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mythlcdserver controls an LCD device taking commands from one or more myth client(s) and sending the requests to the LCDProc server.


You should already have setup LCDProc 0.4.5 or later.


-p or –port number A port number to listen on (default is 6545) If no port is given the server will try to get the port from the “LCDServerPort” database setting.

-d or –daemon Runs lcd server as a daemon

-n or –nodaemon Does not run lcd server as a daemon (default)

-m or –startupmessage msg Message to show at startup The message will be shown for a set period of time or until a client connects to the server. You can use the ‘|’ character to split the message into lines. eg. “Please Wait|MythTV is starting” will show | Please Wait |
| MythTV is starting | on the LCD

-t or –messagetime time Maximum length of time to show the startup message (default 30 seconds)

-l or –logpath path Writes STDERR and STDOUT messages to path

-v or –verbose debug-level Prints more information Accepts any combination (separated by comma) of all,none,important,general,network (default important)

-x or –debuglevel level Control how much debug messages to show level is a number between 0 and 10 (default 0)


LCDServerPort - port the LCDServer listens for connections (default is 6545) LCDServerHost - host where LCDServer is located (default is localhost)

LCDPort - port to talk to LCDProc on (default is 13666)
LCDHost - host where LCDProc is located (default is localhost)


Better docs :-)