pcre  8.36
About: The PCRE library implements Perl compatible regular expression pattern matching.
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regression_test_case Struct Reference

Data Fields

int flags
int start_offset
const char * pattern
const char * input

Detailed Description

Definition at line 136 of file pcre_jit_test.c.

Field Documentation

int regression_test_case::flags

Definition at line 137 of file pcre_jit_test.c.

const char* regression_test_case::input

Definition at line 140 of file pcre_jit_test.c.

const char* regression_test_case::pattern

Definition at line 139 of file pcre_jit_test.c.

int regression_test_case::start_offset

Definition at line 138 of file pcre_jit_test.c.

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