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FLTK 1.3.3
Fl_Tree_Item_Array Member List

This is the complete list of members for Fl_Tree_Item_Array, including all inherited members.

add(Fl_Tree_Item *val)Fl_Tree_Item_Array
deparent(int pos)Fl_Tree_Item_Array
Fl_Tree_Item_Array(int new_chunksize=10)Fl_Tree_Item_Array
Fl_Tree_Item_Array(const Fl_Tree_Item_Array *o)Fl_Tree_Item_Array
insert(int pos, Fl_Tree_Item *new_item)Fl_Tree_Item_Array
move(int to, int from)Fl_Tree_Item_Array
operator[](int i)Fl_Tree_Item_Arrayinline
operator[](int i) const Fl_Tree_Item_Arrayinline
remove(int index)Fl_Tree_Item_Array
remove(Fl_Tree_Item *item)Fl_Tree_Item_Array
reparent(Fl_Tree_Item *item, Fl_Tree_Item *newparent, int pos)Fl_Tree_Item_Array
replace(int pos, Fl_Tree_Item *new_item)Fl_Tree_Item_Array
swap(int ax, int bx)Fl_Tree_Item_Arrayinline
total() const Fl_Tree_Item_Arrayinline