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dvdisaster Version 0.72.2 / 0.79 (devel-3)  To the Internet version

Questions and Answers
·Technical Questions
·Error messages
Bug reporting

Technical Questions

2.1 Which translations of the program are available?

2.2 Which media types are supported?

2.3 Which file systems are supported?

2.1 Which translations of the program are available?

The current version of dvdisaster contains screen texts in the following languages:

   Czech--upto version 0.66
   Italian--upto version 0.65
   Swedish--upto version 0.70

Translators for other languages are welcome!

dvdisaster will automatically obtain language settings from the operating system. If the local language is not yet supported, english text will be used. A different language can be selected using environment variables.

Example for the bash shell and german language:

export LANG=de_DE
If special characters like german umlauts are not displayed properly, try the following:

export OUTPUT_CHARSET=iso-8859-1 (X11, XTerm)

2.2 Which media types are supported?

dvdisaster supports (re-)writeable CD, DVD and BD media.
Media containing multiple sessions or copy protections can not be used.

Usable media by type:


  • only Data CD are supported.

  • No further limitations are known.
DVD-R DL, DVD+R DL (two layers)
  • The drive must be able to identify the medium type. Typically this is only the case for drives which can also write two layered media.

  • Some drives report wrong image sizes.
    Remedy: Determine the image size from the ISO/UDF file system or the ECC/RS02 data.

  • Usable only when written with ISO/UDF images like DVD-R/-RW;
  • Not supported when used as removeable medium / for packet writing.
  • Similar issues with image size recognition as noted above.

  • No limitations are known so far, but very few results on the two-layered type (the 50GB variety) have been reported yet.
Not usable types (image can not be extracted):

BD-ROM (pressed BDs), DVD-ROM (pressed DVDs), CD-Audio and CD-Video.

2.3 Which file systems are supported?

dvdisaster works exclusively on the image level which is accessed sector-wise. That means it does not matter with which file system the medium has been formatted.

Since dvdisaster neither knows nor uses the file system structure, it can not repair logical errors at the file system level. It can not recover lost or deleted files.

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