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Tkinter.Entry Class Reference
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Public Member Functions

def __init__
def delete
def get
def icursor
def index
def insert
def scan_mark
def scan_dragto
def selection_adjust
def selection_clear
def selection_from
def selection_present
def selection_range
def selection_to
- Public Member Functions inherited from Tkinter.BaseWidget
def __init__
def destroy
- Public Member Functions inherited from Tkinter.Misc
def destroy
def deletecommand
def tk_strictMotif
def tk_bisque
def tk_setPalette
def tk_menuBar
def wait_variable
def wait_window
def wait_visibility
def setvar
def getvar
def getboolean
def focus_set
def focus_force
def focus_get
def focus_displayof
def focus_lastfor
def tk_focusFollowsMouse
def tk_focusNext
def tk_focusPrev
def after
def after_idle
def after_cancel
def bell
def clipboard_get
def clipboard_clear
def clipboard_append
def grab_current
def grab_release
def grab_set
def grab_set_global
def grab_status
def option_add
def option_clear
def option_get
def option_readfile
def selection_clear
def selection_get
def selection_handle
def selection_own
def selection_own_get
def send
def lower
def tkraise
def colormodel
def winfo_atom
def winfo_atomname
def winfo_cells
def winfo_children
def winfo_class
def winfo_colormapfull
def winfo_containing
def winfo_depth
def winfo_exists
def winfo_fpixels
def winfo_geometry
def winfo_height
def winfo_id
def winfo_interps
def winfo_ismapped
def winfo_manager
def winfo_name
def winfo_parent
def winfo_pathname
def winfo_pixels
def winfo_pointerx
def winfo_pointerxy
def winfo_pointery
def winfo_reqheight
def winfo_reqwidth
def winfo_rgb
def winfo_rootx
def winfo_rooty
def winfo_screen
def winfo_screencells
def winfo_screendepth
def winfo_screenheight
def winfo_screenmmheight
def winfo_screenmmwidth
def winfo_screenvisual
def winfo_screenwidth
def winfo_server
def winfo_toplevel
def winfo_viewable
def winfo_visual
def winfo_visualid
def winfo_visualsavailable
def winfo_vrootheight
def winfo_vrootwidth
def winfo_vrootx
def winfo_vrooty
def winfo_width
def winfo_x
def winfo_y
def update
def update_idletasks
def bindtags
def bind
def unbind
def bind_all
def unbind_all
def bind_class
def unbind_class
def mainloop
def quit
def nametowidget
def configure
def cget
def __setitem__
def __contains__
def keys
def __str__
def pack_propagate
def pack_slaves
def place_slaves
def grid_bbox
def grid_columnconfigure
def grid_location
def grid_propagate
def grid_rowconfigure
def grid_size
def grid_slaves
def event_add
def event_delete
def event_generate
def event_info
def image_names
def image_types
- Public Member Functions inherited from Tkinter.Pack
def pack_configure
def pack_forget
def pack_info
- Public Member Functions inherited from Tkinter.Place
def place_configure
def place_forget
def place_info
- Public Member Functions inherited from Tkinter.Grid
def grid_configure
def grid_forget
def grid_remove
def grid_info
- Public Member Functions inherited from Tkinter.XView
def xview
def xview_moveto
def xview_scroll

Static Public Attributes

 select_adjust = selection_adjust
 select_clear = selection_clear
 select_from = selection_from
 select_present = selection_present
 select_range = selection_range
 select_to = selection_to
- Static Public Attributes inherited from Tkinter.Misc
 waitvar = wait_variable
 getint = int
 getdouble = float
 focus = focus_set
 lift = tkraise
 register = _register
 config = configure
 propagate = pack_propagate
 slaves = pack_slaves
 bbox = grid_bbox
 columnconfigure = grid_columnconfigure
 rowconfigure = grid_rowconfigure
 size = grid_size
- Static Public Attributes inherited from Tkinter.Pack
 pack = pack_configure
 forget = pack_forget
 info = pack_info
 propagate = Misc.pack_propagate
 slaves = Misc.pack_slaves
- Static Public Attributes inherited from Tkinter.Place
 place = place_configure
 forget = place_forget
 info = place_info
 slaves = Misc.place_slaves
- Static Public Attributes inherited from Tkinter.Grid
 grid = grid_configure
 bbox = Misc.grid_bbox
 columnconfigure = Misc.grid_columnconfigure
 forget = grid_forget
 info = grid_info
 location = Misc.grid_location
 propagate = Misc.grid_propagate
 rowconfigure = Misc.grid_rowconfigure
 size = Misc.grid_size
 slaves = Misc.grid_slaves

Additional Inherited Members

- Public Attributes inherited from Tkinter.BaseWidget

Detailed Description

Entry widget which allows to display simple text.

Definition at line 2453 of file

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

def Tkinter.Entry.__init__ (   self,
  master = None,
  cnf = {},
Construct an entry widget with the parent MASTER.

Valid resource names: background, bd, bg, borderwidth, cursor,
exportselection, fg, font, foreground, highlightbackground,
highlightcolor, highlightthickness, insertbackground,
insertborderwidth, insertofftime, insertontime, insertwidth,
invalidcommand, invcmd, justify, relief, selectbackground,
selectborderwidth, selectforeground, show, state, takefocus,
textvariable, validate, validatecommand, vcmd, width,

Definition at line 2455 of file

Referenced by find_recursionlimit.RecursiveBlowup1.__init__(), and multiprocessing.heap.Heap.malloc().

Member Function Documentation

def Tkinter.Entry.delete (   self,
  last = None 
Delete text from FIRST to LAST (not included).

Definition at line 2467 of file

References Tkinter.Tk._w, and Tkinter.BaseWidget._w.

def Tkinter.Entry.icursor (   self,
Insert cursor at INDEX.

Definition at line 2473 of file

References Tkinter.Tk._w, and Tkinter.BaseWidget._w.

def Tkinter.Entry.insert (   self,
def Tkinter.Entry.scan_dragto (   self,
Adjust the view of the canvas to 10 times the
difference between X and Y and the coordinates given in

Definition at line 2486 of file

References Tkinter.Tk._w, and Tkinter.BaseWidget._w.

def Tkinter.Entry.scan_mark (   self,
Remember the current X, Y coordinates.

Definition at line 2483 of file

References Tkinter.Tk._w, and Tkinter.BaseWidget._w.

def Tkinter.Entry.selection_adjust (   self,
Adjust the end of the selection near the cursor to INDEX.

Definition at line 2491 of file

References Tkinter.Tk._w, and Tkinter.BaseWidget._w.

def Tkinter.Entry.selection_clear (   self)
Clear the selection if it is in this widget.

Definition at line 2495 of file

References Tkinter.Tk._w, and Tkinter.BaseWidget._w.

def Tkinter.Entry.selection_from (   self,
Set the fixed end of a selection to INDEX.

Definition at line 2499 of file

References Tkinter.Tk._w, and Tkinter.BaseWidget._w.

def Tkinter.Entry.selection_present (   self)
Return True if there are characters selected in the entry, False

Definition at line 2503 of file

References Tkinter.Tk._w, and Tkinter.BaseWidget._w.

def Tkinter.Entry.selection_range (   self,
Set the selection from START to END (not included).

Definition at line 2509 of file

References Tkinter.Tk._w, and Tkinter.BaseWidget._w.

def Tkinter.Entry.selection_to (   self,
Set the variable end of a selection to INDEX.

Definition at line 2513 of file

References Tkinter.Tk._w, and Tkinter.BaseWidget._w.

Member Data Documentation

Tkinter.Entry.select_adjust = selection_adjust

Definition at line 2494 of file

Tkinter.Entry.select_clear = selection_clear

Definition at line 2498 of file

Tkinter.Entry.select_from = selection_from

Definition at line 2502 of file

Tkinter.Entry.select_present = selection_present

Definition at line 2508 of file

Tkinter.Entry.select_range = selection_range

Definition at line 2512 of file

Tkinter.Entry.select_to = selection_to

Definition at line 2516 of file

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