20 Jan 1997, 105838 Bytes)
runtime-configuration of the QIC-02 tape driver
startppp_v1.31.tgz (16 Jan 1997, 70437 Bytes)
Tk-interface for pppd to start a ppp-connection (15 Jan 1997, 139372 Bytes)
Recursive directory tree navigator and program launching
xquser-0.04.src.tgz (12 Jan 1997, 8945 Bytes)
xquser is a user management program allows you to handle users with shadow & quota.
maplay-1.3b-Linux.tar.gz (5 Jan 1997, 100643 Bytes)
a modified version of Tobias Bading's MAPLAY MPEG audio layer I and II player for slow Linux boxes
db.1.86.tar.gz (4 Jan 1997, 270728 Bytes)
the Berkeley Database (DB) - historic release (revised implementation of the hash access method that fixed a variety of problems found in DB version 1.85)
XSpectrum-1.1.tar.gz (4 Jan 1997, 190832 Bytes)
a simple real-time spectrum analyzer (FFT). The soundcard is used as the digitizing device.
splitter-1.2.tar.gz (3 Jan 1997, 9634 Bytes)
split standard input between multiple programs
dcon0.97.tgz (3 Jan 1997, 31678 Bytes)
Script language interpreter to automate modem operations (alternative to 'chat')
xbatstat-0.5.2.tar.gz (2 Jan 1997, 99356 Bytes)
X battery Status Viewer
RTED0.6.3.tar.gz (30 Dec 1996, 1042789 Bytes)
RT Editor is a raytracing program (currently only rendering engine)
calc.1_1.tar.gz (28 Dec 1996, 735285 Bytes)
an X11/Motif-based calculator that has scientific and programming functions (including an executable)
dialIP-costs-v1.0.tar.gz (25 Dec 1996, 18349 Bytes)
Display time & costs for (C)SLIP & PPP sessions
dip337p-uri.tgz (24 Dec 1996, 188381 Bytes)
enhanced, patched version of dip ( handles the connections needed for dialup IP links, like SLIP or PPP).
xpm_examples.tar.gz (24 Dec 1996, 8825 Bytes)
some example XPM pixmaps files
euler.linux.tar.gz (18 Dec 1996, 282638 Bytes)
a numerical matrix language (like MatLab)
smallutils-1.3.tar.gz (17 Dec 1996, 37363 Bytes)
a group of very small standard utilities
tcpsendexpect.1.2.tar.gz (14 Dec 1996, 11959 Bytes)
connects to a TCP port of a host and make a chat (to automatize some operation on remote servers)
emil-2.1.0-beta9.tar.gz (12 Dec 1996, 215587 Bytes)
A Conversion Filter for Internet Messages
finfo-3.1.tar.gz (9 Dec 1996, 27981 Bytes)
shows detailed i-node information
pt-0.6.tgz (6 Dec 1996, 15987 Bytes)
Pluto Text (conversion) utilities
mget02.tar.gz (30 Nov 1996, 9644 Bytes)
transfer directories from ftp servers
Xaw-XPM-1.1.tar.gz (28 Nov 1996, 1188556 Bytes)
Much improved Xaw3d lib (with background images)
hextype-3.0.tar.gz (25 Nov 1996, 10509 Bytes)
makes a nice-looking hexdump
ispcost-0.39.tar.gz (24 Nov 1996, 31525 Bytes)
An X11 program that allows connecting/disconnecting a PPP link by pressing a button. Also calculates and logs cost of each phone call. Uses pppd/chat to make the connection. Was previously known as 'dial'.
mp3-GUI.tgz (22 Nov 1996, 431889 Bytes)
An mp3 player with GUI. Compiled with static option. (Tcl/Tk)
xpm-doc-A4.PS.gz (21 Nov 1996, 48874 Bytes)
XPM Manual (The X PixMap Format; PostScript A4 format)
pppmon-0.2.tgz (21 Nov 1996, 594084 Bytes)
Monitor the bandwidth used by a PPP link in a small X window
proxyrouted-0.90.tar.gz (14 Nov 1996, 8049 Bytes)
proxy routed daemon for Linux Systems
sliplogin-2.1.2.tar.gz (8 Nov 1996, 69505 Bytes)
makes linux work as a slip server
OffiX-2.3a.tar.gz (5 Nov 1996, 320856 Bytes)
set of tools to make Unix systems more user-friendly (filemanager, editor, printer, trash)
Fvwm2-CDEm-v1.0a.tgz (5 Nov 1996, 190512 Bytes)
Fvwm2 configuration file and Icon Sheet which emulates CDE default colors, look, and feel.
pingtool.tar.gz (3 Nov 1996, 6144 Bytes)
completely new feature-enhanced version of good old 'ping' watch a private Intranet periodically
pppconfig-1.0.1.tar.gz (24 Oct 1996, 40449 Bytes)
handle calling and setting up a PPP connection and then calling pppd
nist-2.00a.tgz (22 Oct 1996, 69644 Bytes)
Timeserver-client package for Linux (C)
mailclear-1.1.tar.gz (18 Oct 1996, 1854 Bytes)
interface to the popclient binary increasing the security
mfilt5.2.079.tar.gz (17 Oct 1996, 182779 Bytes)
mail filter system (perl5)
fas-2.12.tar.gz (17 Oct 1996, 105818 Bytes)
asynchronous serial character device driver
admind-0.10-LD.tgz (15 Oct 1996, 77556 Bytes)
a universal time/traffic quota/reporting tool ("sac or ac replacement")
xmount10.tgz (11 Oct 1996, 18993 Bytes)
X11 based small utility for mounting devices
icotoxpm.tgz (11 Oct 1996, 108762 Bytes)
Converts MS Windows Icon files(*.ico) to XPM(*.xpm) files
tsfax-0.90.tgz (10 Oct 1996, 81158 Bytes)
a Xemacs / LaTeX-Mode frontend for the mgetty+sendfax package
linux-background.jpg (4 Oct 1996, 400031 Bytes)
a kuel (simple) Linux image rendered with POV-Ray 3.0 at 1152x500
xf4.0.tar.gz (29 Sep 1996, 1794083 Bytes)
An interface builder for Tcl/Tk
PopTart-0.97.tar.gz (29 Sep 1996, 25292 Bytes)
highly configurable POP3 mail client
gnussl-0.2.1.tar.gz (26 Sep 1996, 269949 Bytes)
GNUMATH: A Numerical Mathematics Library
popclient-3.2.tar.gz (25 Sep 1996, 191281 Bytes)
Full-featured POP2/POP3/APOP client (retrieve mail from a mailserver using Post Office Protocol)
nfsbench-0.3.5.tar.gz (25 Sep 1996, 45761 Bytes)
NFS Test and Performance Measurement Suite
multitee-3.0.shar.gz (18 Sep 1996, 22180 Bytes)
send multiple inputs to multiple outputs
gr-4.00b.tar.gz (18 Sep 1996, 343906 Bytes)
X-less, Motif-less gr with Tom Boutell's gd graphics library (see xmgr)
xnet-0.5.tgz (17 Sep 1996, 19880 Bytes)
An xload-ish display for packet traffic on network devices
XPostitPlus-2.3.tar.gz (15 Sep 1996, 78950 Bytes)
Post-It(r) Notes for X-Windows
lclint-2.2a.src.tar.gz (12 Sep 1996, 1748571 Bytes)
tool for statically checking C programs
lclint-2.2a.common.tar.gz (12 Sep 1996, 744003 Bytes)
tool for statically checking C programs
lclint-2.2a.common-mini.tar.gz (12 Sep 1996, 120059 Bytes)
tool for statically checking C programs
xtpanel-3.24.tar.gz (11 Sep 1996, 324143 Bytes)
A simple scripting language for creating shell like X-window applications
Scriptum-1.1.7b-html-doc.tar.gz (9 Sep 1996, 1249553 Bytes)
A full featured Motif/X based editor (HTML documentation)
Scriptum-1.1.7b-common.tgz (9 Sep 1996, 118472 Bytes)
A full featured Motif/X based editor (common part)
mpeg_stat-2.2b-src.tar.gz (17 Aug 1996, 80021 Bytes)
masqtool-1.1.tar.gz (12 Aug 1996, 9371 Bytes)
IP Masquerade Tool (9 Aug 1996, 65750 Bytes)
Documentation to the callback package
pflnx511.tgz (6 Aug 1996, 1027890 Bytes)
An Intel Linux version of plusFORT, the Fortran programmers' toolkit. Includes retructuring, static analysis (including interactive access), beautifier, declaration standardiser, AUTOMAKE.
xmtoolbar-source-1.2.tar.gz (3 Aug 1996, 42981 Bytes)
a simple toolbar for Motif 2.0
pg-lib-1.2.tar.gz (2 Aug 1996, 4593 Bytes)
functions to improve the ease of using of PostGres95
mpegedit_v2.2.tar.gz (2 Aug 1996, 336117 Bytes)
Mpeg 1 Editor
linuxmount-1.0.tgz (30 Jul 1996, 53749 Bytes)
Mount/umount program
xmemory-3.7.tgz (25 Jul 1996, 224347 Bytes)
a multi player memory game
mpeg2vidcodec_v12.tar.gz (21 Jul 1996, 259790 Bytes)
MPEG-2 Encoder / Decoder
ImageMagick.animation.tar.gz (18 Jul 1996, 1821432 Bytes)
color_xterm.tar.gz (18 Jul 1996, 181624 Bytes)
color terminal emulator for X11
time-1.7.tar.gz (11 Jul 1996, 103066 Bytes)
GNU time - measures many of the CPU resources, such as time and memory, that other programs use
pthreads-1.0.tar.gz (1 Jul 1996, 118902 Bytes)
PCthreads(tm) for Linux is a fully functional and conformant implementation of the POSIX .1c standard.
tycoon-1.07o.tar.gz (15 Jun 1996, 280576 Bytes)
X11 desktop utility
TeXshell.2.86a.tar.gz (13 Jun 1996, 176906 Bytes)
X-Window Shell for TeX (OpenLook or Xaw/Xaw3d)
xdefmap-1.3.tgz (13 Jun 1996, 13615 Bytes)
install or delete standard colormaps
tknet1_1b3.tgz (11 Jun 1996, 142833 Bytes)
easy to use X front end to SLIP/PPP
unhtml-v1.5.tar.gz (8 Jun 1996, 5141 Bytes)
removes unwanted HTML code from ASCII files
tarfix-1.0.tar.gz (7 Jun 1996, 105273 Bytes)
Tools for processing damaged tar archive files
[TXT] xa1.0_cvid_cinepak.readme (6 Jun 1996, 9236 Bytes)
Remarks on Cinepak Decompression Module for XAnim
dial-0.30.tar.gz (3 Jun 1996, 48144 Bytes)
handle connection to an ISP (Internet Service Provider) using PPP
xmessage-9605.tar.gz (31 May 1996, 9789 Bytes)
displays a message or query in a X11 window.
a2ps-1.4.1.tar.gz (25 May 1996, 12463 Bytes)
ASCII to PostScript converter with pretty-printing capabilities (level 1 compliant)
k-lendars-1.5.tar.gz (22 May 1996, 138759 Bytes)
a multi-user / multi-calendar diary
mailleds-0.93.tar.gz (21 May 1996, 23899 Bytes)
signify new mail via blinking keyboard LEDs
fet111.tgz (18 May 1996, 12061 Bytes)
Front End for Term
tkcic_73.tgz (12 May 1996, 270913 Bytes)
Cicero - a WYSIWYG word-processor (Tcl/Tk, TIX)
Xmemuse.0.4.tgz (7 May 1996, 6136 Bytes)
Shows free-used-buffers-shared/ram-swap in a chart (like xload)
HexEd-1.10-src.tar.gz (6 May 1996, 424274 Bytes)
a multiwindow hex editor
lodlin16.tgz (3 May 1996, 87210 Bytes)
LOADLIN - a loader running under DOS for LINUX kernel images (fully supporting the kernel's command line feature)
kmem-ps-1.3.95+.tar.gz (3 May 1996, 55029 Bytes)
The kmem based process status suite of programs (26 Apr 1996, 539028 Bytes)
binary file editor (X11)
xaw3d-1.2a-3.tar.gz (26 Apr 1996, 281974 Bytes)
Xaw3d widget set
cpost.tar.gz (25 Apr 1996, 40067 Bytes)
Produces excellent listings of C language files in Postscript highlighting C keywords.
pgp263is.tar.gz (24 Apr 1996, 607982 Bytes)
Pretty Good Privacy version 2.6.3i - a public key encryption package
pimp-1.0.tar.Z (21 Apr 1996, 44272 Bytes)
A simplistic pop mail client
xnews-2.0.tar.gz (5 Apr 1996, 7130 Bytes)
X/Motif version of UNIX news command
mfm1.3.tar.Z (4 Apr 1996, 202999 Bytes)
OSF/Motif based filemanager
tkdir-1.2.0.tar.Z (28 Mar 1996, 61535 Bytes)
a directory utility for managing files in a workstation cluster
nc110.tgz (20 Mar 1996, 75267 Bytes)
netcat - opens a TCP or UDP connection to any port on any host
magicfilter-1.2.tar.gz (17 Mar 1996, 53176 Bytes)
A customizable, extensible automatic printer filter
sysline-1.1.tar.gz (16 Mar 1996, 53124 Bytes)
system status display on bottom line of terminal
xdtm-2.5.8.tar.gz (14 Mar 1996, 190532 Bytes)
X Desktop Manager is a graphical shell for the X Window System
spm-2.0.tar.gz (14 Mar 1996, 239882 Bytes)
SPM (System for Password Management)
killall-1.0.tar.gz (11 Mar 1996, 16115 Bytes)
kill processes by their names
linuxdoc-sgml-1.5.tar.gz (9 Mar 1996, 458140 Bytes)
SGML documentation tools. Create plain text, LaTeX, PostScript and texinfo output from on SGML source file
pppupd-0.23.tar.gz (3 Mar 1996, 6018 Bytes)
simple daemon which maintains a dialup PPP connection
L5.tgz (3 Mar 1996, 26574 Bytes)
Unix/DOS file integrity checker; simpler than Tripwire
auis635L1-src.tgz (24 Feb 1996, 950059 Bytes)
AUIS - For the Programmer (Andrew User Interface System)
freefonts-0.10.tar.gz (12 Feb 1996, 2422824 Bytes)
a collection of 79 freely available fonts (for X11, gimp, ghostscript and groff)
popmail-1.6.tar.gz (9 Feb 1996, 10221 Bytes)
A pop3 client (alpha release)
mlman.tar.Z (8 Feb 1996, 357635 Bytes)
ML mail client documentation (HTML)
pgpdoc-html.tar.gz (8 Feb 1996, 105226 Bytes)
PGP User's Guide (HTML)
Slay.1.2.tar.gz (7 Feb 1996, 1555 Bytes)
Kills all of a users processes
xrolodex.1.5.motif.tar.gz (7 Feb 1996, 71217 Bytes)
a Rolodex(R)-style application for maintaining a set of "virtual business cards."
SSLeay.doc-1.5.tar.gz (6 Feb 1996, 143210 Bytes)
documentation for SSLeay
pppopt.tgz (2 Feb 1996, 4814 Bytes)
Template for `/etc/ppp/options' configuration file for pppd
xpm-tutorial.PS.gz (2 Feb 1996, 36327 Bytes)
XPM Tutorial (The X PixMap Format; PostScript)
rpc.rstatd-3.03.tar.gz (1 Feb 1996, 15037 Bytes)
a rstatd, rup, and rsysinfo for linux
netmon.tgz (31 Jan 1996, 3370 Bytes)
show LanManager server names on X
loaddog-0.95b.tgz (25 Jan 1996, 13501 Bytes)
monitors a varity of system vitals
upop.tgz (21 Jan 1996, 12063 Bytes)
Retrieves mail ion request from a POP server and uses sendmail for local delivery to the user running upop
fdisk-3.04.tar.gz (19 Jan 1996, 29067 Bytes)
A rewrite from scratch of an fdisk program for Linux. It is much more powerful than the old one, and hopefully much more correct. It can be used in shell scripts.
coolmail-1.3.tgz (15 Jan 1996, 26809 Bytes)
biff replacement with 3d animation
kmenu-0.8.tgz (13 Jan 1996, 23329 Bytes)
'make menuconfig' for Linux kernel configuration. Works with Linux series 1.1 to 1.3
nctopnm.tar.Z (10 Jan 1996, 8171 Bytes)
convert a NetCDF file into a portable pixmap
mnmlinux-pl2.tgz (9 Jan 1996, 300621 Bytes)
midnight modeller framework for POVray
nntp. (9 Jan 1996, 153634 Bytes)
code necessary to compile an NNTP server daemon (8 Jan 1996, 287706 Bytes)
A collection of DOS programs that allow you to read a Linux ext2 file system from DOS.
xdim-2.6.tar.gz (19 Dec 1995, 984829 Bytes)
visualize 2D-Datafields
ipe-5.0.tar.gz (16 Dec 1995, 537792 Bytes)
extendible drawing editor (LaTeX)
ipe-plageo.tar.gz (16 Dec 1995, 43420 Bytes)
the PlaGeo library for planar geometry
toolbar-1.3a.tar.gz (15 Dec 1995, 10079 Bytes)
creates a window to launch applications
ImageMagick.images.tar.gz (14 Dec 1995, 2700851 Bytes)
ImageMagick images for testing the display program of ImageMagick.
xwatchmail-1.05.tar.gz (14 Dec 1995, 76486 Bytes)
watch for incoming mail
coloredit-1.1.tar.gz (12 Dec 1995, 7315 Bytes)
viewi/edit the standard X11 color entries
dfgui-06b.tgz (9 Dec 1995, 10273 Bytes)
A GUI form of the 'df' utility, with multiple display options
poweredbylinux.gif (8 Dec 1995, 5732 Bytes)
Ancient Linux logo
tkppp-1.4-alpha.tar.gz (6 Dec 1995, 11336 Bytes)
A tcl/tk tool for controlling a PPP connection
convert-1.3.tar.gz (1 Dec 1995, 24479 Bytes)
unit conversion (tcl/tk interface) (22 Nov 1995, 84339 Bytes)
freeWAIS-sf 2.0 documentation (PostScript)
xxgdb-1.12.tar.gz (19 Nov 1995, 115537 Bytes)
a X window interface to the GDB debugger
mpeg_encode1.2.2.tar.gz (17 Nov 1995, 256688 Bytes)
mage and Image sequence compression/decompressioni C software engines
ntape-0.21.tar.gz (16 Nov 1995, 61143 Bytes)
an archive management system for SCSI tapes
rxx-4.2.3.tar.gz (10 Nov 1995, 13428 Bytes)
Remote eXecution of X programs
xgrabsc.2_41.tar.Z (7 Nov 1995, 96117 Bytes)
grab rectangular screen images and store in files (X11)
xspread3.1.1c.tar.gz (7 Nov 1995, 759445 Bytes)
Spreadsheet for X11. Modifed version of "sc 6.22".
xztalk-1.5.tar.gz (2 Nov 1995, 942067 Bytes)
motif interface to ztalk
llnlxftp2.1.tar.Z (19 Oct 1995, 359401 Bytes)
a graphical user interface to FTP
mirrormagic-1.3.tar.gz (19 Oct 1995, 371444 Bytes)
a game for Unix/X11
linux3.fli (12 Oct 1995, 1404524 Bytes)
An animation of a rotating linux logo
libXpm-4.7.tar.gz (10 Oct 1995, 238381 Bytes)
This is the latest xpm (version 3.4g) DLL image/source release for linux. The DLL version numbering is This library is NOT backward compatable with version Therefore you should NOT delete the previous version until you are 100% sure none of your binaries it.
xcol-1.7.tgz (5 Oct 1995, 19840 Bytes)
display available colors & change color entries in text files (rgb.txt)
tkined-1.3.4.tar.gz (20 Sep 1995, 199249 Bytes)
an application independent, tk-based interactive network editor
pppserver.tgz (6 Sep 1995, 4277 Bytes)
dynamic ppp server (must have pppd) (24 Aug 1995, 44235 Bytes)
The extended-2 filesystem overview (PostScript)
xbmbrowser5.1.tar.gz (16 Aug 1995, 74397 Bytes)
view a complete directory of X bitmaps and X pixmaps
mcard-1.3.tar.gz (31 Jul 1995, 67956 Bytes)
Motif CardFile application
fdmount-0.8.tar.gz (31 Jul 1995, 11729 Bytes)
mount floppies, auto-detect filesystem type & format
ppp-meter-v69l.tgz (29 Jul 1995, 19147 Bytes)
LED based visual PPP load meter
das1200-1.0.tar.gz (26 Jul 1995, 9112 Bytes)
A Linux kernel module implementing a device driver for the Keithley Data Acquisition DAS1200 board.
roget14a.txt.gz (18 Jul 1995, 607467 Bytes)
Project Gutenberg Etext of Roget's Thesaurus No. Two
admin-b3.tar.gz (16 Jul 1995, 252362 Bytes)
General purpose system, user, tape backup, and line monitoring services (VU visual screen environment)
envv-1.6.tar.Z (11 Jul 1995, 18873 Bytes)
a shell-independent way of handling environment variables
PGPTools-fixed.tar.gz (7 Jul 1995, 177208 Bytes)
a set of functions to write PGP-compatible encryption programs
xping.tar.Z (21 Jun 1995, 27318 Bytes)
Plot ping failure rate
mpeg_encode-1.5-src.tar.gz (21 Jun 1995, 1734498 Bytes)
mpeg-1 video stream encoder
morphine-1.0.linux.tar.gz (8 Jun 1995, 381853 Bytes)
A simple morphing program, with output on X-Windows or gifs
Bootkit-1.01.tar.gz (8 Jun 1995, 69843 Bytes)
The Linux Bootkit is a dialog driven package for creating and maintaining emergency boot, root, and utility diskettes.
xtune.1.1.tar.Z (7 Jun 1995, 23089 Bytes)
play a tune on an X-terminal
dclkprog.tgz (6 Jun 1995, 17165 Bytes)
External clock setting program, under an XFree X server, for Diamond graphics cards such as the Stealth 32 (or old Speedstar24).
linemon.tar.gz (31 May 1995, 35593 Bytes)
Realtime Multi-line Modem Activity Monitor
[TXT] s2d.shar (25 May 1995, 121545 Bytes)
converting between Fortran single and double precision
linus-father-of-linux.jpg (24 May 1995, 33350 Bytes)
... the "young" Linux Torvalds
speed.comp-1.0.tgz (23 May 1995, 155366 Bytes)
A comparison between the speeds of an elf system, and an aout/DLL system
thsfs.tgz (22 May 1995, 16436 Bytes)
lets Linux read a DoubleSpaced filesystem
f-s2d-1.2.1.tar.gz (18 May 1995, 87810 Bytes)
Fortran single/double converter
xmailtool.3.1.2b.tar.Z (13 May 1995, 270345 Bytes)
X11 based graphical interface to the BSDish mail program
getarp-0.2a.tar.gz (12 May 1995, 951 Bytes)
Simple script to get ARPA ethernet address from an IP address
xwebcomber.1.0B.tar.gz (2 May 1995, 76060 Bytes)
A personal web agent that scans a limited tree of web pages (28 Apr 1995, 55947 Bytes)
PPR Unix print spooler (client software for LANMAN/X)
plot2ps.tar.gz (13 Apr 1995, 103234 Bytes)
a utility for converting unix plot files to postscript
mxgdb-1.2.1.tar.gz (12 Apr 1995, 89292 Bytes)
a Motif based Graphical User Interface (GUI) to the GNU gdb debugger a Motif based Graphical User Interface (GUI) to the GNU gdb debugger
pstoepsi-1.25.tar.Z (9 Apr 1995, 13959 Bytes)
converts arbitrary PostScript to Encapsulated PostScript
fgres-1.5.tar.gz (1 Apr 1995, 20544 Bytes)
string replace utility for binary and text files/pipes (31 Mar 1995, 1487847 Bytes)
TIS Firewall Toolkit
sharefonts-0.10.tar.gz (22 Mar 1995, 750577 Bytes)
a collection of shareware (!) fonts from CICA (for X11, gimp, ghostscript and groff), see also freefonts
DPS.R6.1.contrib.tar.gz (16 Mar 1995, 1302778 Bytes)
Display PostScript Client Software
mcvert-2.16.tar.gz (14 Mar 1995, 42438 Bytes)
MacBinary <=> BinHex 4.0 and more file conversion utility
cflow-2.0.tar.gz (6 Mar 1995, 20824 Bytes)
show C call structure
lha-1.00.tar.gz (6 Mar 1995, 54485 Bytes)
LHa compression/decompression for UNIX
athena-delete.tgz (23 Feb 1995, 26298 Bytes)
File delete/undelete package from MIT Athena
ICA-1.6.tar.gz (14 Feb 1995, 699027 Bytes)
Integrated Chameleon Architecture (ICA) - toolset for generating data translators, e.g. to and from a constrained subset of instances of SGML Document Type Definitions (DTD).
slatec_chk.tgz (31 Jan 1995, 324049 Bytes)
slatec_chk - quick check routines for the slatec collection of mathematical FORTRAN subroutines.
xmail_1.6.tar.gz (31 Jan 1995, 128579 Bytes)
X11 interface to the mail program
tunelp-1.3.tar.gz (29 Jan 1995, 5838 Bytes)
set various parameters for the lp device
xv-3.10a.tar.gz (23 Jan 1995, 2259124 Bytes)
Interactive image display for the X Window System
wwwish.tar.gz (11 Jan 1995, 247670 Bytes)
tk interpreter for WYSIWYG previews
c-news.tar.gz (3 Jan 1995, 490688 Bytes)
Cleanup Release of C News (Usenet NetNews server)
xcolorsel-1.1a-src.tar.gz (14 Dec 1994, 67359 Bytes)
a multipurpose viewer for X11 rgb.txt files
asedit-1.3.2.tar.gz (24 Nov 1994, 371186 Bytes)
easy to use text editor for X11/Motif
fudgit_2.42beta.tar.gz (18 Nov 1994, 496480 Bytes)
double-precision multi-purpose fitting program (using gnuplot)
xfaces-3.3.tar.gz (9 Nov 1994, 107812 Bytes)
display an image for each piece of mail in your mail box
uit-4.3.3.tar.gz (2 Nov 1994, 155604 Bytes)
UNIX Interactive Tools - a filesystem browser
xpbiff-1.27.tar.gz (27 Oct 1994, 26333 Bytes)
Popup biff if mail arrives
xmartin-2.2.tar.gz (24 Oct 1994, 23907 Bytes)
set X11 root window to Martin hopalong pattern
xpalette.tar.gz (24 Oct 1994, 87882 Bytes)
a rgb.txt color display X-tool
xmgfv2.4.tar.gz (5 Sep 1994, 874012 Bytes)
3D interactive tool for displaying image feature files in gf format (29 Aug 1994, 342732 Bytes)
ListProcessor 6.0
shapeTools-1.4pl6.tar.gz (23 Aug 1994, 669183 Bytes)
a collection of programs to support software configuration management in an UNIX environment
xless-1.7.tar.gz (29 Jul 1994, 45559 Bytes)
a file browsing tool for the X Window System
xdiff-1.4.tar.gz (23 Jul 1994, 17522 Bytes)
context diff under X windows
x3179.tar.gz (20 Jul 1994, 469624 Bytes)
an IBM 3179G terminal emulator (including some non-bug-free graphical support)
xdtree-2.2.tar.gz (19 Jul 1994, 38893 Bytes)
graphic representation of directory structures
mpeg2play_v1.1b.tar.gz (13 Jul 1994, 36842 Bytes)
a player for MPEG-1 and MPEG-2 video bitstreams
aXe-6.1.2.tar.Z (12 Jul 1994, 661375 Bytes)
simple to use text editor for X11
xarchie-2.0.10.tar.gz (5 Jul 1994, 274341 Bytes)
X11 browser interface to Archie Internet information system (search for files in aFTP servers, ...)
mpeg2codec_v1.1a.tar.gz (5 Jul 1994, 134895 Bytes)
MPEG-2 Encoder / Decoder, Version 1.1, June 1994
moxftp-2.2.tar.Z (4 Jul 1994, 1491491 Bytes)
Motif X interface to ftp
mpeg2codec_verify_v1.1.tar.gz (30 Jun 1994, 126734 Bytes)
Verifying MPEG bitstream
xftp.2.0.tar.Z (2 Jun 1994, 362307 Bytes)
a graphical user interface to FTP
Point1.63-linux.tar.gz (31 May 1994, 627447 Bytes)
text editor w/ tcl/tk extension language
xgopher.1.3.3.tar.Z (18 May 1994, 297810 Bytes)
Gopher information system client (X11)
xmpeg-2.0.tar.gz (5 May 1994, 326756 Bytes)
MPEG Video Software Decoder
xmgf.Examples.tar.gz (4 May 1994, 542389 Bytes)
3D interactive tool for displaying image feature files in gf format
point1.63.tar.gz (26 Apr 1994, 339423 Bytes)
text editor for X11
xhtmledit-1.2a.tar.Z (11 Apr 1994, 64537 Bytes)
simple HTML text editor
Seyon-2.14c.tar.gz (3 Mar 1994, 162420 Bytes)
a complete full-featured telecommunications package (X11)
mm2.7.tar.Z (18 Feb 1994, 262881 Bytes)
metamail - infrastructure for mailcap-based multimedia mail handling
MPEGTool-1.03.tar.gz (23 Dec 1993, 73620 Bytes)
an application which combines an MPEG encoder and a statistics tool with an X11/Motif based Graphical User Interface (GUI)
xloadimage.4.1.tar.gz (9 Nov 1993, 598324 Bytes)
X11 Image Loading Utility
snftobdf-1.6.tar.Z (8 Nov 1993, 44152 Bytes)
converts a Server Normal Format (SNF) font to X11 Bitmap Distribution Format (BDF)
xlbiff-3.0.tar.Z (29 Oct 1993, 26004 Bytes)
mailbox message previewer for X
utpc-0.11.tar.Z (25 Oct 1993, 33118 Bytes)
Unix Pascal Compiler with Turbo compatibility library
ss.1.2b.tar.gz (15 Sep 1993, 302094 Bytes)
a curses based spreadsheet program
uuencode-1.0.tar.gz (30 Aug 1993, 27331 Bytes)
encode (decode) binary files to transmit it over transmission mediums that do only support ASCII data (e.g. mail)
rtf2LaTeX.1.5.tar.gz (16 Aug 1993, 52075 Bytes)
RTF to LaTeX converter
xcoloredit.tar.Z (1 Aug 1993, 24648 Bytes)
find colour values by graphical colour mixing
pns_examples.tar.Z (19 Jul 1993, 4064 Bytes)
Petri-Net Simulator PNS - examples
pns_source.tar.Z (19 Jul 1993, 256925 Bytes)
Petri-Net Simulator PNS
xplz-3.4.tar.gz (8 Jul 1993, 156801 Bytes)
For German users: Eine elektronische Version des Postleitzahlenbuchs der Deutschen Bundespost Postdienst.
archie-1.4.1.tar.Z (4 Jul 1993, 155222 Bytes)
Prospero client for the archie service
xfishtank-2.2.1.tar.gz (18 May 1993, 179298 Bytes)
make fish swim in the background of your X11 screen
[TXT] (20 Apr 1993, 54873 Bytes)
system VU meter for X windows
URT3.1a.tar.gz (26 Feb 1993, 3177855 Bytes)
The Utah Raster Toolkit - a collection of programs and C routines for dealing with raster images commonly encountered in computer graphics.
xjewel-1.6.tar.Z (15 Feb 1993, 81895 Bytes)
X windows droping jewels game
xinfo.src.tar.Z (30 Nov 1992, 53985 Bytes)
an "Emacs Info" browsing widget
xalarm.src.tar.Z (30 Nov 1992, 90483 Bytes)
alarm clock for X11
xdtree.tar.Z (28 Oct 1992, 46488 Bytes)
display directory tree structures
cops_104.tar.Z (10 Mar 1992, 409395 Bytes)
a collection of UNIX security checking tools
psprint.tar.Z (6 Mar 1992, 21817 Bytes)
Print a text file on a PostScript printer

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