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GraphDefang – a set of tools to create graphs of your mimedefang

spam and virus logs.


Written by: John Kirkland



Copyright © 2002-2003, John Kirkland



GraphDefang is a configurable perl utility that parses arbitrary syslog entries and creates a set of configurable charts (png files) with the data.
It is possible to output the png files to the filesystem or to a web browser via a cgi.

The following attributes are definable:

* Chart Type    (stacked_bar or line)
* Chart Time    (hourly, weekly, or monthly)
* X-Axis    (Summary, Value1, Value2, Sender, Recipient, Subject,
         or All)
* Y-Axis    (any event logged with md_log within mimedefang-filter)
* Top Number of Items to Display
* Chart Title
* Filter    
* X and Y Graph Sizes
* Graph Filename

Graphdefang will also cache summary data so that it is not necessary to parse and recalculate old data each time new graphs are drawn.

You can see the output in action at:





File::ReadBackwards GD GD::Graph Date::Parse; Date::Format; MLDBM Storable


graphdefanglib.pl => Calculation and graphing routines. graphdefang.pl => Front-end perl script. graphdefang-config-mimedefang-example => Example configuration file for use with mimedefang graphdefang-config-spamd-example => Example configuration file for use with spamd web/index.php => Very simple php file to display the resulting png files web/graphdefang.cgi=> CGI that provides a functional web interface for using graphdefang. event/* => Event configuration files. README => This file TODO => Prioritized list of next things to work on. COPYING => Copy of the GPL


  1. Install Required Perl Modules

  2. Untar the graphdefang distribution into a directory from where it can run.

  3. (for mimedefang only) Add md_log commands per the example mimedefang-filter (included with mimedefang-2.22+).

  4. Create a file, graphdefang-config, from the examples included with the distribution. Set $DATAFILE and $OUTPUT_DIR in this file.

  5. Copy web/index.php to the $OUTPUT_DIR web directory. Set $OUTPUT_DIR in this file.

  6. Copy graphdefang.cgi to the $OUTPUT_DIR web directory. Configure perl cgi access for this directory and set $GRAPHDEFANGDIR in this file.

  7. Run graphdefang.pl via cron. I run mine every 15 mins. You can also run adhoc graphdefang queries against the DB by hitting graphdefang.cgi with a web browser.


GraphDefang is released under the GPL license. A copy of the GPL is included in this distribution under the file, COPYING.