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FLTK 1.3.2
Fl_Glut_Window Member List
This is the complete list of members for Fl_Glut_Window, including all inherited members.
_clear_fullscreen() (defined in Fl_Widget)Fl_Widget [inline]
_ddfdesign_kludge()Fl_Group [inline]
_set_fullscreen() (defined in Fl_Widget)Fl_Widget [inline]
active() const Fl_Widget [inline]
active_r() const Fl_Widget
add(Fl_Widget &)Fl_Group
add(Fl_Widget *o)Fl_Group [inline]
add_resizable(Fl_Widget &o)Fl_Group [inline]
align() const Fl_Widget [inline]
align(Fl_Align alignment)Fl_Widget [inline]
argument() const Fl_Widget [inline]
argument(long v)Fl_Widget [inline]
array() const Fl_Group
as_gl_window()Fl_Gl_Window [inline, virtual]
as_group()Fl_Group [inline, virtual]
as_window()Fl_Window [inline, virtual]
border(int b)Fl_Window
border() const Fl_Window [inline]
box() const Fl_Widget [inline]
box(Fl_Boxtype new_box)Fl_Widget [inline]
callback() const Fl_Widget [inline]
callback(Fl_Callback *cb, void *p)Fl_Widget [inline]
callback(Fl_Callback *cb)Fl_Widget [inline]
callback(Fl_Callback0 *cb)Fl_Widget [inline]
callback(Fl_Callback1 *cb, long p=0)Fl_Widget [inline]
can_do(int m)Fl_Gl_Window [inline, static]
can_do(const int *m)Fl_Gl_Window [inline, static]
can_do()Fl_Gl_Window [inline]
CHANGED enum valueFl_Widget [protected]
changed() const Fl_Widget [inline]
child(int n) const Fl_Group [inline]
children() const Fl_Group [inline]
clear_border()Fl_Window [inline]
clear_changed()Fl_Widget [inline]
clear_damage(uchar c=0)Fl_Widget [inline]
clear_flag(unsigned int c)Fl_Widget [inline, protected]
clear_output()Fl_Widget [inline]
clear_visible()Fl_Widget [inline]
clear_visible_focus()Fl_Widget [inline]
clip_children(int c)Fl_Group [inline]
clip_children()Fl_Group [inline]
CLIP_CHILDREN enum valueFl_Widget [protected]
color() const Fl_Widget [inline]
color(Fl_Color bg)Fl_Widget [inline]
color(Fl_Color bg, Fl_Color sel)Fl_Widget [inline]
color2() const Fl_Widget [inline]
color2(unsigned a)Fl_Widget [inline]
contains(const Fl_Widget *w) const Fl_Widget
context() const Fl_Gl_Window [inline]
context(void *, int destroy_flag=0)Fl_Gl_Window
context_valid() const Fl_Gl_Window [inline]
context_valid(char v)Fl_Gl_Window [inline]
COPIED_LABEL enum valueFl_Widget [protected]
COPIED_TOOLTIP enum valueFl_Widget [protected]
copy_label(const char *a)Fl_Window
copy_tooltip(const char *text)Fl_Widget
current()Fl_Window [static]
Fl_Group::current(Fl_Group *g)Fl_Group [static]
current_Fl_Window [protected, static]
cursor(Fl_Cursor, Fl_Color=FL_BLACK, Fl_Color=FL_WHITE)Fl_Window
damage() const Fl_Widget [inline]
damage(uchar c)Fl_Widget
damage(uchar c, int x, int y, int w, int h)Fl_Widget
damage_resize(int, int, int, int)Fl_Widget
default_callback(Fl_Window *, void *v)Fl_Window [static]
Fl_Group::default_callback(Fl_Widget *cb, void *d)Fl_Widget [static]
default_cursor(Fl_Cursor, Fl_Color=FL_BLACK, Fl_Color=FL_WHITE)Fl_Window
default_xclass(const char *)Fl_Window [static]
default_xclass()Fl_Window [static]
deimage()Fl_Widget [inline]
deimage() const (defined in Fl_Widget)Fl_Widget [inline]
deimage(Fl_Image *img)Fl_Widget [inline]
deimage(Fl_Image &img)Fl_Widget [inline]
display (defined in Fl_Glut_Window)Fl_Glut_Window
do_callback()Fl_Widget [inline]
do_callback(Fl_Widget *o, long arg)Fl_Widget [inline]
do_callback(Fl_Widget *o, void *arg=0)Fl_Widget
draw()Fl_Glut_Window [protected, virtual]
draw_backdrop() const Fl_Widget [protected]
draw_box() const Fl_Widget [protected]
draw_box(Fl_Boxtype t, Fl_Color c) const Fl_Widget [protected]
draw_box(Fl_Boxtype t, int x, int y, int w, int h, Fl_Color c) const Fl_Widget [protected]
draw_child(Fl_Widget &widget) const Fl_Group [protected]
draw_children()Fl_Group [protected]
draw_focus()Fl_Widget [inline, protected]
draw_focus(Fl_Boxtype t, int x, int y, int w, int h) const Fl_Widget [protected]
draw_label() const Fl_Widget [protected]
draw_label(int, int, int, int) const Fl_Widget [protected]
draw_label(int, int, int, int, Fl_Align) const Fl_Widget
draw_outside_label(const Fl_Widget &widget) const Fl_Group [protected]
draw_overlay()Fl_Glut_Window [protected, virtual]
entry (defined in Fl_Glut_Window)Fl_Glut_Window
find(const Fl_Widget *) const Fl_Group
find(const Fl_Widget &o) const Fl_Group [inline]
Fl_Gl_Window(int W, int H, const char *l=0)Fl_Gl_Window [inline]
Fl_Gl_Window(int X, int Y, int W, int H, const char *l=0)Fl_Gl_Window [inline]
Fl_Glut_Window(int w, int h, const char *)Fl_Glut_Window
Fl_Glut_Window(int x, int y, int w, int h, const char *)Fl_Glut_Window
Fl_Group(int, int, int, int, const char *=0)Fl_Group
Fl_Widget(int x, int y, int w, int h, const char *label=0L)Fl_Widget [protected]
Fl_Window(int w, int h, const char *title=0)Fl_Window
Fl_Window(int x, int y, int w, int h, const char *title=0)Fl_Window
flags() const Fl_Widget [inline, protected]
flush()Fl_Gl_Window [virtual]
focus(Fl_Widget *W)Fl_Group [inline]
force_position(int force)Fl_Window [inline, protected]
force_position() const Fl_Window [inline, protected]
FORCE_POSITION enum valueFl_Widget [protected]
free_position()Fl_Window [inline]
FULLSCREEN enum valueFl_Widget [protected]
fullscreen_active() const Fl_Window [inline]
fullscreen_off(int X, int Y, int W, int H)Fl_Window
GROUP_RELATIVE enum valueFl_Widget [protected]
h(int v)Fl_Widget [inline, protected]
h() const Fl_Widget [inline]
handle(int)Fl_Glut_Window [protected, virtual]
hide()Fl_Gl_Window [virtual]
hotspot(int x, int y, int offscreen=0)Fl_Window
hotspot(const Fl_Widget *, int offscreen=0)Fl_Window
hotspot(const Fl_Widget &p, int offscreen=0)Fl_Window [inline]
icon() const Fl_Window
icon(const void *ic)Fl_Window
iconlabel() const Fl_Window [inline]
iconlabel(const char *)Fl_Window
image()Fl_Widget [inline]
image() const (defined in Fl_Widget)Fl_Widget [inline]
image(Fl_Image *img)Fl_Widget [inline]
image(Fl_Image &img)Fl_Widget [inline]
INACTIVE enum valueFl_Widget [protected]
insert(Fl_Widget &, int i)Fl_Group
insert(Fl_Widget &o, Fl_Widget *before)Fl_Group [inline]
inside(const Fl_Widget *wgt) const Fl_Widget [inline]
INVISIBLE enum valueFl_Widget [protected]
keyboard (defined in Fl_Glut_Window)Fl_Glut_Window
label() const Fl_Window [inline]
label(const char *)Fl_Window
label(const char *label, const char *iconlabel)Fl_Window
Fl_Group::label(Fl_Labeltype a, const char *b)Fl_Widget [inline]
label_shortcut(const char *t)Fl_Widget [static]
labelcolor() const Fl_Widget [inline]
labelcolor(Fl_Color c)Fl_Widget [inline]
labelfont() const Fl_Widget [inline]
labelfont(Fl_Font f)Fl_Widget [inline]
labelsize() const Fl_Widget [inline]
labelsize(Fl_Fontsize pix)Fl_Widget [inline]
labeltype() const Fl_Widget [inline]
labeltype(Fl_Labeltype a)Fl_Widget [inline]
measure_label(int &ww, int &hh) const Fl_Widget [inline]
menu (defined in Fl_Glut_Window)Fl_Glut_Window
MENU_WINDOW enum valueFl_Widget [protected]
menu_window() const Fl_Window [inline]
modal() const Fl_Window [inline]
MODAL enum valueFl_Widget [protected]
mode() const Fl_Gl_Window [inline]
mode(int a)Fl_Gl_Window [inline]
mode(const int *a)Fl_Gl_Window [inline]
motion (defined in Fl_Glut_Window)Fl_Glut_Window
mouse (defined in Fl_Glut_Window)Fl_Glut_Window
NO_OVERLAY enum valueFl_Widget [protected]
NOBORDER enum valueFl_Widget [protected]
NON_MODAL enum valueFl_Widget [protected]
non_modal() const Fl_Window [inline]
number (defined in Fl_Glut_Window)Fl_Glut_Window
OUTPUT enum valueFl_Widget [protected]
output() const Fl_Widget [inline]
overlaydisplay (defined in Fl_Glut_Window)Fl_Glut_Window
override() const Fl_Window [inline]
OVERRIDE enum valueFl_Widget [protected]
parent() const Fl_Widget [inline]
parent(Fl_Group *p)Fl_Widget [inline]
passivemotion (defined in Fl_Glut_Window)Fl_Glut_Window
position(int X, int Y)Fl_Widget [inline]
remove(int index)Fl_Group
remove(Fl_Widget &)Fl_Group
remove(Fl_Widget *o)Fl_Group [inline]
reshape (defined in Fl_Glut_Window)Fl_Glut_Window
resizable(Fl_Widget &o)Fl_Group [inline]
resizable(Fl_Widget *o)Fl_Group [inline]
resizable() const Fl_Group [inline]
resize(int, int, int, int)Fl_Gl_Window [virtual]
selection_color() const Fl_Widget [inline]
selection_color(Fl_Color a)Fl_Widget [inline]
set_changed()Fl_Widget [inline]
set_flag(unsigned int c)Fl_Widget [inline, protected]
set_menu_window()Fl_Window [inline]
set_modal()Fl_Window [inline]
set_non_modal()Fl_Window [inline]
set_output()Fl_Widget [inline]
set_override()Fl_Window [inline]
set_tooltip_window()Fl_Window [inline]
set_visible()Fl_Widget [inline]
set_visible_focus()Fl_Widget [inline]
SHORTCUT_LABEL enum valueFl_Widget [protected]
show()Fl_Gl_Window [virtual]
show(int a, char **b)Fl_Gl_Window [inline]
shown()Fl_Window [inline]
size(int W, int H)Fl_Widget [inline]
size_range(int minw, int minh, int maxw=0, int maxh=0, int dw=0, int dh=0, int aspect=0)Fl_Window [inline]
sizes()Fl_Group [protected]
special (defined in Fl_Glut_Window)Fl_Glut_Window
takesevents() const Fl_Widget [inline]
test_shortcut(const char *, const bool require_alt=false)Fl_Widget [static]
tooltip() const Fl_Widget [inline]
tooltip(const char *text)Fl_Widget
tooltip_window() const Fl_Window [inline]
TOOLTIP_WINDOW enum valueFl_Widget [protected]
type() const Fl_Widget [inline]
type(uchar t)Fl_Widget [inline]
update_child(Fl_Widget &widget) const Fl_Group [protected]
user_data() const Fl_Widget [inline]
user_data(void *v)Fl_Widget [inline]
USERFLAG1 enum valueFl_Widget [protected]
USERFLAG2 enum valueFl_Widget [protected]
USERFLAG3 enum valueFl_Widget [protected]
valid() const Fl_Gl_Window [inline]
valid(char v)Fl_Gl_Window [inline]
visibility (defined in Fl_Glut_Window)Fl_Glut_Window
visible() const Fl_Widget [inline]
VISIBLE_FOCUS enum valueFl_Widget [protected]
visible_focus(int v)Fl_Widget [inline]
visible_focus()Fl_Widget [inline]
visible_r() const Fl_Widget
w(int v)Fl_Widget [inline, protected]
w() const Fl_Widget [inline]
when() const Fl_Widget [inline]
when(uchar i)Fl_Widget [inline]
window() const Fl_Widget
x(int v)Fl_Widget [inline, protected]
x() const Fl_Widget [inline]
x_root() const Fl_Window
xclass() const Fl_Window
xclass(const char *c)Fl_Window
y(int v)Fl_Widget [inline, protected]
y() const Fl_Widget [inline]
y_root() const Fl_Window
~Fl_Group()Fl_Group [virtual]
~Fl_Widget()Fl_Widget [virtual]
~Fl_Window()Fl_Window [virtual]